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Birth Day: 1978
Born in San Francisco, California
Measurements: 34-23-34
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ďI love talking about sex, but doing it is better. Iím good at psychology, and Iím good at loviní. My dream is to have sex twice a day. Every time I get into bed, I want it. Guys are, like, ĎWhoa, slow down!í For most guys itís time to sleep. Iím, like, ĎNo, itís not!í They canít keep up with me. And I donít believe in marriage."

<lp|speedy> if i were mexican, and i make some easy mac
<lp|speedy> would it be mexican easy mac
<lp|speedy> i wonder
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Nintendo's panties in a bunch | - 10.31.2002
archived news - up
The company which claims they love children and only market their games towards them has recently found their panties in a bunch as the European Commision finished their investigation involving the price fixing of Nintendo merchandise within several of the European Countries such as Germany, England, and France. It seems that they were purposely making prices artifically high in some areas and lower in others to boost sales and profits. Here's an example:
One example given by the European Commission is that in early 1996, certain Nintendo products were up to 65% cheaper in the UK when compared with the Netherlands and Germany. The difference was less dramatic in 1997 but still very transparent: N64 game consoles and game cartridges still were 33% cheaper in the UK than anywhere else in the European Union at that time.
And I thought Microsoft was bad... In any case they're being fined $147 million and their happy childish reputation is nothing but ruined. *ahem* HA HA!

.hack//sign Sign Ups | - 10.31.2002
archived news - up
Mike, I finished getting the entire series of .hack//sign so e-mail you're address and I'll send it out to you in one of those vanilla folders with all that bubble wrap (oohh pop pop!). Did any one else want the series?

How to run a business | - 10.31.2002
archived news - up
Recently I was having a problem over at work with this drunken homeless guy who keeps threatening/harrassing my customers for money, free food, and whatever else he could get his hands on. Now although I've been down that road before (regarding being homeless) I never went to the extent of asking people for money - besides those from my own family ;) In any case, one woman felt very threatened as he had walked up to her car and proceeded to ask for cash. Thus I went outside to deal with the problem...

Randy: What the hell are you doing here! I thought I told you not to ever come back here again!

Bum: Huh? I'm just trying to get something to eat...

Randy: No you need to leave before I call the cops on your ass

Bum: I'm not leaving motherfucker! I'll kick your ass you motherfucker!!

Randy: I'll kick YOUR ass so fast you won't know what hit ya!

Bum: Bring it motherfucker!

So at this point he takes a swing at me, and then I quickly dodge it and and then continue to beat the living crap out of that old bastard. So when the cops did arrive after his severe beating, my employees had saw what I had did to the man and are now in a state of fear about messing around with me. Awwww, isn't it nice to rule with an iron fist =)

Self-esteem +10

Ladies and Gentlemen | - 10.30.2002
archived news - up
We interrupt your regular broadcast to give you a picture of what would appear to be Syphilis walking down the street.

Miller Genuine Draft - Proud Sponsors of Venerial Disease

Authorities say he poses no danger, but one should be wary. Now back to your previously scheduled program.

AFK | - 10.28.2002
archived news - up
I'm off to Belgium to the WW1 battlefields for a few days and alittle sortie into France. Don't worry, I'm packing sharp playing cards AND pointy twigs, it could almost be classed as an act of war. I'll see you guys on Friday night/Saturday morning. Take care.

Solution for a hangover | - 10.28.2002
archived news - up
Start drinking again, it does work!

Don't stop drinking is the best solution.

Actually, I think the best solution is to avoid alcohol altogether. But where's the fun in that?

SC: Ghost | - 10.26.2002
archived news - up
New video for Starcraft: Ghost. Since this game was announced, I have been hoping for a PC release of this game. I still do, but I see from the trailer that the game is definately geared towards the console market. Jump/climb/swim puzzles, simple combat and lots of action. It seems Blizzard know what they are doing once again, it does look like the perfect game for consoles. The PC gamers though... I have a feeling they will demand a bit more. And I think Blizzard knows this, and so I'm not so sure about the PC port anymore... We'll see though, this video was clearly geared towards the general console gamer, and not released for scrutiny and analyzation from hardcore gamers and Blizzard fans.

wm: hooray! its coming out on gamecube. pc owners need to go out and get themselves a console.

help | - 10.26.2002
archived news - up
wanted: simple IRC client that minimizes to system tray and is able to stay connected to several servers at once

Happiness | - 10.26.2002
archived news - up
God smiled on me again today. For starters, I was expecting to work this whole long weekend, but we ended up being let home tonite. On the ride home, I was in the back of the truck, reading away quietly with my little red-lensed pen-lite when the car behind me starts flashing its lights onto high beam. I look up, and flash my torch back. The car flashes, I flash. We are just entering a small town now with street lights now, and in return to my flash, a georgous young number (18-19ish I'd say), leans out the window and yells "Flash" and proceeds to do so, revealing one of the finest sets I've seen in a fair while.

Also, I have been offered two different slots in our Forward Observer (FO) parties as a signaller, which is a real good thing. The FOs are the warry bunch who hang with the infantry/recon/armoured/air force to call in the fire missions. Its a good career move, and I will be the youngest FO in the Royal NZ Artillery. I haven't taken the position yet, but I am getting a familiarisation when I go to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Woo!

bored, tired and fucked up | - 10.26.2002
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import javax.swing.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class Tired extends JFrame implements ActionListener
    private JTextField txtBleh = new JTextField();
    private JButton btnPress = new JButton("Click me");
    private Container c = getContentPane();

    public Tired()
        c.setLayout(new GridLayout(1, 2, 0, 0));


        setSize(500, 60);

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent a)
        txtBleh.setText("I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Goodnight");

    public static void main(String args[])
        Tired t = new Tired();


hmmmmm | - 10.23.2002
archived news - up
*looks around*Did anyone else get into the MPtest?

Steve and I are, but we're representing ccu and respectively.

which card | - 10.23.2002
archived news - up
should i get?

- Point of View GeForce4 Ti4200 64MB (better chip, unknown brand (to me), slightly more expensive), or
- Gigabyte Radeon 9000Pro 64MB (lesser chip, cheaper and i love Gigabyte)

keep in mind the tight budget! thoughts, please!

Geforce4 Ti, the 9000 pro is less than a Geforce 3 MX....

Definately the GF4. The Radeon 9000 is ATI's answer to the GeForce4 MX 440/460. I'd go for ASUS though, but that's just me.

Forgot to mention: Point Of View is anything but unknown these days, and their cards are top quality (and rumored to be very friendly to overclockers, if you're into that)

Oh, and one last note: I think you'll find that if you spend the few extra bucks and get a 128 MB version of the Ti4200, it will last you much longer. And the reason I suggest ASUS is that they put the same type of memory on their Ti4200 cards as their Ti4600 ones (extremely fast and high quality). This applies to both the 64 and 128 MB versions, but again, the price difference isn't that big... But it all depends, I guess. The POV Ti4200 is a mighty fine card, you will not be disappointed with that either.

i'm getting an Asus Ti4200. guess i'll just have to eat dry bread for an entire year.

yes | - 10.22.2002
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Your children are not safe anywhere at any time | - 10.22.2002
archived news - up
Full Article

ASPEN HILL, Md. óHours after a bus driver was killed in a shooting that appeared to be the work of the Washington-area sniper, police said today they received a message warning: "Your children are not safe anywhere at any time."


Bored | - 10.22.2002
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I got bored... Check this out. I made it from this image

Re: Gammyleg back from AWOL | - 10.22.2002
archived news - up
Yeah im getting into the army, but one thing will still be, im still a Marine and I still got the mentality of a Marine. Friggin, I dunno if you worked with any or not, but some of use are crazy,namely me.

Ill be a 19delta (Cav Scout) When I get in next year. Youll know me in combat, Ill be the one at the Mk19 ontop of the Bradly with the loudspeaker blaring "Dont Tread On me" by Metallica and/or Drowning Pool's "Bodies"

You know I was thinking today, I find it funny that I beat the shit out of my best friend before I did my Mortal Enemy. Where is the irony in that one? I guess its cause my Enemy always knew what he couldnt get away with.

Girls piss me off. Sent one flowers, and now she wont even look at me. What the hell, I thought girls liked getting flowers. Oy


stuff | - 10.21.2002
archived news - up
don't get the car until wednesday morning. i'm so impatient.

project dolphin stats are going again. you need to change your program settings so that the counter uses the '' server rather than the default.


New Car | - 10.20.2002
archived news - up

agreed to buy one of these today. sign the papers tuesday.

hmm | - 10.20.2002
archived news - up
In a rare moment of clarity, I just realized something... Septim means seven, Octo means eight, Novo (or something like that) means nince and Deci means ten. So why is September, October, November and December the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th months respectively?

Disclaimer: I don't care how many braincells you lost from reading it. You should know better than to read on of my updates anyway

You make a fair point, it's because the romans inserted a couple of month. Namely July (Julius Caesar) and August (Augustus Caeser or Octavian as he was known. The guy who beat Mark Antony and Cleopatra after Julius was killed). So there you go.

We Meet Again | - 10.20.2002
archived news - up
Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson.

Just So You Know | - 10.20.2002
archived news - up
See if I can remember any HTML.
  • How much Incubus you listen to depends on how much you like Incubus. How much do I like Incubus? I like Incubus a lot. One of those bands I understated for a long while.
  • Presto, good to hear you are joining the army. Really, the berets aren't all that bad. After all, we do wear them almost specifically to piss the french off. (No, really.)
  • Im back now, apparently. Was in Australia (Townsville and Brisbane) with the Battery. Sobriety took a heavy blow. As did once white skin *shakes fist at sun*. Nice place you got there wm. Too bad about the lack of NZ meat eh? ; )
  • Tom Clancy is a good writer.
  • Blockquotes and lists dot things, sweet. If anyone cares, I am on messenger/icq now. icyc. Im attempting to use it every now and then.

    Project Dolpin | - 10.20.2002
    archived news - up
    Stats seem to be down because their changing servers? I'm also having a problem with my client as its not resetting - something i only noticed this morning, thankfully i havn't been at the computer for any extended period of time lately. The bugs and issues page only seems to talk about how to avoid the issue, rather than resolve it.

    Update: Seems that others (everyone?) is having the same problem. will be fixed up after the server move.

    Busy Day | - 10.19.2002
    archived news - up
    Got up early (10am...) to format and re-install win98 etc on a friends computer (the things i do) and just as i was finishing that my xp machine died. it had been coming for a while, as windows kept telling me it was restoring my registry, but i rebooted it and after i would log in it wouldn't get any further, in safe mode or not. didn't have that much hassle with the process, but its like the 4th time in as many months that ive had to do a major recovery. suck...

    more importantly, after a years worth of indecision im about to buy a car. by monday if all goes smoothly i'll be the owner of a december 94 manual integra gsi... really nice car. i just found out that there is some money owing on it, so im waiting for that to be sorted out, but the minute it is i'll make an offer. bye bye $15k...

    so thats been my day thus far. time to get drunk!

    Flash fun | - 10.18.2002
    archived news - up
    If anyone can solve level 28 of this thing, PLEASE tell me how you did it. I've been stuck for hours.

    Yes I do realize I have no life. Shut up.

    For those that like to cheat... LOOPT8S9DPK is the pass for level 28. Anywho, the first thing you need to do is go towards the middle section, where the key is, hollow out all the green stuff except for whats holding the barrel and rock up. Now, you need to, with extreme quickness, hollow out that last block and then run. If you did it right, you WONT have grabbed the key, and everything will fall, leaving only the key. Destroy the barrel on the top of the still existing lock by pushing it off the right hand side. Save the twin energy balls on the top right for last. The first energy ball to do is the one in the lower right. Everything else I'm sure you can figure out.

    I failed to realize I could remove the last piece of green *without* grabbing the key. Merci, mon ami.

    Industry hits new low | - 10.17.2002
    archived news - up
    Just to get Mike's name out of the headlines box, the industry has hit a new low.
    17 October 2002

    Kaboom Studios to bring the pole-dancing phenomenon to the masses with the launch of Private Dancer.

    It may be hard to believe, but pole-dancing has just achieved PC status with the announcement that Kaboom Studios is to launch Private Dancer, a state-of-the-art game for Windows computers, endorsed by the Spearmint Rhino chain of gentlemen's clubs. The game features 21 beautiful digital girls performing increasingly exotic dances in astonishingly lifelike 3D style.

    Private Dancer is set in the year 2959 on the hedonistic island of Los Amantes. Here players come to gamble against the beautiful hand-picked professional dancers that inhabit the Pleasure Dome, the island's main casino. But unlike the patrons of other casinos, these men aren't just gambling for money - they are playing for the right to watch their dealer perform an erotic pole dance just for them. As the stakes grow and the player's winnings begin to pile up, his dealer reveals more and more in each successive dance.


    More Lego Hijinks | - 10.17.2002
    archived news - up
    Some people just shouldn't be given Lego and a digicam.

    Catcher In The Rye | - 10.17.2002
    archived news - up
    Anyone read this book? I can't say I feel like an assassin quite yet though.

    Run for your lives? | - 10.14.2002
    archived news - up
    Thanks to our friend over at AWD discovered that we're all die in 6 years time. time to make the move with the girl of your dreams, do all those things you were saving for when you got cancer. Make your peace with a11ah and avoid the rush.

    ack! | - 10.14.2002
    archived news - up
    my name was almost off the frontpage...

    as many of you are aware, i have an un-nerving addition to tv shows that are generally watched by 14 year old attendants of n*sync concerts. in the past i've told tales of how much i enjoy shows that arenít really aimed at my demographic, most recently being gilmore girls, before that dawsons creek and way back to party of five.

    currently i've fallen in love with roswell. unstill a few weeks ago when one of the cable channels started showing reruns the only real thought i had when it came to roswell was its awesome intro music (dido's here with me) and due to its late and varying timeslot when it was on free to air i never really paid attention to it.

    however now that its on at the perfect time of 7.30 on a monday (right when i get home from work) i spend my entire day (well.. not quite) counting down the hours until i can veg in front of the tv and spend an hour with max, liz and the gang of troubled teens.

    while I normally shy away from reading about reading about tv shows online (thereís always spoilers Ė the us is generally one season ahead of au) I couldnít resist. Iíve discovered that the series is actually based on a series of books that I may well read sometime. Sadly however it looks like the show has been recently cancelled after only three seasons. Still, at least I have two and a half seasons left to enjoyÖ

    <3 shiri appleby


    *sigh* | - 10.14.2002
    archived news - up
    How very, very sad...

    19000 posts and he registered last summer? I fear for humanity...

    "He's beyond our help now, Timmy..."


    Nerds? Yep! | - 10.13.2002
    archived news - up
    We run a series of newsgroups at school, devoted to such things as programming, system development, Windows, Linux, stuff from the various classes and courses, etc. But I do find it funny that the only postings done on the weekends are in the Linux group... :)

    A11ah Forgive Me | - 10.12.2002
    archived news - up
    What have I done?

    It's like a smaller and more inside humour kind of AYB

    Hah! | - 10.12.2002
    archived news - up
    The programmers among you will probably get a kick out of this. Funny :)

    Damn Post Office.. | - 10.12.2002
    archived news - up
    How many lawsuits will this Game Bring about?

    Damnit boy!

    Unreal 2003 | - 10.12.2002
    archived news - up
    I dont know but I love this game.

    So Everyday for my lunch, I clock out, eat at McDonalds, and go on one of the store computers and play 45 minutes worth of unreal. Friggin Crazy. And heres the sad part, I played 4 matches today, One every single one of them, with like 20 kills and 3 deaths... I am... the Unreal King =)
    How embaracing would that be? "Some Guy Playing under CompUSA wooped my ass!!... Multiple times!!"

    Thats bad tho, only place I can play that game is at work. Damn the Dialup... Damnit!!

    How embarrassing | - 10.11.2002
    archived news - up
    This ever happened to you Eric?

    honk! | - 10.11.2002
    archived news - up
    Fuck you *and* your children

    plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is | - 10.10.2002
    archived news - up
    Good news for me, yeah civilian doctor says I dont have asthma and I got my damn dirty discharge papers today. Nothing like having a congressman light a fire under their ass. Boy I love democracy. Especially durring an election year. So Ill be in tha armah next yur

    Anyway, The IrcStats page. If you got logs, email them to me or contact me over ICQ 4266302, and ill stat em up. I got a 100% legit version of netstats (no bullshit) The warez version never worked right

    This post alone probably gave us 100 new hits from kiddies searching for netstats warez. Congrats man, although I can't possibly fathom why anyone would voluntarily enter service... I was conscripted, and while it was an ok year, it wasn't something I'd choose to do or something I'd do for an extended period of time. But that's just me.

    Hah! | - 10.09.2002
    archived news - up
    OMG! WTF, IT SI TEH L33T! J00 SUX00RS! FUXX0R J33!

    I'm sure this picture has gone a few rounds around forums and E/N sites by now, but I hadn't seen it before, so screw you!

    damnit im bored | - 10.09.2002
    archived news - up
    I got to get high speed internet, this shit is drivin me crazy

    anyway check this out

    lp|kane: "my gf has permanently hard nipples?"

    Charmed, I'm sure... :)

    omg i love irc stats - thanks for setting this up!

    meh | - 10.08.2002
    archived news - up
    for some reason i'm so over instant messenging its not funny. i agree that its silly to be like this, as instant messenging is a great efficient way to communicate across the internet - and i love irc.

    maybe its the fact that its too easy to communicate that means that i dont like it. sometimes when im sitting here at the computer, i just want to be left alone and go about my own way reading a site of playing a game and the last thing i want to do is have a discussion about something or other.

    maybe thats why i prefer irc. its up to me wether i join in on the discussion and when i go back to the world of idling. if i get an instant message then i personally feel obliged to reply to it - and reply to it with thought, because hey, you took the time to talk to me.

    anyway, i've had to setup windows/msn messenger so i can communicate with some people for group work at uni, so i'd figure i would let you guys know. my username is so feel free to say hi sometime (and dont let what i said above scare you away.) if i see you on irc (and thats #clanlp on kids) dont bother - i'd prefer to talk to you there!

    [/being a whining antisocial bitch]

    Presto Goes to War | - 10.08.2002
    archived news - up
    Glad Im getting quoted now adays =)

    Anyway bloomin, next year after all my paperwork clears from the Marine Corp, I get to enlist into the army to be a Cavalry Scout. Pretty much meens I get to ride around in a Bradley Fighter or a Humvee with either a Mark19, M240G, 50Cal, or any number of other fun little machine guns. Yes damnit Im going back to war to fight for my beloved country over "Oil" in "Operation finish Daddies War".

    i thought you were too gung-ho to go army? no shit though, rangers lead the way!

    lol at least you know why your going which is much more than I can say for most the people I know from school who went to the military.

    At one point I was to gung ho to go army, however, Marines Kicked me out, Airforce wont take me (they test former marines to make sure they arent crazy, no kidden) and I refuse to go Navy. I still want to fight for my mother loven country.
    You know whats sad? I originally wanted to be a Cav Scout, but when I went to talk to the recruiter, only the Marine Corp Recruiter was there. Somehow I managed to bite the bullet of honor courage and comitment and wound up getting kicked out for asthma which I dont have.


    random | - 10.07.2002
    archived news - up
    any of you guys played nethack? is it worth the effort to learn the commands?

    there's an awesome discussion on anime over at the ccu forums. an amazing amount to read, but a great overview for anyone who is interested in getting a good overview of the topic (like me.) ever since i started downloading episodes of hack sign i've been on a quest for more and more info.

    (which your over there, check the new description for the general forums)

    japanese culture amazes me for some reason - it just seems so incredible in so many aspects. back when my friend imported a 180sx we remarked how while cars like that (180sx, 300zx, s32 skyline's, s13/s14 silvia's) are extremely noteworthy today, they were being driven (depending on the car) between 8 to 15 or so years ago. of course they also pioneered anime and develop some amazing games - something we're all familiar with. after going to the US, japan is the next on my places to visit list.

    Congratulations | - 10.07.2002
    archived news - up
    If you live in Montana, you can vote for a Total fucking idiot (an even bigger idiot than the usual crop). Sigh, any chemist will tell you that silver turns a lovely black color when it diffuses into your dermis and fat layers. I told my roomate this was how he could achieve his life long dream of being a black basketball player, despite his caucasian heritage.

    RE: Liberals | - 10.06.2002
    archived news - up

    Only in America...

    Yup, I wish I would have found it when presto made his last post, thats what made me think of it.(not the post right below this, the one before that)

    for those who missed that one: ;)
    Im tired of hearing talk talk talk about this iraqi bullshit!

    All these damn pacifist pukes 'oohh no war for 9/11... lets just sit back and take anuder hit' dumbasses.
    What the hell are these peoples problems? I guess theyve never been punched in the mouth, I meen, I know When I get into a fight where i didnt throw the first punch, Im not going to sit back and take a beating. Did we sit back and take it when pearl harbor got bombed? Nope. We sent in the Marines to take care of the attacker. Last time I checked, that solved the problem rather well.

    I guess ill get down off my high horse before I kill someone.

    Anybody played the new sims mod?"

    I think it was actually the two atomic bombs that sorted out the japanese.

    Anyways, both sides of the aisle have their faults, IMNSHO. The liberals are too willing to believe Saddam's offers of inspections, which, let's face it, are simple delaying tactics. The conservatives, on the other hand, seem bound and determined to assassinate saddam, which is complete fucking idiocy. Gee, how did WWI start again? Oh thats right, an assassination. Why did we pass a ban on assassinating foreign leaders? Oh yes, because it just causes trouble. If they wanted him gone, they should have hired an israeli mercenary to do it and be done with it (still a stupid idea, but less stupid than bandying it around the airwaves). Let's face it, there's no longer an elegant solution, and even if there were, Bush wouldn't take it.


    An Explosion in the Making | - 10.05.2002
    archived news - up
    A few weeks ago 2 of my close friends moved in with me, was working great until the past week or 2.

    Only reason im posting this is to get it off my chest and it makes me feel a little better to write about it.

    Ive got a shitty job, I run a register at compusa. Thats what I went through 3 months of bootcamp and 2 months of infantry training to do. Run a damn cash register for 7.25$ an hour. I hate my job.
    I cant keep a steady realtionship, every girl Ive tried dating has taken kindness as a weakness, or dating multiple guys, or just blown me off for some reason or another, I cant understand why, probably never will.
    I hate school, I only went one night this week because I hate Algebra, My operating systems class is boring as hell and I dont need the class but I have to take it anyway, on the other hand I love my programing class, and so I guess thats why I keep going. Stupid dumb shitty classes where I dont learn anything or get to aggitated because I have problems grasping the concept of how to solve for a number that doesnt really exist. Physics I can do because I know what the math serves for, algebra doesnt stand for anything, its just useless.
    When I was in the Marines, they changed me, big time. I use to be the kid everybody loved to pick on, because I would take it. "Bitch Im going to beat the shit out of you" I would Reply "Okay", now I just invite them to try. The Marines put new instinct into me, Im a light sleeper and If Im awaken feeling the slightest bit threatend, heads will roll. My room mate found this out the hardway tonight. He decided he wanted to fuck with my while I was asleep when already I dont have enough sleep, and Its 2:45 in the morning. To make a long story short I dont remember anything from the point where I got out of bed until the point where Ive got him in a headlock wailing away on his kidneys and about to ram his head through the wall. He's lucky I caught myself when I did, real lucky. He'll be pissing blood for a week now.
    What about pushed me over the edge again is when my other room mate said that I just came running out of the room hitting Jed. Yeah I make it a point to wake up and attack people for no reason

    msn messenger | - 10.03.2002
    archived news - up
    i'm embarrassed to ask, but do any of you use it?


    Technically yes, but I am a slacker and therefore use trillian for all my messanging needs.

    It sits there, and people talk to me on it....

    The Day Has Come | - 10.03.2002
    archived news - up
    You guys need some fucking therapy.

    Yeah, what's your point?

    Fucking therapy?! How the hell do I sign up for that. -YFJ

    Britney's Back | - 10.03.2002
    archived news - up
    It lives again. You must post in it, this I command.

    How young is too young? | - 10.03.2002
    archived news - up
    Randy and I got to talking on ICQ about "how young is too young?" (I won't say how or why) Anyways, what yardstick do you guys use? I use something I call a "relative difference equation" because it sounds fancy and it works well. Take the difference of your ages, divide that by the younger age. That ratio (apart from hopefully being lower than 1) is your relative difference. I like to have a relative difference of 1/8 or 1/6, but if it were say... twins, then 1/4 would have to be done (ie, 16 years old for me, since I am 20). So, any thoughts? Keep in mind it's 7am and I am feeling quirky atm.

    although it's been quite a while since i last had to think about this (two year-mark coming up soon!), your 'rde' seems to do the math quite nicely ..

    input yourage
    input herage
    rde = (yourage-herage)/herage
    if herage < 15 output "Definitely too young to have sex."
    elseif herage > 40 output "She may be a tad old .."
    elseif rde => 0.25 ouput "No thanks, too young!"
    else output "Go for it!"
    end if

    Very nice program, one flaw though. It doesn't account for eric's mom. Mmmm tasty.

    One must always account for the milf factor...

    Re: Mike's Spare Time | - 10.02.2002
    archived news - up
    You are weak, you must exercise ze thumbs! Soon you'll have calluses the size of grapefruits. I've owned a fair number of consoles over the years, and they're fundamentally different from PC games. I seem to have an easier time with them as well. Whether they're geared for a younger audience or what, I don't know. Also I think the controls are almost always intuitive. Even the mighty xbox controller (that penny arcade will never cease bitching about) bows before my mammoth grip. Consoles will always have a special place in my heart, along with PCs. They're the yin and yang of gaming, to be a whole gamer you must have both.

    CS with the lp crew is brutal, but fun. I always feel like the fifth wheel (correction, I AM the fifth wheel) when I play with them in scrims, but it's a good time, because you're part of a tight knit team. You don't have teamates screaming at you "OMFG u uz mp5 u iz a n000b!" That and trashtalking in general is kept to a minimum. It's a much different atmosphere, I'll agree to that (even a well moderated server like Ronin's).This post was going to be a comment but I thought it a bit long, and I deny mike the pleasure of owning the headlines.

    A side note, we MAY be getting some posts from Randy again soon, which would be nice, we need the flavor. We must also convince Ramrac to join the dark side.

    The true x-box controller is the best console controller there is in my opinon.

    It's Still Down | - 10.02.2002
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    So Iíll continue my rambling updating (see blow Ė plus it doesnít hurt my project dolphin rank)

    Eric and the other lp lads were kind enough to offer me a spot in a scrim against XTA, a clan that are at the top of the cal-im ladder (lp are at the top of the cal-o ladder, the next level down.) I first played CS a couple of years ago, but simply wasnít drawn in all that much by the gameplay. On the other hand, I quite enjoyed watching the guys chat in #clanlp about different games and strats Ė the team based aspect really fascinated me. In the past I had always played on public servers, which is just a free for all mess, and as I discovered today doesnít really do the game justice at all.

    So I hoped on the server with no clue at all with what to do, but thanks to some awesome help and patience from the guys I kinda started to get the hang of it towards the end. After playing so much ut, the game mechanics are so totally foreign (thatís because itís a mod silly). At the start I kept strafing in front of the guys when they were all set in position at choke points and Iíd often find myself out in no mans land during a duel needing to reload, ending in me being owned.

    Still, despite my ~300ms lag (actually, lag was bearable in CS, far more so than it would have been in ut) I managed to get a couple of kills in against a cal-im team Ė and the outcome of the game was a draw, despite lp basically being a man down plus we were hardly taking it seriously. Youíll be seeing me at the next CPL.

    mike r teh ownage from down under :)

    The Interweb is Down | - 10.02.2002
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    So now I have the time to make this post - have been meaning too for ages.

    First, a big spankyou to everyone who sent their best wishes for my birthday. I had a really awesome day, so thanks for your thoughts!

    Secondly, hugs and kisses to all the guys that communicated their thoughts regarding the topics of consoles. props goes to Randy and Shock who both sent awesome emails on the subject that were a great help.

    I went out on the weekend (with my brother, so i had a perspective of a non-gamer) with the intent of getting a console. I knew I was going to get either a Gamecube of a PS2 - I wasn't really interested in the xbox. It turns out that what everyone said, and my own perceptions were right - that being that the PS2 is undoubtedly the best console on the market (wide range of games, dvd player etc) but the gamecube fitted better what i wanted out of a console (simple, fun, throw away games - i have my pc for epic games, and weird Japanese innovative games.) So I got the gamecube - my brotherís decision to get a ps2 in a few weeks if i got a cube certainly helped the decision.

    And a few days after i'm still deeply in love with it - i'm sure the novelty will wear off, but i'm really happy with it. generally, i'll often second guess a largish purchase, wondering if i should have spent the money in a different way. In fact the only other time i can remember recently where I havenít done this was after getting my MD (it was either an MD or a GBA.)

    I've never owned a console, nor really played one to any great extent so this stuff is all new for me (as are the sore thumbs). Along with the black cube, i picked up a second controller (blue, so theyíre easy to tell apart i guess) a 4mb memory card and most importantly two games - Pikmin and Tony Hawk 3.

    Pikmin is pure sex, and typifies the type of game i wanted to play when i decided on a gamecube. your avatar is some little dude who has crash landed on a alien planet and you have only thirty days left until you run out of supplies. of course, you do have one hope of escape and that is collecting all the parts that your ship dropped on the planet when you crash landed. to complicate matters further, the world is full of enemies and barriers (walls, gates, movable objects) that you couldnít overcome by yourself - nor could you carry the parts back to your ship by yourself even if you did find them.

    this is where the pikmin come in, tiny little natives that are kinda like lemmings but arenít. its really hard to explain, but when you get your pikmin to bring something back to their come (kinda like harvesting) you get more and more loyal pikmin followers who you command to do your bidding. You then use the dudes as slave labour to attack the enemies and bring back your shopís parts. thatís the basic premise, its pretty hard to explain, but so simple when you're sitting there in front of it - i picked up the game in like a minute.

    i got tony hawk 3 to get a good social game to pull out for such situations as having friends over. its awesome fun, and i've already lost tens of hours just mucking around with it - its really fun just to fire up a free skate for half an hour. for any thps3 players out there, im up to skaters island(?) but am having a bit of trouble getting the medal to progress to LA.

    Having the gamecube hooked up in my room is awesome, iím able to play with it while still being able to watch myself idle in #clanlp or #ww. In a few weeks once Iíve finished pikmin (which once you finish the game doesnít really have much of a replay factor) and unlocked all the levels in tony hawk, Iíll go out and hire/buy a few other games that have been suggested like resident evil, mario sunshine and metriod prime (to name a few.)

    In the end, Iíve been cheating myself for all these years by not having a console. A few years ago I was strongly of the opinion that consoles sux0rz but I couldnít have been further from the truth. Go get yourself one!


    re: Mark | - 10.01.2002
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    To answer your question, Mark: Not really any difference, but Abit boards have a reputation for being the most unstable in the business, while ASUS have a reputation for the oposite. I love ASUS to death, I still haven't had a single crash after I got my ASUS A7M266 (the same can't be said for my previous mobo. Which was an Abit). So I might be biased, or just unlucky with my previous board, but I'd advice you to go for the ASUS.

    wm: while i cant vouch for the stability (i've never used an asus and i dont use the most stable OS) i've been using abit boards since they first introduced jumperless motherboards and have been quite happy with them... get the asus though, they seem to have the better reputation.

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