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Birth Day: June 14, 1981
Born in Eindhoven, Holland
Measurements: 32-25-35
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Did You Know:
At the head of her class, Lonneke excels in school and already speaks five different languages. Enjoys horseback riding in her spare time. Wants to one day become an airline pilot.

<lp|kane> dont you have an azn roomate
<lp|kane> who blowdrys his hair
<lp|bd> yup
<lp|kane> lol how fitting
<lp|kane> are you guys friends?
<lp|bd> i dont talk to him
<lp|bd> he doesnt talk to me
<lp|bd> its a good relationship
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Very cool... | - 12.29.1999
archived news - up
Nice job jag. Looking very good- maybe it will impress the ladies, haha.

Who designed this site anyway? I'm extremely impressed...

Happy f-ing New Year y'all


Alright...I'll shut up | - 12.29.1999
archived news - up
Do any of us live near Knoxville? Hell no. Do any of us really give a damn? I doubt it. Do you honestly expect a straight answer from this site? I hope not. So just what are you up to?

Also I have recently aquired the skills of HTML tagging...or something...whatever ya wanna call it, an example is below:
<silvertext>muahahaha silver rules all. unlike that 808080 whatever color we're using</rant>
Muahahahahaahaha. I have learned the code for <'s and >'s...bow down to me.

Dood | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
Anybody know of any good, i meen GOOD parties happenin around Knoxville Tn on new years? If so, email me. heh, like you net people are party ppl anyway

Eric, Im not joking, Change my damn pwrd =P | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
Im at work, been there for 3 hours. Im in the managers office talking to her, guy comes in starts talkin to her about somethin, 15 minute conversation at best. well, It takes 8 minutes for a person to fall completely asleep. Need I say more? Anyway, she asks me if I want to go home cuz i dont look like im feeling well. I of course, clutch my stomache and say "yeah, ill go home, unwillingly of course, but this durn flu is gettin me down" I go home, change the oil in my truck, get it washed. Im feelin great =)

Allow your foes to see what you want them to see

One messed up dude | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
Well I was checking out the BB's on Pandemic Studios (home of BZII) when I came accross this thread. Now, that's one messed up dude. Check it out. Here's a snip to get you going:
Yes! I, Wong Wong, Master of Battlezone, have returned, after breaking into Pandemic studios using only my WongWong-Fu and Wongatronic hacking browser! I have stolen the full version of BZ2 and the beta of BZ3! Blahahahaha! Fear me! And yes, I am indeed [RC] Damn-Yankee, but I have many names! To discover my true identity, look at the Pandemic employee and the US Senators! Blahahaha! I am everywhere! Wong Wong #1 out! WONG WONG!
Or better yet...
Mwaha! Mwaha! Here comes Wong Wong in a pak, planetary defenders! The might of clan Wong Wong is without bounds! No bounds! From our secret Wal Mart base, we can transport ourselves to any location in the cosmos! And welcome back, High Commander!
Now, who AIN'T da man? To read on further into this chaos, click here. Viewer defication advised.

Told ya so... | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
Hah! It was a Qualcomm! I was right! Yeah yeah, I'll shut up now.

Aight, i'm off

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Welcome to the team. | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
Welcome to Mike and Erics' rollercoaster ride through working on the internet. Expect thrills, spills and lots of bad language.

You must be of a unstable state of mind to ride on the bad-ass TTR coaster. You must be above the line indicated to the right to ride. Thanks and have a kick-ass time.

This film is not suitable for people under the age of 15

Refreshing | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up

Waz up...

Just thought Id tell ya a little about my new job- haha.

You want hits? - come to me, I'll open 4,000 browser windows and go crazy with refresh. Never know - could come in handy someday.

And Kane41s cell is a Qualcomm, Wonder if it works in down in his "vacation spot" in the bahamas, haha


FPS news kinda thing | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
Good news for me and Matt, and any other half-witted FPS player, Valve have un-official said they are working on Half-Life 2! Rejoice! Here's what they said, straight from the unlawful and darkened coridors of Planet Half-Life [ Hey, Mugwum is on his hols ;)] :
Of course, the game that has Half-Life fans really begging is the rumored full sequel. Having archieved unprecedented critical and commercial success, a follow-up would seem inevitable, after all. But curiously, a full year after the original game's release, Valve has never gone on the record regarding the status of a sequel... until now.

Valve's managing director Gabe Newell admits that it's been tough to keep quiet on the issue under such intense media pressure. "I have been dodging so many questions about Half-Life 2, I feel like I'm playing Hunted with Robin Walker again", he says. "Obviously we'd be stupid not to create a sequel to PC Gamers number one rated game of all time. And obviously there's a lot from Half-Life that was left unresolved. However, I don't want to talk about it until we know how Half-Life 2 is going to be a bigger step forward than the original. We have the luxury of being driven by our own aspirations, rather than by cost constraints of short-term thinking. In contrast, there have been some pretty mediocre sequels that have come out lately, and as a gamer that's been really dissappointing. Fans expect that Half-Life 2 will be the most amazing game they've ever played, and the game will be announced when we know how we are going to deliver that".
They also have a funny PoTD. Anyway props to PHL.

Bond: How original

Huh? | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
Oh, well there goes the [CENSORED] theory :) I knew you were lying from the start...honest.

One word: Qualcom...am I right? eh? eh? Am I right?

Also I was just talking with "Pirate"...that llama that quit renegade zone (WOOHOO!)...if you're lucky I might post the chat log, after a heavy dose of editing, of course.

This is the IRS! Come out with your hands up!

i'm sick and have to throw up like every 5 minutes ... damn | - 12.28.1999
archived news - up
first off -- whitey, welcome to the most bad-ass tt site on the web! hope you enjoy your staff in l00nyland. ;)

eric -- what brand/type cellphone do you 0wn? the only cellphone i know of that is l33t enough to surf the web with is the nokia 8110(?), but that one is so big and heavy (can you say brick? :) that i decided not to buy it.

and regarding the trojan samples thing -- why is it that only us-residents can apply for free samples? like us euro's/.au's don't need condoms or something. damnit.

oh fuck, i feel stuff coming up from mah belly ... gotta run.

Wow i'm l33t | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
Ok just to let you all know, i'm doing this update from my cell phone :)

woah | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
trojancondoms.com give away free rubbers!! bahaha thatll come in handy new years eve...

New years eve, No television, No electricity, no radio, no anything..... ALRIGHT!!!... Trojan man!!....

What happens when you let WW PR loose | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
Dammit looks what happens when Cohen gets his dirty lying hands on a review of TS:
Graphics: I very poor effort by Westwood and their artists. They have produced an outdated engine that is nothing compared to the likes of AoK. The Westwood boys do it again. Their artists have rendered brilliantely the units using an engine that could rival games like AoK.

Gameplay: More of the same tried and tested formulae that isn't really standing the test of time. Who likes change? They have kept with the tried and tested formulae and have come out with flying colors.

Audio: The thoroghly un-enspiring tracks seem to blend together seamlessly with them all being so mundane. Following in the footsteps of trakcs like Hell March and Instinct, the Westwood audio Dept has got it just right.

Bugs/patches: Numerous bugs have been founds since release and not many have been quashed in the several patches. Each of these altering the balance of the sides making the balance too uneven. The Hyperwire add-on did nothing for on-line speeds either. Despite a few early bugs, they were easily crushed with the patches which also enhance the game experience. Not to mention game speeds on-line.

And there you have it.

TheShadow: I have an idea for a post....
a review of TS altered by WW....
making excesive use of the "[strike]" string
Presto: hmm
we could also use the [bullshit] string
[whydidyoulietousyoumotherCENSORED??!!??] string
Presto: hehe thats a good one too


House Cleaning | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
Just letting everyone know that there is going to be some changes around here in the next week or so. First off, the site will be down for a while for a few reasons. First is to do a bit of reorganizing, there will be some new names added to the site, some old names removed and a general cleansing of the site. The second reason for us going down is that the leading p1mps of this site, mike, tim and myself will be putting up our own site, LP for a few days while we get the domain setup. I'd also like to take a minute and introduce a new dude to the site, Whitey, he's a friend of mine and lives like a mile from my house, so he's not lame, trust me. He has the prestigoiusoiuoosug (sp?) honor of having the position of Official Refresher. So...love him.

Also, even though i'm officially a slacker, I do love you all and you can always send me an email to tell me you love me or even send some of this so called "feedback." So to sum it up, expect changes, they're coming.

TheShadow = incredibly ignorent | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
Well, you know fall under the "incredibly ignorent" catagory according to that post :) do you enjoy your "promotion"? :)

WTF do you mean it was fake!?! | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
That was friggin' convincing thou. Hold up, what is the big difference between TS and simshitter?

them's fightin' words

Why of course, your honor | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
Well duh...that was intentional. For crap's sake the whole thing was fake...I slipped in a few spelling errors along with it :)

i hat peepl hoo cant spel!

The day after the night before | - 12.27.1999
archived news - up
Hello everyone and welcome back.
Well Christmas is over and I've managed to drag myself out of the eerily quiet bloodstained hallways of the Black Mesa Facility.
But I wont bore ( intentional ) you with the grizzily details of my deathmatches with the kick-ass bots on QIII ( they were even giving me a run for my money ). Since I have some free time I'll put a review together, or something.

Mike has his priorites all wrong. Which is more important:-
  • Him Leaving for a few days.
  • News from WWN?

  • I rest my case.

    Exbit A your honour of Jag inability to spell correctly:
    Witness is yours council.

    ...You need to experience it for yourself

    Hey do i got ftp access? | - 12.27.1999
    archived news - up
    cuz I really need to change my pwrd. ANYWAY.

    Me and Chara has plans tonight after I get off of work. So what happens? They put some CENSORED dumbass on my register while im off CENSORED doing something CENSORED else and I get CENSORED blamed for the CENSORED 100$ that comes up short which meens i get to CENSORED stay over another CENSORED hour while the book keepers count my CENSORED till for the CENSORED 25th time. And would someone fix the CENSORED script so it doest CENSORED every damn CENSORED time i say CENSORED ?? This just CENSORED sux. I say CENSORED the CENSORED CENSORED. Anyway, I get home around 9 and call Chara, turns out she went to the mall with friends since I didnt call. Thanx Bi-Lo!!

    CENSORED you!!

    TT Q&A? | - 12.27.1999
    archived news - up
    What's this? Ahhh...a TT Q&A. Why yes, I managed to get an e-mail through to westwood with a few TT question set to explode upon arrival. Fortunately they replied. I was using the name "Irish Bob" so they couldn't trace the...er...so that they wouldn't think it was me and ignore me. But anywayz, without further ado:
    Irish Bob: So what's TT gonna be like?
    Anonymousewestwoodguy69: TT? We scrapped that.

    Irish Bob: Eh?
    Anyonymousewestwoodguy69: Heh. We dumbed it, we're doing something else now.

    Irish Bob: and what might that be?
    Anonymousewestwoodguy69: We're working on a new game...It's a bathroom simulator.

    Irish Bob: hehe.
    Anonymousewestwoodguy69: actually is simshitter.

    Irish Bob: What's the planned release date? Tell us!
    Anonymousewestwoodguy69: I dunno, probably whenever Isgreen gets his ass out of the bathroom. But don't hold your breath.
    Well there you have it. Oh, and for those of you taking this seriously, good. Keep up this ignorance thing. This just in! A prototype of the device has been found at the relic site...click on the flash version then click on the toilets...they really flush! :D

    Note to the incredibly ignorent: This Q&A is a fake. And yes, there is a releation between this and Pirate's "announcement" :)

    Video Rendering Preview! | - 12.27.1999
    archived news - up
    O yes. For you today i've got something special. If you not one of my special 'video testers' you'll not have seen these,even if you are one of my testers you wouldn't have seen these exact images.

    Here is one of the images:

    If you like that then take a look at this one here.
    Take note these images are almost directly out of the new video i'm working on, so I hope you like them!

    Unfortunately no one can be told what the Matrix is...

    Thank God Christmas is over | - 12.26.1999
    archived news - up
    Only good thing about it was seeing the smile on Chara's face when I gave her the necklace. And everything that followed afterwards. Absolutely nothin...

    Dad gets me a 126 socket set for christmas, I bring it to moms "Mom, Dont touch my socket set, im not allowed to touch your alls tools, so these are off limits." She replies "Well, if your gonna be so stingey we want all our tools back." Okay, heres your plyers.

    The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

    TT News | - 12.25.1999
    archived news - up
    Yes, that rarest of events has happened, there's actually some TT news to post. Searching through the lamity that is WWN (apart from Shadow's article's, of course...) I noticed a quick little TT Q&A. To save you the journey, here it is, cut and pasted below;

    WWN: What stage of production is Tiberium Twilight up to??
    Cohen: Early design stages, pencil and paper stuff, some early R&D.
    Nothing ground-breakingly exciting there.

    In other, less important news I'll be out of action for a few days, spending time with relatives. I'll be taking my camera for the 6 hour or so car journy inland so you can be sure that if I see any Kangaroo pr0n, I'll take photo's of it for you (yes, you know who you are :). Should be back on the 29th.

    Get you mind outta the gutter! | - 12.24.1999
    archived news - up
    Sheesh Jag :P

    That responce is a real big POS. I mean making news is one thing, but faking a press release is another. And also illigeal I think. Not too sure. But what he says is total SH1TE!

    In other news Team Fortress 2 has been delayed:
    Team Fortress 2 has been delayed, Valve Software and Sierra have announced. The game, which was scheduled to ship in Q1 2000, is now intended for release late in the year.
    Well I'm off to finish off the preps for our XMas dinner so MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone :)


    hahaha! | - 12.24.1999
    archived news - up
    Oh, the irony :)

    Never let them see you coming - TheShadow's quote

    Oh, how true...how true :) Especially if you intentially mis-spell that.

    Don't even think about it

    Er... | - 12.24.1999
    archived news - up
    None. When I say "my" site I ment it figuratively. I don't actually own it nor work there, but they don't get a lot of news (planet descent), and I stumble accross quite a bit, so I just e-mail them a lot :)

    And in other news, the TS map editor...AIN'T!!! IT'S A DAMNED FAKE! BLARGENSHTEINEM! Now, I know what you're asking...who faked it? Well, remember that guy named "Pirate" working for Renegade Zone we all made fun of a while back when he first joined? Well, it was him! Now take a look at this bullshit he's responding with:
    Pirate: "Regarding the false press release, well maybe it was a stupid thing to do but I did it for all the TS fan sites out there. Why you may ask? Well, because there is a real lack of news out there and I don't want any TS fan sites to die so I created this bit of news to inspire news updaters out there. You call this a stupid act, I call it a savior for another week out there especially for the big C&C sites so they can complain about lamers making press releases and how 'bad' the TS community is getting which in fact helps the community but really I'm just helping the community out and I'm not about to apologize. This is also an extremist way of telling Westwood to make a map editor, "were getting restless." Anyway I hope this has shed some light on the subject and I would like to wish all the staff at TSDen a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year."
    Oh please, that is the most pathetic and utterly stupid, not to mention grammatically incorect responce I have EVER seen in my life...the classic lamer's responce. Note the lack of a real sentance. Note the rare use of periods. Not the unbelievable reason...do YOU believe him? Well if ya do, god help you, because THAT, my friends, is complete and utterly BS...and I don't mean Britney Spears either. But really, that is pathetic, he could have at least thought up a real responce and MAYBE even apologized. And his point about there not being much news on the TS community...that's BS too. Check out CNCNZ, TumSun, or BG:TS...do YOU see a lack of news? I don't, there has actually been a SURGE of news lately, and the most a lie could get was mabye one or two posts AT THE MOST. Bah.But anywayz, in light of this most recent developement, we can assume the following equation is true:
    Pirate = Llama
    Also, be sure to flame him, or even better, mailbomb him so we can get the message through his inch-thick skull...since it seems there is no other way to shut him up.

    Screw the lamer.

    I am not a crook - Richard Nixon

    gsn? | - 12.24.1999
    archived news - up
    jag, what gsn site do you work on then?

    Blarg | - 12.23.1999
    archived news - up
    TheShadow: you are not alone :D er... :(

    oddly enough the only thing I really can think of that made me chearful this week was that Battlezone 2 went gold (YEAH BABY!!! WOOOO!!!)...not even christmas found it's way into my heart (which appears to be in my throut). *sigh*

    Oh, ditto on the mature part ;) LOL! awe crap there goes the whole point in my second line...



    Ultimate Fantasy... | - 12.23.1999
    archived news - up
    I just spotted this add on one of "my" sites...how interesting.

    I love it. That's Britney Spears for those of you who are "sexually illiterate".

    Just keeping the place ticking over | - 12.23.1999
    archived news - up
    As the subject line says.

    One bad thing about breaks is that you have free time. Now since I have no life and I have watched every movie out (me movie buff) I started thinking about stuff, including my current situation in life. And then got myself all depressed.
    I mean are girls interesting in a guy who makes jokes that only adults laugh at? I can make a joke out of virtual anything some ones says, but only adults see the humour. I'm I too mature for my own good or what?
    I may seem all smiles on the outside, but on the inside I'm all messed up. I can't even get into the Christmas spirit anymore.

    I may be gone for a while

    Heh... | - 12.22.1999
    archived news - up
    Eh.. yeah, hi =) It's Christmas break... I have time now.

    You won't believe what I just saw | - 12.22.1999
    archived news - up
    Ok now make sure your sitting down when your reading this. You ready? Ok, so I was happy listening to my mp3's, reading an article on the G-spot and I get this ICQ msg. Thinking nothing of it I open it and ( brace yourself ) low and behold who was it? Oliver! Yes! Oliver, da big boss man over at Tumsun!
    Bet you didn't see that coming ;)

    Never let them see you coming--De Niro, Ronin

    Fineto | - 12.22.1999
    archived news - up
    Ok updated the comedy section with this:
    At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving twenty-five dollar cars that got 1000 mi/gal."

    Recently General Motors address this comment by releasing the statement, "Yes, but would you want your car to crash twice a day?"

    1. Every time they repainted the lines on the road you would have to buy a new car.
    2. Occasionally, your car would die on the freeway for no reason, and you would just accept this, restart and drive on.
    3. Occasionally, executing a maneuver would cause your car to stop and fail and you would have to re-install the engine. For some strange reason, you would accept this too.
    4. You could only have one person in the car at a time, unless you bought "Car95" or CarNT." But, then you would have to buy more seats.
    5. Macintosh would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable, five times as fast, twice as easy to drive, but would only run on five percent of the roads.
    6. The Macintosh car owners would get expensive Microsoft upgrades to their cars, which would make their cars run much slower.
    7. The oil, gas and alternator warning lights would be replaced by a single "general car default" warning light.
    8. New seats would force everyone to have the same size butt.
    9. The air bag system would say "are you sure? before going off.
    10. If you were involved in a crash, you would have no idea what happened.
    And this nifty stuff can be found here. Thanks to Lovestruck...... erm I mean Presto for that stuff.

    LoveStruck falling for a lampost, giving her my upmost, spilling out my deepest feelings....

    Done thing | - 12.22.1999
    archived news - up
    Well after I go and get my new desk for the comp since they just finished our new extension so I got a whole room for the comp instead of this cramped up little thing I'm in.
    anywho, not that you wanted to know any of that.
    Heat is on damn good film. Well it does have De Niro and Pacino ( the two best ganster actor ever, no arguements please ) in it. I'll sort the comedy out later. I found some cool stuff about airlines and operating systems too. Just waiting for my friend to finish it off :)

    Never have anything you can't walk out on in 30 seconds if you feel the heat around the corner
    You remember that? --Robert De Niro


    haha | - 12.21.1999
    archived news - up
    Alright, So things didnt work out for me and that girl. She tells me yesterday that we can start dating. She tells me tonight that we're not cuz she dont want the comitment. Damnit make up ure mind! haha, She asked me what I wanted for x-mas. I told her Flightline and Prop wash, She thinks theyre alternative bands. Truth be told, Flight line is where u line the planes up on the runway and prop wash is the air that goes over an airplane. Later on, she pushes some buttons. Well, here. Take a look. (She was online, So i could recored it more easily then via phone)

    Presto: i dunno but i kinda got the impression that ure liken him somewhat
    Presto: and vice versa
    Chara: Im sorry but your a lil wrong there, thats a sick thought
    Presto: LoL
    Chara: ewwwwwwww
    Presto: ive never met the guy, but thats just the way it seemed to me
    Chara: no nono, I would never go out with him & he knows it
    Presto: Always on the phone together, You offering to get him something (overheard u talking to him on phone while working on our project, btw which we got 40 x-tra credit points) and him not even mentioning it
    Presto: Hell u didnt offer to get me anything until i got u that cd
    Chara: but chris is like my best friend
    Presto: even when i was ure best friend u didnt offer anything
    Well, th conversation went on and on for about another hour, where to the poing where we didnt know each other well enough and I end in proving my point, therefore pissing her off Royally.

    Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view.

    lol | - 12.21.1999
    archived news - up
    This belongs in the comedy section, So shadow, when u get a chance.

    At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated "If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving twenty-five dollar cars that got 1000 mi/gal."

    Recently General Motors address this comment by releasing the statement, "Yes, but would you want your car to crash twice a day?"

    1. Every time they repainted the lines on the road you would have to buy a new car.
    2. Occasionally, your car would die on the freeway for no reason, and you would just accept this, restart and drive on.
    3. Occasionally, executing a maneuver would cause your car to stop and fail and you would have to re-install the engine. For some strange reason, you would accept this too.
    4. You could only have one person in the car at a time, unless you bought "Car95" or CarNT." But, then you would have to buy more seats.
    5. Macintosh would make a car that was powered by the sun, was reliable, five times as fast, twice as easy to drive, but would only run on five percent of the roads.
    6. The Macintosh car owners would get expensive Microsoft upgrades to their cars, which would make their cars run much slower.
    7. The oil, gas and alternator warning lights would be replaced by a single "general car default" warning light.
    8. New seats would force everyone to have the same size butt.
    9. The air bag system would say "are you sure? before going off.
    10. If you were involved in a crash, you would have no idea what happened.


    Durn | - 12.21.1999
    archived news - up
    Dang its cold. In fact, its colder then a witches left tit with a steel bra. Good lord, All night I have been pushing buggies in out of the pooring sleet. Great. Then I was having even more fun on the way home cuz the roads are all icy.

    Time for the love session. Tomorow is Wendsday. My dear gets off at 5. I am off. Okay so lets see here, "Hey you wanna do somethin tomorow". Well, unless you want to come to church with me, I cant... So what do i do? I strugle at the situation. I really like this girl, but yet, Im not crazy about churches. Mainly since im partial evolutionist, and the church we where going to when my parents got divorced, basically disowned us and treated mom like schnitt and dad like a king because he had money. Dont you love it?, Anyway, For her, i think im gonna goto church.

    Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.

    Why WW didn't release a demo beforehand | - 12.21.1999
    archived news - up
    See if they did, and we'd all d/l it and play it and then we'd realise how much they had lied to us and how many features had been cut. So by the time it came out those sales figures would at least half becuase the demo would be out in thousands of magazines etc etc. So that is the obvious reason for it.
    The venerable Toad just posted this:
    (a short story told at this year's annual Westwood Holiday Party)

    Every Who down in Westwood liked games a whole lot
    But the Grinch, who lived just North of Westwood, did not
    The Grinch hated games, the whole game making season.
    Now please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason,
    It COULD be his gamepad wasn't screwed on just right
    It COULD be his mouse buttons perhaps were too tight
    Or it could be because TS was SHITE!
    anyway, later

    And that's the way it is

    haha | - 12.21.1999
    archived news - up
    yeah, damn lamers get a life who spend all their free time on the computer, i meen, hey, im only on it when im not at work, and/or talking to the girl who wants to date but doesnt want a comitment.

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

    sad | - 12.21.1999
    archived news - up
    look what i came across at realts.com:
    "I am so happy right now because it's Christmas holidays and I get to spend time on the computer almost for two full weeks!"
    damnit, nobody should be spending his holiday entirely behind a pc. get a life, lamer!

    THIS JUST IN | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    HAHA A LITTLE LATE?!?!?! Would have been nice to have this BEFORE the game was released.

    PRESS ADVISORY December 20, 1999Tiberian Sun Demo Now AvailableJust in time for Christmas, Westwood is delivering a demo of Command & ConquerTiberian Sun, the million seller that's set sales records around the world.Members of the press can grab the demo atftp.westwood.com/pub/tiberiansun/previews/demo. Feel free to put it on yourwebsite, cover disk, or on the company mainframe disguised as a file called "Y2Kanalysis program."

    The demo features two brand new levels of Tiberian Sun. The first mission is atutorial about how to play T-Sun. The second mission gives you a heavy dose ofC&C action.

    The file tsdemo.zip is for North America and the file tsdemoe.zip is for Europe.The European version is identical except for the ordering phone number.

    Happy Holidays!

    Aaron CohenPR DirectorWestwood Studios
    hmm well isnt that special?

    Deja-Moo, The feeling youve heard this bullshit before

    Presto is back to his weekly mumblings | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    Welp, Theyre calling for snow, Which meens that everyone and theyre aunt+uncle will be grocery shopping. Uhh Boss, Ill be outside, urhm, replacing the seatbelts on the carts. Yeah, thats it. You can find me outside. Haha, 8 hours putting new seatbelts on shopping carts. sheez.

    Good news on the love life, its not a 100 percent sure thing, but its an 80 percent (Note to Al, FIX THIS SO IT WILL MAKE PERCENT SIGNS... End note). She asked me what I wanted for christmas, I said, How bout we go out? SHe said she didnt want the comitment, but we could go on dates every now and then, which translated to me as in every damn day we've got a day off together. Ive got to get that milinium kiss in. Heh, Ill be lucky to get the milinium kiss while tim rings in the new year getting leid. Eric and Mike will be, well, ringing it in 'together' *cough*.

    The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

    Ha ha... | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    Well this probably won't mean anything to most of you since one of my last posts was deleted but I got a message from Scyther, from realts, replying to that post and telling us that we don't stand for anything (: (hey it might sound bad, but in it's actuall context it's really a compliment) so yeah thanks (:

    In my defense... | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    Hey, people say post, so I post, well maybe I shouldn't post - might end up taking someone's eye out.
    And btw I'm not 13.

    Pfffffff... | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    An the VE redundancy evident in my posts continues...

    Actually it was realy "Finished f**king with your ISP yet?", and later "oh, the old go-offline-and-he-won't-notice-cause-i'm-so-sly trick eh? bah that's a million years old"...MAKE SURE YOU QUOTE ME CORRECTLY OR YOU SHALL FEEL THE WRATH OF MY BAD SPELLING!

    But anywayz...Chris(t), what's your ICQ #? I don't htink i have your contact. and If you don't have ICQ, then only god can help you now...well...if he decides to help you and i see no reason why he should. Gods have better things to so than muttle around all day helping poor pathetic innocent fewls such as yourself and for that matter me too (crap, that was a long sentance too). Well, unless you count Kane41 and Mike, although on the issue of them being "G@wd5", i seriously beg to differ. So there.

    Quite to the contray, my dear Wat... -- you idiot you mean you didn't notice?!

    Comedy Update | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    Yes people your lovely content Dept has delivered again even more updates to our Comedy section. Including interesting things to do with a Unix server and ( courtesy of The Den ) Symptons of being addicted to WOL. Here's some:
    make love
    Make: Don't know how to make love. Stop.

    got a light?
    No match.

    sleep with me
    bad character

    man: Why did you get a divorce?
    man:: Too many arguments.

    make 'heads or tails of all this'
    Make: Don't know how to make heads or tails of all this. Stop.

    make sense
    Make: Don't know how to make sense. Stop.

    make mistake
    Make: Don't know how to make mistake. Stop.

    make bottle.open
    Make: Don't know how to make bottle.open. Stop.
    You'll find them all here.

    Jag said this after I appruptly got cut off last night
    Finished f**king your ISP yet?

    daily afternoon post | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    Mike your the Resident Slacker at Tumsun, it's your job not to post on Tumsun :)
    Chris maybe be 13, but he's a grade higher than me.

    RE: Jags last post
    No see it's why did they bother becuase over here Mr-asshole-Blair has wasted £850 million quid on his sex-toy ( Peter Mandelson ) so he can build a Millenium dome which is a complete waste of time, money, effort, etc. When it could have been used to fix the railways so we don't end up with another Paddington. And now BA are building this Millenium wheel shit. Which is a very big ferris wheel. THAT'S IT!! I mean for godsake! Even Americans don't waste as much money as that!
    Now Blair and his asshole Government have wasted over 1 Billion quid for no reason! I mean it's only another bloody year!

    Quote is from Bremner, Bird and Fortune. Satrical comedy program over here. If you haven't heard of Rory Bremner come out of your cave.

    Two years ago a group of Labour Politicians set off on a journey to form a good and productive government. Two years later all that's left, besides a piles of disgarded promises, is this tape:
    The Which Blair? Project


    BTW | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    Shadow has written another uncharacteristically (for the site, not himself) mature article over at WWNation. imho Shadow's articles are the saving grace for that site, which is otherwise filled with newbieness, cluelessness lameness, and spelling/grammar that is even worse than mine on ICQ/IRC. The article deals with the tricky situation placed on him where he chose to run a cracked version of TS. As I haven’t pirated in any situation apart from similar ones to what he describes since my 386 days (yet I have ~2500 mp3's and don't have any moral problem with that.... go figure) it's something that I could really relate to.

    Click here to scope the article at a www deficient url (www.wwnation.com seems to be down for me).

    Re:.... | - 12.20.1999
    archived news - up
    nach0-cheese and how to sc0re a lady
    Pay attention to Tim's advice, remember kids, if it's not on, then it is not on.

    Nope, genital herpes.

    Crap, this is a long one
    For starters, don't always go places with both your friends and gf...
    Also, this isn't an E/N page, so pls don't treat it as one, to that extent at least :(

    He's 13

    He is alive!
    Eric's conforming to my minimal posts on the SB rule while you all post your msg's in the title section :)

    Complain to Felix that I post even less, and no-one is going to catch me, I'm l337 remember?

    Pfffffff..., Ha! | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    Irony Jag... what's next sarcasm (:
    Your right btw, Pfffffff... describes your posts very well :P

    The question...WTF is the question? | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    Actually, the question should be Y2K, YDIDN'T they bother, not why DID...ya see, if they HAD bothered to add in the little bit of code that forces software to recognize years by four digits, not 2, then we wouldn't have this whole mess on our hands (no, not that mess. pervert)

    Or better yet...


    Oh, the irony :)

    (If you don't get it, scroll down a few posts)

    Is is just me | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    ...or are we clogging up the front page now?
    I didn't suddenly come over all "I don't wanna play now" kinda thing. I did actually say maybe.
    Anyhow, my thought for the year which I have said before

    Y2K, YDid they bother?

    Actually no | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    Actually I didn't, I was working on that post just as you were working yours. I posted mine in haste and then went back and modified it to juice it up a bit ;)

    Oh well no difference, but I did not see yours before I posted mine...purely coincidental (actually I mean that) :)

    Westwood Studios: The little engine that should

    I'd just like to say | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    That Jag actually modified his second post. It used to just say the "I'm a gay homosexual" thing with that as the quote, but he modifyied it after he saw my retort.
    Just to let you know :)

    I tell it as it is

    Pfffffff... | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    hmmmmmm...not really.

    But I just proved it wrong
    Er...I retract that statement
    Which one?
    All of them...pull it all, the whole thing. crap. !@#$ this, i resign.


    Libelous! | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    I only said that after you said:
    Jaguar: awe you suck ;)
    TheShadow: Why thank you ;)
    Jaguar: so you really ARE gay?
    TheShadow: lol
    I'm a gay homosexual
    They actually cancel each other out moron =)
    Right I'm sueing for libel matey

    This is the ninties, I'm gonna sue your ass

    AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    AHHHHHHH!!! I JUST had this conversation with TheShadow over ICQ...we were talking about Homeworld when suddenly he said something to the manner of "oh, btw, no i'm not up for a game" after i'd been talking about it for a good hour...bastard :) Anyway here it is. Viewer discretion advised:
    Jaguar: You game for a game?
    TheShadow: nah
    Jaguar: awe you suck ;)
    TheShadow: why thank you ;)
    Jaguar: oh so you really ARE gay?
    TheShadow: lol.
    I'm a gay homosexual.
    I need not say anymore

    "yes, i'd like to apply for a college educatoin"
    "I'm sorry you're IQ doesn't seem too high...I'm afraid we can't accept you"
    "I'm gay"
    "uhhhh...would you like to leave?"
    "I'll sue"
    "Um...ok...sorry for the misunderstanding. Classes start early September, sorry for the misunderstanding. Glad to have you aboard."
    - How to get into college 101


    This just in... | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    Heh...with your intelligence, you'll be KIA before the day ends ;) Perhaps we should hire the KGB? No, wait, they'd just blow themselves up like they did in the 60's. Cancel that.

    TheShadow: the FBI does not handel foreign affairs and black ops...that's just the CIA :)

    Did anyone else notice the irony of Chris's title to his last post? I mean...look...Crap, this is a long one...now doesn't that just sound down-right shitty?

    I'm off :D

    "Trying is the first step towards failure"
    "Now there's a pesimist"


    He is alive! | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    Eric is alive. Now please check tumsuns internal forum dammit!

    I've heard of long posts Chris..... but.....I don't think we really wanted to know what your mates got up to at our party. I think you know which bits I'm talking about. Anyhow...

    Pulp Fiction is one brilliant film. In fact all of Quinten Tarriteno's ( big sp ) films are great( especially Dawn Til Dusk where he is a main character ).

    Felix just asked me on ICQ why I haven't posted any news on tumsun for a while. Shinano spurred me on to tell you why.I had been sent on a scret mission by the British Government to investigate Mike using any force needed, since the FBI, CIA and black ops failed. That is why you don't see him on ICQ much anymore. Now I have to kill you all.

    Nothing else to say, so later all

    ahhahahahahah t-twilight is as funny as hell :)

    Uhhh | - 12.19.1999
    archived news - up
    How old are you again?

    Crap, this is a long one | - 12.18.1999
    archived news - up
    Well some of you have been noticing that I haven't posted for a week or so. But I've been busy, so here's a list.
      Last Saturday - My Birthday Party
    • Friends came at about five pm.
    • Ate pizza
    • Pizza all over walls and floor
    • Went to movies with friends
    • Got popcorn and coke, except for one person (wanka) who wanted fanta
    • Went in early to see Toy Story 2
    • Friends set fire to chair in front row
    • Previews starts and I sat next to my girlfriend
    • Friends near me make orgasm sounds
    • Friends make orgasm movements
    • Movie starts, friends shut the f**k up because there like two years old
    • Someone throws a shoe at the screen
    • A start to fake yawn so I can put my arm around my gf but then feel like a dickhead so I stop
    • Finally I just put my arm around her and she turns and says, "What are you doing?"
    • Movie finishes
    • Went back to my place
    • One guy goes on my trampoline without wearing a belt and his pants fall down
    • We go inside
    • I light the candles on the cake, and one sparkler
    • One of my friends jokes around with me so I get the sparkler and wave it at him and burn a hole through his new jumper by accident
    • Go outside to where we have this bungalow thing
    • Two guys sit on couch and place pillows of their crotches
    • Then they bounce them up and down as they get erections
    • Friends go
    • I'm executed for burning my friend's jumper

    Wow wasn't that fun, but that was only one night.
      Last Sunday - Community Service
    • Go to shops at 10am to buy my friend a new jumper
    • Give it to him but it's too big
    • Go back to shop to find that all the smaller ones are taken
    • Give him the big one again
    • Then I'm forced to watch my little sisters in a gymnastics competition (just like dying slowly)
    • Come out confused and afraid four hours later
    • Go home sleep
    • Sleep, but friend rings
    • Puts me on three way with someone else
    • I put the phone down and go back to sleep
    • Wake up ten minutes later
    • They didn't notice I was gone
    • "Gotta Go"
    • Sleep

    Wait it gets better
      Next Three Days - Torture
    • Spend the entire time working for my Dad who paid for my friends new jumper
    • Have several hallucinations

      Thursday - Crapachu
    • Go to movies with friends and girlfriend
    • Everyone else goes to see 007 but me and her go to see Pokemon, to be alone
    • First come pikachu's vacation
    • Worse than gymnastics competition
    • I gouge both my eyes out and eat them
    • Movie starts
    • Not bad
    • I put my arm around my gf and accidentally punch her in the mouth
    • Oops
    • Movie finishes
    • Walk around for half an hour waiting for 007 to finish
    • We walk past these four guys singing carols
    • They turn out to be insane and chase us through the shopping centre

    And it just keeps going like that.
    My apologies for such a long post, I know you all hate them but now you can tell why I haven't been posting often (:

    Just to finish off I have to include a quote, (sorry Presto, TheShadow).

    I've learnt this week that- "there are no stupid mistakes, only stupid people"

    He hath arisen | - 12.18.1999
    archived news - up
    I'm just like self-rasing flower. Whereas Tim is just like a grasshopper, znip znip ;)

    And now for something completely different.
    I fixed/correct the staff list to what Tim had it as( well sorta ). And yes I am supposed to be under PR :)

    Tim's gearing up for his night out I see. Pulp Fiction( you all know that theme tune ) is on tonight. Kick-ass film that :) Your not a hansom hired gun are you Tim? ;)
    Back to slacking I feel.

    Resident Slacker:


    Erm | - 12.18.1999
    archived news - up
    I thought Mike had gonorhea, no way im listenin to him.

    nach0-cheese and how to sc0re a lady | - 12.18.1999
    archived news - up
    being the resident lady-killer slash viagra-salesman around here, i too have a w0rd of advise to all you maria's (that's our resident term for virgin, thank you). be yourself. don't pretend to be cooler/l33ter/0lder than you actually are. don't despare and when it happens, for the love of g0d, do it safe. yah, i know this all sounds very corney and just like your 0ld man, but it actually works. esspecially the safe-thing. ask mike. ;)

    haha | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up
    On our grading scale, anything below a 70 is failing, everything above is passing
    I made a 69.5 for my final average, I rolled an R wrong and I would have failed. Me and my dumb luck.

    Huh? | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up
    I don't recal that ever happening, senator.

    Ah! It's Monica! FIELD DAY!

    hmmmmm | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up
    This couldn't have had anything to do with it:
    i f**ked up the main page :)
    TheShadow: Asshole ;)
    Jaguar : F**cked it
    er fixed it
    Kids I don't know.

    Huh? What cliff....AAARRRGGGHHH!!!--Me dying

    Yay! :D | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up

    Having done that, I have but one thing to say:

    Just admit it, you've been churning butter ever since you got home haven't you? Bastard :)

    In other news, I was looking through Lycos news today when I spotted this rather offending article:

    LONDON (Reuters) - A goldfish has lived to swim another day after it fell down a chimney, bounced off hot coals and landed in front of an astonished family.

    A heron, seen on nearby rooftops earlier, is believed to have scooped it up from a nearby pond and dropped it down Maureen Brewin's chimney in Northampton in the English Midlands Thursday.

    The fish suffered only superficial injuries to its scales where it had been clutched in the heron's mouth.

    "We had noticed a heron on the chimney but did not think anything of it. When my daughter asked me if I had seen the fish on the hearth, I thought she was joking," Brewin explained.

    "It was lying perfectly still, then its tail started moving."

    Brewin put the fish in a bowl of water and made an emergency call to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    RSPCA chief inspector Dave Brown said: "The fish was lucky to survive. We think it came from a fish pond in the area." He added: "This was the first time I have been called out to a fish that has fallen down a chimney."
    That's Britain for ya =P Funny thing is, that was first page news. No joke. And if you don't believe me, click here to read it.

    Lastly, I put a little mark of distinction in the source code :)

    I'm off

    /me shits in a bag, lights it on fire, and drops it by $$1 's front door...rings the doorbell, and leaves.

    Grumble | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up
    First I can't get this damn place to load properly so that got me pissed off, then the Dementia website still wouldn't work.
    After that I went to watch Billy Connelly on TV so that cheered me up alot. Then I read Presto first post ( you go kick some ass BTW P ;) and started considering how I'm about the only guy in class not to have kissed a girl yet, even though everyone else was 12 when they got their first kiss ( bear in mind I'm 13 ).
    So summing things up I'm going to jump of the nearest cliff. Tar tar now.
    [insert Jaguar cheering here]

    You sure do take along time to say good bye

    What the Flink?! | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up
    What is it that women have over us? My soon to be for instance, got her 2 things for Christmas, one of which she will not recieve until friday, the other she got today. I bought her a 130$ necklace and charm, both 14 orange roots. The one she got today, Kottenmouth Kings CD. Heh, total is 150 damn dollars. Is she worth it? And then some. If I had the money, I woulda got the 300$ one. Dont you love it?

    Damnit im gonna have to change my pwrd | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up
    A man once counselled his son that if he wanted to live a long life, the secret was to sprinkle a little gunpowder on his cornflakes every morning. The son did this religiously, and he lived to the age of 93. When he died, he left 14 children, 28 grand-children, 35 great-grand children, and a 15 foot hole in the wall of the crematorium.

    Hmm, that was lovely, what about this?

    A recent study was made to find out what days men prefer to have sex.
    It was found that men preferred to engage in sexual activity on the days that started with "T": Tuesday, Thursday, Thanksgiving, Today, Tomorrow, Thaturday and Thunday!

    Great wasnt it?

    For a couple of years, I've been blaming it on iron poor blood, lack of vitimins, dieting and other maladies. But now I have found the key: I'm tired because I'm overworked.

    The population of the U.S. is 237 million:- 85 million are in school, leaving 48 million to do the work.
    - 29 million work for the fedral government, loeaving 19 million to do the work.
    - 4 million are in the armed forces, leaving 15 million to do the work.
    - 14.8 million work in state and city government, leaving 200,000 to do the work.
    - 188,000 are in hospitals, leaving 12,000 to do the you know what.
    - 11,998 people are in prisons.

    That leaves just two people to do the work. You and me, and you're sitting there screwing around on the internet.


    Beef eh? | - 12.17.1999
    archived news - up
    Well...what about Kane41? As far as I know he's a woman.

    Uh...I retract that statement, Ken - the average Democrat

    haha | - 12.16.1999
    archived news - up
    My new voice mail greeting:

    Hello, welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline.

    If you are obsessive compulsive, please press 1 repeatedly.

    If you are co-dependant, have someone press 2 for you.

    If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.

    If you are having a panic, press all of the buttons at once.

    If you are paranoid delusional, we know who you are and what you want, just stay on the line until we can trace the call.

    If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and a little voice will tell you which number to press.

    If you are manic depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer


    Wheres the beef? | - 12.16.1999
    archived news - up
    Anyone out there a gamblin person?
    If So, I will bet you 20$ there is not a woman out there that plays RTS Games. I Meen a REAL woman, not like transvestite Kassy, but a REAL WOMAN, let alone a woman that looks good and is in between the age of 14 and 18

    My meat and 2 veg: | - 12.16.1999
    archived news - up
    Yes it's that time of month again (no not that time of month! That's for girls duh!). NO It's my 2nd monthly post on this, the TTR staff board! (yes i've wirtten this damn thing out once before, but got my own name wrong :)

    Note:I can't remember what I put here first time around, just assume it was the FUNNYEST thing you've ever heard and die laughing! :)
    Danger In Tutorial: Today i happened to get ralther pissed off with my FRENCH dictionary. So I took it to form time/tutorial/riot. It was in a pritty bad shape to start with. But it managed to get out of hand (as does everything in our tutorial) and a small fight between 3 people (crazy peeps). The dictionary was in 3 parts by this time, this consisted of a front cover (it had my name on this cover so I had good hold of it so no one could blame me for damages) and 2 halfs of dictionary. By now there's a croud of girls in one corner and someone points this out to me, when I look over I see a group of girls and my m8 Edd hiding with them! (funny part 1) By now you should be woundering where the hell the teacher was, god knows is the answer. (funny part 2 coming up) There's 2 parts of dictionary flying at HIGH speed,I mean breaking the speed of sound here, so we're lucky that the boys hppened to be blocking the windows or they probably would've smashed! Our tutorial room is a Maths room, so there's text books 3m thick in there. You know what happens next, i'll leave it to your own little brains to sort out :)
    Amoung other thing that happened that daysomeone almost got crushed between a table and about 5 chairs in the same room. I can only put this pure (GREAT) violence down to one thing. I'll explain this after i've finished the post so you'll have to read on this other stuff first:

    At this point i looked at the TTR posts (notice how it's pass tense)....

    First post under this post: (remembering) Right, to get the girls mad about you, you must be a little out of your head, and cRaZy mad kindda thing. Make them think you're up for anything and you'll find some nice girl. BUT, WARNING: don't be too mad or they're think you need to go into a home for some help!
    Second post under this post: Works! WTF!, I'll leave it at that.
    Third post under this post: Nice work Presto damn funny joke here. Work does suck.A$$hole LOL!
    Do you get the idea of this yet?! Keep reading down at the post below this, if this post isn't ending out equal to the bottomless pit! :)

    -=*Back to the understanding of the riot in my tutorial room*=-
    In our tutorial/form class we have 3 stages in the week:

    • Stage 1: The Monday depression, because it's Monday. Why else?!
    • Stage 2: The midweek riot. This is like a warm up to the next stage, but also releaves pressure from the depression.
    • Stage 3: The Friday riot! The most dangerous of the 3, everyone if ready for a night of being pissed and druged (sortta) so this is a special ending to the week, and a celebration to know we survived the week.

    So as this week there is not enough of school on Fiday to have a riot, and too much christmas spirt to be depressed, it caused a massive build up in the end part of the 'midweek' section.I had detected this earlyer then most, which caused me to take the 'dictionary', I just lit the fuse by throwing the dictionary at some psyco mad man.

    And that's the end of the post! The Moral: Always releave stress in the most dangerous way possible. That way you come out feeling lucky and happy to be alive.

    Warning this has not been proof read to make sure it's all correct, so don't bother pointing anything spelling wise etc. out.

    aint life a bitch? | - 12.15.1999
    archived news - up
    Heh, I can do almost anything with most of mans most complex machinery, I can rebuild and build computers, Rebuild engines, repair most things mechanical. It comes to women, it blows my mind. Wheres the damn instruction manual for a woman? Here I am 17 and never french kissed a girl. Im not a dork, Im not ugly. Why? Shyness more then likely.
    Now this is messed up, Friend of mine went out to my truck and started it with his damn key. I go out to his and start his with my damn key. Sheesh, I go out to another friends and start his truck with my key. We did this 4 times, all 4 times the key started the engine. Lovely isnt it?

    Sure, They wanna be friends after they rip the heart from your chest, spit on it, rub it in your face, and do a Mexican hat dance on it.

    Duh | - 12.15.1999
    archived news - up
    Of course works sucks, otherwise they wouldn't call it work, would they?

    "A life? Cool! Where can I download one of those?" - Some guy on the BZII boards

    Work Sucks | - 12.14.1999
    archived news - up
    Went to work tonight, bitch boss tells me to go home early because im just standing around. Whats there to do I ask. Ive cleaned, ive cleared, ive fixed, everything is done except I do need to scratch my ass, gimmie a second.Heh, I thought of this

    One day the different parts of the body were having an argument to see which should be in charge:

    The brain said "I do all the thinking so I'm the most important and I should be in charge."

    The eyes said "I see everything and let the rest of you know where we are,so I'm the most important and I should be in charge."

    The hands said: "Without me we wouldn't be able to pick anything up or move anything. So I'm the most important and I should be in charge."

    The stomach said: "I turn the food we eat into energy for the rest of you. Without me, we'd starve. So I'm the most important and I should be in charge."

    The legs said: "Without me we wouldn't be able to move anywhere.

    So I'm the most important and I should be in charge."

    Then the rectum said: "I think I should be in charge."

    All the rest of the parts said: "YOU?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don't do anything! You're not as important as we surely are! You can't be in charge."

    So the rectum closed up. After a few days, the legs were all wobbly,the stomach was all queasy, the hands were all shaky, the eyes were all watery, and the brain was all cloudy.

    They all agreed that they couldn't take any more of this and agreed to put the rectum in charge.

    The moral of the story?

    You don't have to be the most important to be in charge. Just an Asshole.


    The infamous Win98 demo crash | - 12.14.1999
    archived news - up
    Through my sly methods, I have managed to attain a short 1 megabyte movie of the famous Windows 98 crash when Microsoft was demoing it. So without further ado:

    Click here to download the movie (1mb)
    Enjoy :)

    A letter from Kanes mother | - 12.13.1999
    archived news - up
    I stole kane41's mail the other day, found this letter, enjoy.

    Dear Son:

    I'm writing this slow' cause I know you can't read fast. We don't live where we did when you left. Your dad read in the paper where the most accidents happened within twenty miles of home, so we moved. I won't be able to send you the address 'cause the last Alabamian family that used here took the numbers with them for their next house so they wouldn't have to change their address.

    This place has a washing machine. The first day I put four shirts in and pulled the chain, and we haven't seen 'em since. It only rained twice this week, three the first time and four the second time.

    About the coat you wanted me to send you, your Aunt Sue said it would be a little too heavy to send in the mail with them heavy buttons, so we cut the buttons off and put them in the pockets.

    We got the bill from the; funeral home- said if we didn't make the last payment on grandma's funeral bill, up she comes.

    About your father-he has a lovely new job. He has over 500 people under him - he's cutting grass at the cemetery.

    About your sister- she bad a baby this morning. I haven't found out whether it's a boy or girl so I don't know yet if you are an aunt or an uncle.

    Your Uncle John fell in the whiskey vat. Some men tried to pull him out but be fought them off playfully, so be drowned. We cremated him. He burned for three days.

    Three of your friends went oil the bridge in a pickup truck. One was driving, the other two were in the back- the driver got out - he rolled down the window and swam to safety. The other two drowned - they couldn't get the tailgate down.

    Not much more news this time, nothing much has happened. Love Mom PS: I was going to send you money, but the envelope was already sealed.


    What's so funny? | - 12.13.1999
    archived news - up
    Well personally I didn't find that that funny, just amusing...it must be a british thing.

    But anyway, as I type I'm uploading a very humerous mpeg video...it's 5 megs, so it might take a while, but the people who I've showed it too thought it was absolutley hilarious. it's at 30 percent right now...should be up in about...30 minutes maybe.

    Oh yeah, here's a screenshot of Tim at work which I stumbled upon:

    Actually this is a screenshot from that video


    To download the video, click here...it will open up the windows media player and load it...it will take a little while, but I guarentee you'll enjoy it.

    Should the year 2000 VW Beetle be refered to as the "Y2K Bug"?

    [NOTE: If you'd like to save it to your hard drive, right click on that link and click "save target as". Oh, btw, if you're reading this, that means it's fully uploaded :D]

    LMAO! | - 12.13.1999
    archived news - up
    Ok, found this over at The Den:
  • First, generate detailed reports showing gamers are happy with the game. This will work for the first few weeks after the game is released.
  • Then after the first few weeks, claim you are having problems with the online tech support system and your phone lines are being upgraded. This will give you another week.
  • After you've stalled for that week bring tech support back online. By now the programmers are working on the bug fixes they knew were in the game before it was released.
  • Emphatically state that no one else has reported any bugs, so it must be in your computer.
  • Label bugs as requests for game enhancements.
  • Keep asking for more information until the gamer gives up, or try to confuse the gamer if possible.
  • Just tell the gamer it's a compatibility issue with their computer, no matter what brand he may have.
  • Simply blame it on Microsoft's Windows operating system. Everyone else does.
  • Tell the gamer to reload the game until it works, hoping the gamer will eventually give up and buy another game. After all, we already made the sell!
  • Happy Day! After 1 month the programmers have completed the patch and fixed some of the bugs that should have been fixed before the game was released. All other bugs are to be blamed on hardware problems, bad internet connections for online play, modem problems, compatibility issues, CD Rom problems, memory problems, lack of computer skills, and, when the year 2,000 hits, start blaming everything on Y2K.....
  • LMAO! is all I can say. BTW, only the sneaky/devios(sp)/WW imatation companies... oops that jut slipped out =P

    To be successful, you gotta have goals--GTA2 manual

    omg... | - 12.13.1999
    archived news - up
    ... could they make the new system for modifying your domain name info over at internic any less user friendly? I just spent more than one hour trying to simply change the admin contact and primary and secondary server info for warmaker.com so that I can move to gx. Let me tell you, it was one herioc struggle between me and the form, the type of thing that you would tell your kids, and they would tell their grandkids. The great story of the brave, strong and honorable wm, against the sly and mischevios network solutions form. Eventually I discovered my weakness which was preventing my herioc victory, the form wouldn't accept a single space after the host name, which had snuck in when I cut and pasted the secondary hostname. One hour, because of a space... at least I know the entire Network Solutions help section of by heart now...

    The good news is, that once Internic accept the changes, warmaker.com will now we neighbors with ttr and bg:ts on (unofficialy known as the server of love.)

    Time for bed...

    News? | - 12.13.1999
    archived news - up
    If you look around a stack of sites, you'll notice them all mention a 'new' interview with Joe Kucan that was posted over at (the now dead)Twilight Network. Where's the news on TTR I hear you ask? Well the simple answer is we posted it 2 months, 4 days ago. Wake up you mother fux0ring webmasters and check "TT News - 8:51 AM PST" that I posted on October the 9th.

    For all the talk about TTR being a softc0re pr0n page, with l337 webmasters and no actual news, I not only laugh in your (webmasters of other sites) general direction, but I urinate and defeciate(sp?) in your general direction too.Some of the many sites that posted this 'new' interview include Twilight War, and that site that shares the abbreviation of this site's name at the end of it's (heh, read that last line of your mission statement "This site's purpose is to show everybody how to do it right." I'm sure you can see the irony there). Even the honorable Toad (who is the webmaster of a third TT site) was tricked by the treachery of other webmasters and posted this news.

    In memory of this great day, I call that the 27th of December be made a public holiday for all staff members of TTR along with that loyal band of followers known as the TTR fanclub, so that we may bask in our own glory. This day should be celebrated annually, and officially refered to as 'TTR owns ur bones day.' Traditional celebrations for this holiday will be getting with a slutty, yet h0t chick (a hooker will suffice, or in Eric's case, VT) and drinking alot of alchohol (my recomendation is Bundy rum with Coke.) Should be a great day indeed...

    Really, it's time to wake up boys and girls, no wonder we are the leader of the TT community after all :)

    even if i had it coming ... | - 12.12.1999
    archived news - up
    what shadow meant is that i'm not supposed to be on the bottom of the list. both my ego and reputation are too hot for that. ;)

    YO! Wake up! | - 12.12.1999
    archived news - up
    Hey, I didn't change the layout AT ALL...duh. Get yer head out of your ass ;)

    I'm moaing | - 12.12.1999
    archived news - up
    I'm complaining you moron. It's fine changing the titles. That's funny, but mucking about with the actually lay-out of the thing is just plain lame. Muck about with it in the right order!

    When I say jump, you f**king jump. Got it?

    You should talk... | - 12.12.1999
    archived news - up
    Hey I don't see anyone else whining :) You asked for it...

    "Found anything yet?! We ain't found shit!"

    can't get 'him' up? we can help you with your problem | - 12.12.1999
    archived news - up
    somebody take away jag's ftp access! he's a threat to this society (not to mention my reputation)! :)

    Staff list | - 12.11.1999
    archived news - up
    I fixed the staff listing once again :)

    It's like deja vu all over again - Yogi Berra

    I beg to differ | - 12.11.1999
    archived news - up
    The Voodoos???????????????????????????????????????? DID THEY PUT SOMETHING IN THE WATER OVER THERE????? The day that STB outpasses Nvidia in the chip market, pigs will fly! STB cards MIGHT have a chance, IF 3DFX ACTUALLY UPDATED THEIR DRIVERS...sheesh. Plus the geforce ship system thingy or whatever is patented :) and wiht STB's puncuality, march will soon turn into june or july in no time. so there

    And to further my beliefs, I found this off gamespot:
    What the new chips from nVidia and S3 allow is T&L calculations anywhere from three to ten times as fast as a 500-MHz Pentium III. Given that the CPU always has to do other things, too, this translates to as much as a tenfold increase in polygon counts in a scene.
    Meanwhile back on planet 3DFX, they've been devoloping T-Buffer for aobut 2 years now, which does no more than improve anti-aliasing, while at the same time raising prices AND CPU usage...they can't go on adding features without the power that's needed to, well, power it.

    Nvidia Rules...3DFX falls on their face every step they take

    0069...licensed to...uh...let's just leave it at that

    Whatever... | - 12.11.1999
    archived news - up
    Blah...gimme a break. I'll put my money that nothing will rival the geforce chip for 1 year at least.
    US$100 says you're wrong :)

    Jag, I think it's time that you enrich yourself by following this link. The V4's and V5's are apparently coming out in March 2000, last time I checked that's some time in the next year. The TNT 2 isn't getting close to being a year old, and it's already been bettered, what makes the geforce different?

    But I digress... [-lp-] now has a host, thanks to the boys over at EAC and GX. Should be up any day now :)

    Hey... | - 12.10.1999
    archived news - up
    Hey fo0, I just report the news, and correct what's wrong. That's all :)

    Bob, Irish Bob

    fridaynight fever | - 12.10.1999
    archived news - up
    yes, i know it's supposed to say saterdaynight fever, and yes, i know braking with traditions means bad luck (it is, right?) but we moved or 'night out' from saterday to friday (just for this week, don't worry) so, well, you know. it's fridaynight fever (which abbreviates as ff, which looks kinda cooler than sf).

    to be honest, i don't really feel like talking. so ... never mind.

    jag, you suck (scrape?)goat's ass btw. ;)

    Modifications | - 12.09.1999
    archived news - up
    I made a small modification to the staff list so it would more accurately depict the staff...enjoy :)

    Yo skippy. Get some pants on.

    Don't kid yourself Warmaker | - 12.09.1999
    archived news - up
    Blah...gimme a break. I'll put my money that nothing will rival the geforce chip for 1 year at least. My ol' Diamond Viper v550 wasn't "officially' outdated, by my standards, until around october when Homeworld came out, illustrating the necesity for a CAD card for that game...yeesh. But the geforce with it's quad-texel engine, Texture & lighting, and huge 3d pipeline will not be rivaled for a long time. T&L takes a huge load off the CPU, and framerates on Q3 have been reported as high as 75 if not 80. And at www.buyvideocards.com you can get it for just $245...and if you're a clever bastard like your's truly you can end up getting it for christmas through a little bribery and blind luck. So there.

    I bet they won't play this song on the radio - one of Monty Python's few songs

    Stuff | - 12.09.1999
    archived news - up
    First (because I forgot yesterday) props to the people that emailed or talked to me on IRC/ICQ bout TS not working for me... after talking to Presto I'm guessing (hoping) that I've stumbled onto some bug. Props also to the couple of ppl that replied to my questions post yesterday, specially Kabaal.

    > I need some help. I can't decide which GFX card to buy on Sunday.
    Out of the two you suggested, get the TNT 2, altho both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you've got the money, than the geforce might be an option, it really just depends if you wanna pay that much money on something that'll be out of date in 6-9 months.

    Talking about nuclear bombs, here's my fun fact for the day. During the Korean war, soon after the Chinese got involved MacArthur actually requested the use of *26* nuclear bombs to be used throughout the area, including Peking and Vladisgrad(sp?). That would have been a nice little fireworks show, if only Truman gave the go-ahead. By then of course, the Soviest had the bomb too, so it would have probably made living in the US a little difficult too...

    Yey... Buffy's now on 7 at 9:30 (thursdays) and it's really the only thing worth watching during the Christmas season. I guess you've got 7th Heaven on 10 at 7:30 too, for those exciting Friday nights at home...

    Not us...you. | - 12.08.1999
    archived news - up
    Well, that's your problem. And of course the government's, but yeah right...like they're gonna care. And what's wrong with a little uranium or plutinium lying around...as long as they don't mix, of course. Hey maybe you're g/f will glow in the dark :) Or am I gettin' my elements all mixed up again?

    December 7th, 1941...a day which will live in infamy - FDR

    WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!! | - 12.08.1999
    archived news - up
    Oak Ridge (you all should know what that is but if you dont heres what it is.) is right up the road from me. Place that build major parts to the first atomic bomb and continues to make parts for big boys toys. Youre not gonna believe this. It leaked.
    I dont think I need to say anymore.

    Damn Japs, See what they forced us into. We had to go build a big ass bomb that would wipe them out and ultimately threaten the rest of our world for the rest of time.

    One Word | - 12.08.1999
    archived news - up
    One word: GeForce :)

    As is I'm gettin' a spiffy new geforcee256 for chistmas, specifically the Creative Labs Annihilator Pro (www.creative.com)...and might i say that card is unbelievable!! The framerates are more than twice my Viper v550 (TNT, 16 megs sdram...)...plus creative actually manages to update their drivers...unlike STB :)

    Just make sure you have an AGP slot before you get it.

    Oh my god...they killed Kenny!! YOU BASTARDS!!

    Times-a wasting.... | - 12.08.1999
    archived news - up
    I need some help. I can't decide which GFX card to buy on Sunday. Voodoo 3 3000 PCI, Riva TNT2-esque card. Which?
    Op Forc is out, I would have thought it would have made it way through the Earths core by now ;P
    We all need to get cable's like Eric, oh hold on they don't have a cable network here :(
    Can't wait until Sunday, mega-shopping spree for my XMas presents =) Half-Life and Op Forc and Quake III. Also a bunch of CD's and a video or two ( including The Matrix =)
    Also, Eric you do still have those WW Goodies don't you? You haven't eaten them or anything....

    Never realised that Sandhurst ( a very posh military school over here. When you graduate you are automatically an officer ) was where many Africa Dictators went. It seems we educated half the world's dictators....

    Yeah thats right, we educated half the world terroists

    Dispelling Rumors | - 12.08.1999
    archived news - up
    First, it's safe to talk to me on ICQ again, I'm not lagging anywhere near as much as a few days ago. If you care (surprisingly a few of you actually did on ICQ...) when I was talking to Tim, I was downloading two mp3's, listening to streaming audio (through Radiospy, I couldn't live without that now :) three browser windows and IRC, mail, ICQ etc. I guess the good old dailup connection can only take so much...

    Also, both Nodnuke and Scream are still around, I idle'd in #ts overnight a few days ago and both entered the channel for a little while. Maybe they're just ignoring us?

    Questions... | - 12.08.1999
    archived news - up
    'cause I can...

    I noticed a stack of HL: Opposing forse reviews showing up all over the place, first at Gamespy, and now at CGO, Sharky's etc. As they're reviews I'm guessing it's out, yet I havn't heard anything about 'em loading it onto the sailing ships so that it can make its dangerous journy to down under. Any news on the release date?

    Also, anyone know when the Diamond MX400 was going to be released? I read the firingsquad review ages ago and since then, nothing. That sound card = muchos ownage and a worthy contender for my new soundcard (the SB16 is starting to show its age :)

    If you can help me out with either, feel free to mail... pls :)

    GSAT and Quotes | - 12.07.1999
    archived news - up
    Well to fill up my time after doing some work, I decided to take the GSAT ( Game Spot Aptitude Test ) and scored a whooping 560 out of a possible 1600: This was it said on my grand achievement:

    Because you answered approximately half the questions on the test correctly, your gaming experience is presumably limited to particular genres or a particular time period.You earn: Certificate of Competence
    Yeah that's right. I keep up with the RTS ( ya think? ) and FPS world. All you guys have to go take it and see who gets the highest.
    So what interestng news do I bring you? Well firstly I have a pic that shows how truely l337, or what ever you wanna call it, I am. It was taken about 2 weeks ago. BFTP. ( Before FTP )

    Oh yes :) Not exactly brilliant picture, but it was using a pretty crappy screen-taker anyway =)
    Ok, guys this is getting a bit lame now, everyone using quotes at the end of their posts. All end of post quotes ©TheShadow and ©Presto. Since We both started at the same time.
    I think this quote refers to Presto and his life ;P

    It's just a personal choice every woman has to make

    Downloads | - 12.06.1999
    archived news - up
    Hey Thanx 4 that Mark (: I'll send u the files now!

    Everyone check out the downloads page now, and download the Viceroid game, ok!

    Don't try to remember something you will probably forget >>

    OMFG?! | - 12.06.1999
    archived news - up
    While checking out Tim's info on ICQ just for the hell of it, it appears Tim is, and I quote "37" years old...jesus WTF is going on?? *calls the ATF* AHHH!!

    Also warmaker, you will be glad to know that that "moonshot" by the chinese is UNMANNED...the US launched their first unmanned probe to the moon in...i think i twas 1963 or so =P I wouldn't be too worried :) You just watch, they'll run outta money before they even get off the ground (pun intended)

    Also, in relation to yer kissin' wit the UNIX server, I have written a short poem for us all...enjoy :)
    A peach is a peach
    A plum is a plum
    But a kiss ain't a kiss
    Without some tounge
    So open your mouth
    And close your eyes
    And give your tounge
    Some excersice!!!!!!!
    Bow down to the master :) That's all for now...


    P.S. I'm getting a geforce for christmas :)

    Content | - 12.06.1999
    archived news - up
    Ok.... After the little problem with the server, I have got all the content links working. Here is a list of what I have done:
    • GDI Side Info
    • Nod Side Info
    • Story Section
    • Legal Section
    • History of the site
    • Tiberium Page
    I would link, but I'm tired. You can finds them on your right. These I will link to:That's what the down pages looks like, but can Chris send me all the pictures please so it looks nice, thanks =)
    You'll find the Comedy section a good laugh. Can some one put it up at the top with the wishlist? Or I'll be forced to do it myself ;)
    Do you see reason enough why not to take away my privaliges? Or shall we hold a poll? Anyway, night all

    Speak softly and carry a big stick

    Look what the dog Dragged in | - 12.06.1999
    archived news - up
    So it's monday night. So I've just come back form a 2hr cricket training session. So I'm shattered. So I somehow ended up our affiliate TTN and found this rather ammusing ( well I did )thing in their affliates section:
    These are Affiliates of Tiberian Twilight Nation. All these sites are very professional and have great content. I personally recommend all these sites
    And this was further down
    But please makes sure your site is of a good standard as we aren't going to affiliate ourselves with just any page on the net.
    :)BTW, where are you guys? Getting lonely here...*watches tumble-weed blow past*The TTRFC is in full swing now and are stilll looking for members, so contact the President here

    Today the community, tomorrow the world!

    You mean..... | - 12.05.1999
    archived news - up
    ... what I did to the staff list? Presto and I had a like plot going on to change them. hehehehe.As for the sidebar? Well I was just uploading my content. Nuttin' wrong with that. I hope.

    Hehe, Interactive TV Jack! Wave to the future!

    TTR Fan Interview | - 12.05.1999
    archived news - up
    If you haven't noticed we have our fan club. The President of which is a bitch of mine over at Tumsun ;) I managed to take a time out and have a quick interview. Here was how it went:
    Toad: OK let us begin
    Question 1
    How did you get your start at TUmSun and then TTR
    TheShadow: I actually started out at TTR.
    I was working away at TTR as content and I was chatting to Eric one day and he offered me the place. I was exstatic
    It was mid-september I think I started working at TTR.
    We had about half the staff then. We hadn't been open to long.
    TheShadow: Next question :)
    Toad: OK
    Toad: HOw do you like working at TumSUn, and how do you like working at T TR
    TheShadow: They are completely different to work at.
    firstly we have Tumsun which is a great site, the staff are great and we all have a good time in the staff board and I love updating.
    And on TTR the fornt page is tonnes of fun. It is really more of a place to relax and re-wind really :)
    Toad: hehe
    TheShadow: They are both great places to work at and I've never looked back since =)
    Toad: OK 3rd question
    Toad: who is your hero?
    TheShadow: Hmmm.... On the TV?
    Toad: Anywhere
    Toad: Mine is Eric of course
    TheShadow: Hmmm... I'm not sure really :) I did used to watch a lot of Spying stuff when I younger, but I didn't really have a 'Hero' as such.
    TheShadow: Our Eric? =)
    Toad: Yes hehe
    TheShadow: I'll get him to sign the pictures personally ;)
    TheShadow: Next Q :)
    Toad: ok
    Toad: ummm one mor question
    Toad: What is your favorite thing about TTR?
    TheShadow: Has to be the runnning jokes on the frnot page :)
    TheShadow: sorry the Front Page =)
    Toad: OK Thank you for your time
    TheShadow: No problem anytime :)
    They will get getting there own site very soon and are growing in numbers for members. For the moment they are residing in our Forum. I'm sure you'll find them somewhere =)


    Should I | - 12.05.1999
    archived news - up
    As I sit here trying to fix what TheShadow did I (being the asshole webmaster that, I am) ponder whether or not I should take his FTP pimp privaleges away. Maybe I should put a poll up? who knows huh?

    Now you tell me.... | - 12.05.1999
    archived news - up
    I was talking to Tim earlier ( while his Female Companionship was watching TV ) about my content and he tells me we're on a case sensitive UNIX server! Anyway, the links to your left should now work. Here was Tims view on the subject:
    with ttr, it's like kissing for the first time. you don't have a clue what your supposed to do, so you just have to stick your tongue in there and find out the hard(?) way.
    Lol! Couldn't stop laughing there :)
    BTW, has anyone noticed any new random quotes? ;)

    -- Look at that video full of people wearing shit clothes and singing shit songs
    --Oh you mean a GAP advert?


    Who me? | - 12.05.1999
    archived news - up
    ME? I didn't change staff.txt no no wasn't me. It was Tim. Yeah that's it. It was Tim while he was p1$$ed last night.
    I think I've figured out how to my content to work, I change the links on the sidebar! D'oh! Anyway, should have that all working soon.
    How'd this get in the index file and is it me? ( I changed the ends so it would show up BTW :) :
    Surely not me? Or is that mark as in mark on a page? :P

    The following is a list of bugs fixed and additions included in this patch

    Correction on former post | - 12.04.1999
    archived news - up
    165 million for the lander, orbiter still unknown.
    Doesnt it give you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your hard earned money was wasted?

    Dumbasses..... | - 12.04.1999
    archived news - up
    This just in:
    tell me what kind of dumbass does not covert standard back into metric when dealing with, what was it? 20 million for the orbiter and 30 million for the lander? Somethin like that. What a bunch of dumb frunks.
    In other space related news:
    China announced plans to land on the moon a few weeks ago. By God we better be gettin our ass back up there on that floating rock. I dont want some damn communist on our turf. Screw mars, Screw international space station, GET THE DAMN MOON! Build from the moon up. China taking the moon would be like your nemesis flukin a girl you broke in last week and then rubbing it in ure face while he uses her to get back at you.


    saterday night fever | - 12.04.1999
    archived news - up
    yah, it's saterday night again and as usual, i am slightly intoxicated by 4lc0h0l. but heck, i sc0red a girl named michelle and i kept singing "michelle, my belle" for her until she started to find that annoying and decided to shut me up by giving me even more sw33t l0vin'. r0ck. oh well, gotta run, bart just started talking to me so, ...

    And now for the weather. | - 12.04.1999
    archived news - up
    Had a rugby match this morning ( think American Football with no protection ), in a force 9 hurricane. It was so friggin' cold out there! Ah well. Life goes on.

    Nice to see we passed 3 million hits earlier today. Another thing I noticed was I joined just after ( or was it before? ) we reached 2 million hits and it was sometimes just me posting. What a coincidence ;P

    Tim, since you live in the Netherlands, and the Mast@...I mean M1ke lives in Australia, and the msg has to go allll the way to the U.S. and alllll the way back again, why do you think it takes so long =)

    I'd have to say out of all the hundreds of complaints about TS I've had, none are as wired as that(wired = weird. Happens when you try and type to fast :).

    Time has come to fire Tim for having a life:
    TheShadow:Hey man, sup?
    Tim:getting ready for a date kinda thing ...
    Hehe only kidding man =) still damn funny.
    Ultimatum is one wired guy( damn did it again):
    i havent been in a while , but it was good when i saw it
    Thanks go to Shinano for the quote:

    "I have just signed legislation that outlaws the Soviet Union forever. The bombing commences in five minutes" Ronald Reagan

    i'm so phat, everybody l0ves me | - 12.04.1999
    archived news - up
    (1.) mike, what the hell is wrong with your isp? it takes ages (and i mean ages) for my icq-msg's to get to you and i'm starting to find that annoying. do something about it. ;l

    (2.) i've learned from the allmighty messageboard that we (ttr) now have a fanclub. to boost interest in this club, we'll be giving away authographed pics of eric to the first 100 people to sign up. eat.

    /me gives up | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    wtf is wrong with ts? After formatting my computer I re-installed TS and it still won't work online. When you click 'ok' to start the game everything appears fine, except that it only shows myself loading, and no-one else, then the game will start and it says something along the lines that the connection was lost. I've formatted, re-installed, tried different ISP's and WOL login accounts and it just hasnt worked online since that first patch was released. I mailed Ted about the problem, altho I don't seriosly expect a (helpful) responce anyway so I guess i'll just have to wait even longer until I can get TS to work again...

    Anyone have any suggestions on what I could try to fix it?

    Iz ya blind? | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    Iz ya blind, fewl? I said that I can't play TS because the hyperwire update screwed it up and it won't run...now...If I wasn't so lazy I'd uninstall it and reinstall it, but hey, I'm just not the type of person that does that...I'll wait until it fixes itself.

    Age of Kings? Freespace 2? Battlezone? any of those good enough for you?

    who is the fool? The fool or the fool who follows him?

    Just because you suck.... | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    ...at TS ;)
    Also my copy of HomeWorld runs slower than a donkey with all his legs broken! Anyway it's not the best game ever, he had to be patched.

    The best games never need a patch --TheShadow
    I've always said that and maintain it.

    When Shinano was questioned on if he liked us he replied:
    i love t-twilight cause you just post funny sh*t all the time.
    Told you we rock.

    This post took so long because TTR keep staling IE!Stupid M$.
    Aren't paragraphs supposed to be at least 5 lines long? Ah well >;)

    I want money and I want more of it

    You're on | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    You're on...only in a game of homeworld me friend :) ya see, once I installed hyperwire TS won't work on WOL anymore...big improvement that is.

    But anywho, I challange you, and anyone else on this site, and anyone reading this, to a game of homeworld. If you win, then you'll get the awesome prize of a nifty pat-on-the-back and perhaps an insult or two to boot!

    You're on :)

    :--------) <--Bill Clinton

    Observations | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    I was bored and I had a scroll down the front page. First off I realised I should tell you that Jag said that quote at the end of my post. Next thing: M1ke called his post, never ph33r WM is here. WM also means WebMaster. Not that interesting but felt like pointing it out
    Another thing I noticed was the post I had called Nice one Jag, The 3rd-5th paragraphs all started with 'Ok'. Now if that's not bad grammar what is?

    If I notice anything else I'll update this post. This quote comes from one of my Bitches over at tumsun ( we're about 6000 hits away when this went up! ). Namely Shinano. He was referring to the sub-pen mod, but you can twist soo much >;)

    I just fumble around and hope it works

    *whips out tommy gun* | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    Which part of 'Off the Record' don't you understand ;)
    Is it a bad thing to be like M1ke?

    Hmmmm, I need to find a damaging quote from Jag. I'm open for a game of TS and show you how to lose in style. I'll be posting on here later, if there's something to post about....
    You'll find this is Jags'....

    *makes another pointless post*

    :( | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    After making a positive comment on WWN (below) I couldn't help but comment on how ironic I found the following quote from their frontpage news...


    WTF? | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    That's what I've been thinking, it actually seems that someone from WW Nation has written something worth reading... is it really true?

    I was just catching up on the couple of sites that I normally visit and I stumbled on Shadow's little article, creatively titled "TS Community". Shadow (who has come a long way from the guy that we all dissed in pm's during those WW chats :) really seems to have grasped what happened to the TS community after TS' release... with all of the main sites (except TSC) moving from a TS site to a more general WW site.

    So read the article, it gets the official WM stamp of approval, which can only mean one of two things, either it's well worth reading, or full of pr0n...

    Never ph33r, WM is here | - 12.03.1999
    archived news - up
    Yey, I'm back :)

    I couldn't let this one slide, so i'll get it over with first - America, land of the free :)

    I'm away for a week, and Eric already starts cheating on me... man I forgive you this time, I know how much you enjoy that phone sex with VT (inside joke :) but you've gotta understand how jealous I get of you and him...

    Nothing new seems to have happened with [-lp-] since I left either, still waiting for a positive/negative reply from an ultra-c00l host. The niffular layout is all ready to go tho, except for the small problems that we're having with the PRTL, which Tim mentioned a day or two ago. This weekend I'll be doing some content so that we're ready practically the second the domain is setup.

    Talking about this weekend, now that I've formatted I might be able to get TS to work online again. I havn't played it online since the second weekend after I got it, so I might be a little rusty, but that skill that had me to the 15/0/0 ladder record (and a rank of around 30 something I think in the first season) should still remain. Anywho, I'll probably login with my smurf account anyway (as apposed to Warmaker0, 'Warmaker' on WOL isn't me) so mail/icq me if you're interested in smacking me (and maybe eric if he's got the time for some 2 on 2's?) down.

    And Mark, it isn't humanly possible to have worse grammer than me.

    I think... | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    ...that the [-lp-] members have always been on top... not sure though, ah well =) How's that website going, btw?

    This just in... | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    This just in...strait from the depths of Britain!

    ok now it is correct after about 20 tries
    quote me on that and I'll kill you ;D
    - TheShadow
    [talking about his post with all the errors]

    Excuse me, I have to go dig a grave :)

    I made that quote TheShadow put below his post, and I'm damn proud of it!

    One word, smooth =) (so) | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    It's says Subject Only doesn't it?!
    Well since you came this far I'll give you a quote for somewhere....Ah yes. This was on the subject of altering that post....

    jeeze you guys are turning into BG:TS =/

    OH yeah, I called it | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    OH yeah, I called it...TheShadow has posted :) Check yer spelling...numerous errors dot the post...

    eye hat peeple hoo cant speel!

    Well that's all for now...

    I have worse grammar than Mike. - TheShadow [I got that off an ICQ conversation I just had with him about his spelling :)]

    Nice one Jag | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    Thanks for altering that post Jag. Can't believe Cyclone wouldn't link to us but....:
    Jagaur:I think Cyclone's post was tampered with

    It sounds nothing with him and i kno whe has better grammer than that, it also uses a different style of HTML that he normally uses

    Ok I started writting this before Jag, but he beat me because I was watching Horizon on the Black Scholes Formula. I'll explain more later.

    Ok Jag, you wanna check the sub-dir's and then look for new stuff? You then wanna try and link to it!?! Augh I'll sort it out later ( tomorrow )

    Ok I know most of the staff have no idea what Jag is on about here so I will elborate:
    "Good evening and welcome to the Ten O'clock news. Earlier todat internationally renoun pop star and teen dream, Britney spears was found unconscious at a party. We have unconfirmed reports that she was found with 8oz "white fertilizer" of in her stomach....."
    That was made up by me, but you get the general idea.So now do you see what he was talking about and why it was so funny? I'm sure you know what we're talking about there. *cough cough*
    Well I'm going to sit back and wait for Jag to reply....*checks watch*

    If anyone has looked into the glazed eyes of a dying soldier will think carefully about declaring war

    Disqualified!! | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    TheShadow is about to make a post :) oh yeah, he's been disqualified from the "challange" since I gave him a bunch o' hints as to the answer :) Quick! Someone give me administrative power NOW!


    Yet another post by me... | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    I happened to notice our top_ladder[.cgi] script is not functioning as it should...it's "scrolled down" a bit, notice how a Supreme Commander is no where to be found, instead it shows us the general, commandant, and brigadier general...please fix this fewls :)

    Them's fightin' words! - Irish guy

    Corruption!! | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    While checking the staff list the second time, I noticed that all the [-lp-] members are at the top of their section...BAH! Look...Kane41 and Warmaker are the "owners", Oliver is at the top of the newly-renamed vice-owners club, and BritishTS is at the top of the updaters section...even though he doesn't update much :) Why...it's corruption! A conspiracy! BLARGENHEISM!

    You! Initiate Operation Human Shield!

    *Switching quotes bank #2* | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    YOU BASTARD!! Well, at least I wasn't hurt by the staff listing mess-around :) How dare you tamper with the volitile index.shtml! Why...it's damn near un-holy!

    BLARGENSHITSM! I fixed that TheShadow...you happy...ya know, it wasn't me who goofed, as a matter of fact, if you got FTP access now, THEN WHY DON'T WE HAVE ANY MORE CONTENT THAN WE DID 2 MONTSH AGO?! Heck, we've actually LOST some content (i.e., the forum)...so do your job...shut up, write some content, and upload it :)

    Also...a psuedo-type award goes to anyone that can tell me who's birthday it is today :) No, not me, that was Austust 27th, the day TS was scheduled to come out...and it's not someone in the TS community :) Also, this is the 1-month anniversary of THE Party (hint, hint)...just thought you might want to know :)

    I be makin' a switch to quotes that actually matter now...if I can think of any :D

    I don't know what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones - Albert Einstein (Beat that :))

    I know they do don't they? | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    Referring to Jaguar and his so called quotes.

    Would you ( Tim ) like a list of the content I have finished and upload, but for some dumb-ass reason the linkz to them wont work.....
    Oh yeah haven't you heard of capital letters Tim ;)

    I like the 'This isn't a place for Children' quote. Maybe just that. BTW, Jag, I told you about those WWNation articles, and I feel some credit to us is due since Ultimatum works for us/me dammit!!
    While I'm having a go at you Jag, don't you think using the divine [-lp-] language is getting old since you use it for every other word?

    Call me Mark, since it's my real name ( don't [-lp-] it to much ;) has anyone seen the God who is Alka-bot anywhere lately?


    confessions | - 12.02.1999
    archived news - up
    ok, i admit it, i screwed around with the staff listing. be gentle on me, please. ;)

    Im Stressed | - 12.01.1999
    archived news - up
    Alright, i think i maybe stressed out, If you feel the same, Try this:

    Picture yourself near a stream.
    Birds are softly chirping in the crisp, cool mountain air.
    Nothing can bother you here. No one knows this secret place.
    You are in total seclusion from that place called "the world."
    The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of serenity.
    The water is clear.
    You can easily make out the face of the person whose head you're holding under the water.

    Jaugar, your Qutoes suck | - 12.01.1999
    archived news - up
    Here we go again.
    When I started back to work tonight and I heard everyone bitchin about how bad it sucks, I was reminded of this.

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
    -Winston Churchill

    Anyway, back to what im reporting for the night. ITS FREAKIN COLD!

    Dont be closed minded, otherwise, cross the street and only look one way.


    4 = A | - 12.01.1999
    archived news - up
    TheShadow must learn that 4 = A, not R...trying to confuse us all, we all know that 341( = Eric = Kane41. However, H0/\/\3\/\/0r1d 0\/\//\/5 411 0f `/0u!!!

    Also, I have come up with a kick-ass motto for TTR...without further ado:
    God help us. Come yourself, don't send Jesus, this is no place for children. - Soldier fighting in Italy during WWII
    Now, I must say, that all fits very very nicely and would make an 4\/\/350/\/\3 motto for TTR...all we do iz drop the " - Soldier fighting in Italy during WWII" part and voila!

    Pardon me, while I burst into flames.

    And in other news...... | - 12.01.1999
    archived news - up
    Did that counter jump because of the wannbe p1mpsters visiting, or someone changing it to what it should be? ;)

    In other news, CNCNZ have been mailed an article out of PCP which gives them a mention. Good for them. But why did that guy not mail us a copy of our mention? Anyway.....

    Come on guys, get back from school already and post!
    [The quote goes something like that. No doubt Jag'll correct me on it.........]

    I'm going to enjoy killing you Mr.Anderson.

    C'Mon on then.... | - 12.01.1999
    archived news - up
    You seriously wanna have a fight Jag?

    Ah yes I'm back and so is Presto it seems.. now we can put our evil plan into action bwumumahahahaha!!

    The p1mpst@ himself, the almighty Kane41, has set me up a nifty new e-mail address. But I don't have the info for it yet..*cough cough*

    Now Cyc has gone I can have my true color shinning through.

    Back to r0x041/\/9 ( or 0wn1/\/9 my mininons, depends how you look at it ) the guys over at Tumsun ( while Oliver and 341( 0\/\/n me[ go decipher that!]).
    No doubt you'll see a post from me later.

    One Question you gotta ask yourself, you feelin' lucky? Punk!

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