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Birth Day: January 29, 1970
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Measurements: 36-28-34
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    UGS-m Week 8 | - 02.28.2003
    archived news - up
    Before I do a writeup for the better part of the night I figured I'd get tuesday's UGS match versus Avalanche out of the way. We started on our server as T's on what for us is a T sided map. We won pistol round and after a close second round we won it and round three. We lost round four after a foiled attack on bombsite A. Fifth round we countered with a slow attack on bombsite B where we threw an illegal (in UGS, not CAL) flashbang over the wall going into B. We won the round and Avalanche promptly asked for us to give them the round, which we did. We finished the half up 9-3 (after the one round adjustment, 8-4).

    They decided they wanted to take the flashbang 'ordeal' up with UGS in the middle of the match so a 15 minute halftime ensued. Avalanche finally got in touch with a UGS admin who told them the exact thing I had said, worry about it after the match. We played CT half a little angry about the whole ordeal which was basically over one flash grenade. Our frustration showed as we started down 0-6 as CT's. We rallied, won the save round, as well as four out of the last five rounds ending the half 7-5, giving us the adjusted win at 13-11.

    Normally the story would end there but Avalanche decided to dispute the match saying the one flashbang completely voided the entire match. The argument almost worked as a UGS admin pm'd me telling me that the match was overturned and had to be replayed. I asked him to explain the story as he knew it. He told me we had flashed and it caused them to save, thus he was forced to dock us 2 rounds putting the match at 12-12. I reviewed the demos and submitted screenshots clearly showing that Avalanche had indeed not saved but instead bought three rifles - not even close to a save round. The discussion ended with us keeping our win at 13-11.

    Also, we somehow, after joining during week 3, have made it into UGS-m playoffs seeded #25 out of 32 teams. Playoffs begin next monday on de_nuke, wish us luck.

    CAL-im Week 8 | - 02.28.2003
    archived news - up
    Now to the more exciting news of the night. We played our match versus systematic error on de_inferno and won in overtime 16-14. I'll start with a little background information. Going into the match we were 6-1, in order to get into the playoffs as well as get moved up to CAL-main, we needed to win this match. Our opponents, se, were in the same situation with the same record. Needless to say, we both wanted this win pretty bad. The match was played on de_inferno, one of our strongest maps as it tends to reward teamwork more then raw skill. We've been prepping pretty hard and decided to go with the roster that basically started for us back in OGL-o nine months ago; kane, beast, white, speedy, kap (who didn't play for us in OGL he would like to point out).

    Fast forward to tonight, the match is set for 9:00pm on their server with us starting as T's. We win the pistol round strongly, catching them off guard with a rush through CT spawn to bombsite B. We took that round as well as the following five rounds putting us up 6-0. At that point we began to trade rounds and ended the half up 9-3 against a very solid se.

    Our CT round started pretty similarly to theirs, finding ourselves down 0-6. We got rounds 7 and 8 but lost rounds 9 and 10. This put us in a situation where we either needed to win the next two to win the match or at least one of the two to take us into overtime. The second happened, with us taking round 11 but closely losing round 12.

    For OT, we stayed CT and lost the first two rounds putting us into a pretty desperate situation - we needed to win round 3 or the best we could do was tie. The round started well for us then things started to head south as se picked us off taking us from a 2v2 situation to a 2v1 with beast left with an mp5 and the bomb planted in bombsite A. He charged from the left, took out one with an AK in the pit, then pulled out his pistol and finished the second guy off with a solid headshot. The bomb was still planted and time was running out so he spotted a kit, picked it up and put us in a position to win the match.

    As T's we had to mix it up as they already knew our T pistol strat from regular play. We decided on a glock armor rush to B and caught three of their guys out of the site with nades in hand ready to get us. I was blind through the ordeal but we took out all three without losing any, got into bombsite B and planted the bomb. The remaining 2 se almost ended our hopes by taking a 5v2 situation and turning it into a 1v1 with kap left with 23 health with the bomb down. With all his rainbow powers combined, kap managed to take the last guy out securing the pistol round for us. The last two rounds went well as we continued our strong showing on T side taking both rounds giving us the win in overtime.

    What now? Well we're in both UGS and CAL playoffs, that means we theoretically could have 4 matches next week. This also means since we made the 12 team cut (out of over a hundred teams in CAL-im Atlantic) we've made it to CAL-main. I'm personally very proud of everyone for getting this far. Who thought, us, the newbs from OGL-open some nine months ago could find ourselves near the top of CAL-im on our way into CAL-m. Regardless of how the playoffs turnout we're extremely happy with how the season ended up and the fact that we've made it to CAL-m. I'd like to thank everyone who has been a part of the team for putting all the endless hours in, listening to my bitching, taking the criticism, the ups and downs, all of it. I personally would have stopped playing a hell of a long time ago if it weren't for all you guys.

    CAL-im Week 7 | - 02.24.2003
    archived news - up
    We played our CAL week 7 match tonight versus Disturbing The Peace and won 15-9. The match was originally scheduled for thursday but due to scheduling conflicts, it was moved to sunday. We agreed to play one half of the match on our server and the other on theirs due to some ping issues.

    We started out as T's on our server on de_aztec, generally a CT sided map. Things did not look good as we lost pistol round not even killing one of them. We decided to wait round 2 out but got taken out in a timed mp5 rush by dtp. Round 3 we saved again but this time stacked bridge room and caught them off guard getting ourselves into a 1v1 situation with kap with a colt and 22 health. He managed to get the bomb planted but didnt' have the health to take out the last guy, either way a productive save round. I'm not exactly sure how the remaining rounds went but we managed to get 4 of them, ending the half down 8-4.

    Everyone headed to their server for the second half with us playing as CT's. After a bit of a motivational speach where I promised to get kap a girlfriend and happy a new religion, we were ready to go. We took pistol round strongly; taking out all five and only losing one. The following 7 rounds went well with a few close calls. At this point we had at least secured ourselves a tie and needed one out of the next four rounds for the win. Round 9 was not the deciding round as we lost after a tricky bomb down situation. We took rounds 10 and 11 (at which point they left the server) giving us the win and round 12 by default.

    Overall it was a very intense match and I'm personally glad to be done with aztec for a while. Everyone played strongly so there isn't really an MVP for this match, although kap did rack up the kills CT half. Due to his homosexuality, however, he's decided he'd rather have a processor instead of a girlfriend, don't act suprised.

    Our next match is tuesday at 8:45pm vs Avalanche for UGS on de_inferno.

    UGS-m Week 7 | - 02.20.2003
    archived news - up
    We played Lethal Souls tuesday for UGS winning 21-3 on de_aztec. We started the match as CT's in their server as they were the home team. The server was good but it was just a bit too far away so most of us ended up pinging 90/100 to it. They caught us off guard pistol round but we countered with a stack in site B that they just couldn't resist. We won the eco round and 9 out of the remaining 10 rounds, ending the half up 10-2.

    For the second half we went to our servers where the pings were generally in the 40's, a welcome change. We took the pistol round as well as the following 7 rounds. We lost round 9 due to a bad call on my part but settled down and took the remaining 3 rounds ending the half up 11-1.

    If all things go well, we play Disturbing the Peace for CAL tonight on the same map. In other news, if you're reading this then your DNS has updated and the site is successfully on the new host. If you want an @elite-pimps.com email either pm me or email me or just somehow let me know and I'll set you up with one.

    New pub server | - 02.16.2003
    archived news - up
    Well we have a new pub server, the ip is: I hope to see you guys playing there regularly, maybe people will actually play in this server unlike the last pub we had.

    See you there.

    CAL-im Week 6 | - 02.15.2003
    archived news - up
    No real match report for week 6 as MosH first said they would play the match then decided to forfeit due to restructuring. It wasn't over then though as their leader pm'd me to play the match for 'honor', needless to say we agreed.

    We rounded up the match roster with infinity subbing for kap and after some delays we headed into our server. We started as T's on de_train and took the half 12-0. CT half was a bit sloppy on our part, but without a doubt the highlight of the half was us taking the pistol round after only killing one of them, then defusing in the confusion. We ended the half 11-1 for a final score of 23-1.

    Next week we play de_aztec for both leagues, facing Lethal Souls for UGS.

    UGS-m Week 6 | - 02.12.2003
    archived news - up
    We played our match versus TombStone last night for UGS on de_train and took a solid win, ending 19-5. We started on time, amazingly with no connection problems, as T's on a generally CT sided map. We took the pistol round with a 4-1 split to the outer bombsite winning it, and the following two rounds, convincingly. We took rounds 4 and 5 as well but a bad call on my part caused us to give up round 6 after some nice awping ended our middle rush. The remaining 6 rounds went well with us taking 4 of them ending the half up 9-3.

    As CT's we started well with a decisive pistol round, perfectly countering their alley rush. After that we played well and took 9 of the remaining 11 rounds giving up 2 along the way ending the half 10-2.

    There was really no single MVP for the match with everyone playing solid. I did a bit of frag whoring CT side but other then that everyone played their positions very well and won the rounds.

    We play Mo_sH on thursday for CAL and hopefully our results will be just as good.

    CAL-im Week 5 | - 02.07.2003
    archived news - up
    We took a solid win yesterday in our CAL match versus Hitmen 4 Hire on de_cbble winning 18-6. While there wasn't any connection problems this time speedy managed to freeze max up with a sudden spanish outburst as max was beginning to record. Either way, we started as T and actually won a pistol round with a delayed rush to B. We took the following round but lost round 3 due to a little bad communication on our part. We deagle rushed the middle ramp hard the following round, getting us the round as well as their full compliment of weapons. The rest of the half went well as we took 6 of the remaining 8 rounds ending the half up 9-3.

    We started CT side off badly losing the pistol round and the following two. We then settled down and took the remaining 9 rounds ending the half with a familiar 9-3, giving us the win 18-6.

    There was really no one MVP for the match as everyone really played their parts. There were a few highlights however, including a very nice T round for kap, solid AWP'ing from speedy on both sides, and good B supression on whitey's part.

    Next week's map, de_train, is the same for both UGS and CAL. Opponent wise we are playing MosH Clan for CAL and the schedule for UGS hasn't been released yet. Hopefully we can follow this week with wins in both leagues and get us on a comfortable winning streak.

    UGS-m Week 5 | - 02.05.2003
    archived news - up
    Well since my life is pretty shitty at the moment why not make up for it with some good news on the CS side of things? We won tonight versus a strong One Track Mindz on de_cbble for UGS taking the match 15-9. We did however lose last week's CAL match vs Meltdown after a delayed match due to whitey, speedy, and myself's ISP dropping for the four hours leading up to the match.

    Regardless, we entered tonight with high hopes as de_cbble is one of our stronger maps. We started as T's on a generally CT sided map and lost the pistol round, in turn giving up the next two rounds saving for better weapons. I'm not sure exactly how the remaining 9 rounds went but we ended up taking 4 of them ending the half down 8-4.

    We started CT side strongly, taking the pistol round as well as the following 8 rounds giving us the early win up 9-0 with the half not even completed. We lost the following round due to a little early excitement but we buckled down and took the remaining 2 rounds ending the half 11-1.

    Keeping up with the MVP tradition, this week's goes to speedy who played solid throughout the match particularly during some very clutch play mid-half CT side taking out 3 then defusing. Honorable mention goes to both kap, for his frag whoring and, and max, for keeping b on lockdown plus a very clutch CT round taking out 2 then defusing.

    We face Hitmen 4 Hire this thursday on the same map, de_cbble, at 9:00pm EST for CAL Week 5.

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