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Birth Day: April 15 1976
Born in Monroe, Louisiana
Measurements: 34-24-36
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Did You Know:
When she was a teenager, she shocked her ultra-religious mother by telling her she didn't need to take warm PJs on a ski trip as she planned to spend the entire time either "skiing or having sex."

ItalianPenguin: something about her
ItalianPenguin: i don't like it
Slavik: the fact that she's female?
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kthx | - 12.23.2002
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I am making a new post since I think it's unreasonable for speedy to be on top of the counter-strike section (or anything for that matter), especially since he has been eaten by his brother and no longer plays cs. The holidays are ruining our scrimmaging, but kane is getting his computer today, and many hours of intense lanning will make us leet. That is all.


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