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Birth Day: June 1977
Born in Czech Republic
Measurements: 36-24-35
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Veronica is fluent in three languages.

<lp|doLce> i got 7644
<lp|doLce> in fishy
<lp|maX> dolce
<lp|maX> you get 0 points in the game of life
<lp|maX> so stop
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<lp|maX> good
<lp|maX> he listened
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Getting Ready | - 01.26.2004
archived news - up
Welcome back zart to elite pimps as our starting 5th. Our lineup now stands at kane, spdy, kapo, poLman, and zart. CAL-Premier starts wednesday and we play diG, followed by otm sunday. Both matches are on de_nuke, and we're eager to get our first 2 wins of CAL-P.

CAL-p Moveup List | - 01.05.2004
archived news - up
CAL has officially announced the team list for Season 10 CAL-Premier. We are not on the intitial list, and without going into too much detail we are dissatisfied with CAL's decision. Especially considering some of the teams that were chosen before us, be it statistically or however you decide to critique it. We do realize that certain factors may have been overlooked and there is still time for changes to be made. 2dimensions has decided to resign from CAL, and this leaves an opening in CAL-p. For now we are just waiting to hear from CAL to see if there is any reconsidering for elite pimp's placement. We would like to thank teams Jaded Karma and CeQ for their continued support throughout our well earned quest to Premier :)

elite pimps accepted into CAL-Premier | - 01.05.2004
archived news - up
Due to the unexpected departure of 2dimensions from CAL, elite pimps has been promoted to CAL-Premier. While initial viewpoints and decisions are still not understood, we are thankful to 2dimensions and CAL for making it possible to move us up.

In other news, kane is on vacation for awhile, and zart has been gone for some time as well. Arseniic and lp have parted ways on good terms. Everyone should be back after preseason and we'll be ready to roll for a strong CAL-Premier Season 10.

Outlook for upcoming season | - 01.03.2004
archived news - up
It's that time again, new season approaching and there s a few new things this season:

First of all, we have recruited 2 new players. poLman from pV and zart from PLP. Rhino left to join back with PLP, we wish him the best of luck. lp.maX has gone inactive for a while, so our starting lineup will consist of: kane, kap and I as always, with poLman, zart (and maX might make an appearance now and then :) )

We'll keep you posted, #elite-pimps for now.

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