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Birth Day: May 11, 1978
Born in Normandy, France
Measurements: 35-24-35
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This Guess? Girl was discovered by a model agent at the age of 15 while on a trip to Paris.

Has a brown belt in Judo.

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UGS-m Week 4 | - 01.29.2003
archived news - up
We played a very intense match yesterday versus Elite Soldier Militia on de_dust2 for UGS-main. We knew this would be a tough match because along with being in UGS-m, esm is also in CAL-main. After some connection problems on my end (suprise) we got started as T's. We had a very sloppy start finding ourselves down 0-6 on a T sided map. We rallied taking the next 5 but giving up the final round ending the half down 5-7.

As CT we lost the pistol round as well as the following two putting us in the hole 5-10 on the harder side of the map. We kept it together and rallied big time taking the next 5 rounds then giving up a round to esm and finally taking the last 3 rounds with some very clutch play by everyone.

With everyone pulling their weight tonight it was tough to pick an MVP, but whitey played awesome and almost by himself got us about three rounds leaving me nothing to bitch at, nice job. I'd like to thank happy for putting in a lot of time lately and playing more matches then I'd ever expect of him seeing how out of all of us he has the hardest schedule by far. Good luck in your frat and dont let them make you play the cookie game.

Welcome Max to the clan | - 01.27.2003
archived news - up
Well last night, like all nights we are all on IRC talking about upcoming matches and what not. I decide to take a break for an hour and watch some quality television. I return one hour later to find we have recruited a new member, THX kane for including me. Well even though I was not included, Max is a very good addition to the clan, he s got the needed skill, and will fill a big hole in the clan while aj is gone, and bd and happy are busy with school.

In other lp cs news, we have 2 matches this week against 2 very good clans, for ugs-m we are playing elite soldiers militia #esm, and for cal-im we are playing meltdown. Both matches will be played on dust2, stop by #clanlp for scorebot as well as (hopefully) hltv info.

Extra: kane recently acquired shupa, who now belongs to lp. We will use him for target practice and slave work.

CAL-im Week 3 | - 01.24.2003
archived news - up
We played Crimson Matrix tonight on de_clan1_mill winning 19-5. After some delays we started as CT's taking pistol round as well as the remaining 11 rounds, locking the half down 12-0. At that point we had to sub beast for happy because happy had fraternity obligations.

Either way we started T side and took the pistol round giving us the automatic win. After that, matrix started to rush us and managed to catch us off guard a few times. Regardless, we took the half 7-5.

Next week is a bit easier due to UGS and CAL maps both being de_dust2.

Status: Recruiting | - 01.22.2003
archived news - up
I'm going to try this a bit differently then normal, hopefully it will yield better results. With aj out of town for a bit, happy and beast busy with school, we've been a bit strained lately roster wise. We're always able to get our starting four, myself, kap, speedy, white, but we just can't seem to find a fifth that exactly fits our schedule / personalities. That brings me to the recruiting part.

We're looking for someone 17+ who is used to staying up late. Basically the reason we dont want to go any younger then 17, even if you happen to be very mature for your age, is the lateness factor. We stay up very late, sometimes till 3-4 during intense practice. We want you to be as good preferably better then us, my main goal in recruiting is to raise the skill level of the clan, we have the teamwork we just need to keep working on individual skills. We are all east coast, with three of us living full time in Rhode Island, if you're local that would be even better as we are all always up for LAN's.

Another very important factor is we have to like you. Everyone in this clan is friends (minus aj because he doesn't like me). We'll be spending a lot of time together whether it be in scrims or in IRC so if we find something incredibly annoying about you within the first few tryout scrims do not be suprised if you don't get invited back; but please dont take it personal.

If you fit the above criteria and we haven't scared you away yet msg me on IRC in #clanlp on gamesnet and we will get you in on some scrims with us and we'll see how it goes. We're a clan with dedication; we've been at this 'competitively' for about seven months and we've gone from OGL-o to CAL-im in that time and we're definitely not stopping yet.

First UGS-m match | - 01.21.2003
archived news - up
Just finished our first UGS-m match vs 8Ball losing 13-11. We lost both pistol rounds giving us an automatic six round deficit so not too bad of a score taking that into consideration. We got a lowly 7 rounds as CT and were only able to get 4 as Terrorists.

Our curse of connection problems continued tonight as well; this time forcing us to make a last minute substitution bringing beast in who hadn't scrimmed with us during our prep for the match. Either way he played a good game and we head into our CAL match on thursday vs Crimson Matrix on de_clan1_mill.

Welcome to UGS-main | - 01.18.2003
archived news - up
Just wanted to update everyone on the fact that we are now confirmed and are in UGS-main Foxtrot division. Matches will be tuesday night making it the perfect addition to our schedule with CAL-im matches being held on thursday.

You can find our UGS page here and our CAL page here.

CAL-im Match vs Netizen | - 01.16.2003
archived news - up
We just finished a very exciting match versus a very strong Netizen on de_nuke. After some connection problems on my end, everyone was in and ready to go. We started off T side a bit hastily losing pistol round and in turn losing the following round. We bought third round winning it along with the next few rounds. We gave up the final round as well as one other on the way, ending the half 8-4 us.

Our CT half didn't start out too well either as we lost the pistol round and the following two rounds as well. On the third round however we were able to kill a few running for cover from the bomb giving us a few free gun including an awp. We took all of the remaining rounds minus one ending the half 8-4.

We don't know who we're playing for next weeks match but we do know the map will be de_clan1_mill.

First CAL-im Match | - 01.09.2003
archived news - up
We received a forfeit win over Xtreme Evolution which led us to a makeup match versus Dead Before Dishonor on de_prodigy. We played the match tonight and won 24-0. Not too shabby of a start to the season, hopefully things will continue this way.

Sidenote, I'm considering joining UGS to get some more matches in, check out the poll to the right and let me know what you think.

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