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Birth Day: July 26, 1973
Born in London, England
Measurements: Unknown
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Did You Know:
"If someone had told me years ago that sharing a sense of humor was so vital to partnerships, I could have avoided a lot of sex!"
-Kate Beckinsale

<z|M-Berzerk> is gamesnet having problems or osemthing
<z|M-Berzerk> i keept getting lagged off
<lp|kane> i dont know!
<lp|kane> but you're awake
<lp|kane> and no one else is
* z|M-Berzerk is now known as berzerk`sleep
<lp|kane> sigh
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Roster Changes | - 03.17.2003
archived news - up
After fighting hard in their first season of open, we've decided to move up two of the stars from our farm team, meridian. All kidding aside, we'd like like to welcome shupa and yoo to the clan. This is something I've personally been waiting for for quite a while and I'm very happy to have them on.

With their arrival I've had to make some room. We've let max go and infinity has gone inactive. I'd like to wish max good luck and I'm sorry he had to be the one to go but he was at the bottom of the list as the newest person on so there really wasn't any other choice.

It's the offseason right now so not too much going on. CAL-main preason starts in a few weeks so most likely we'll find ourselves with some action soon enough.

Last USG Match | - 03.05.2003
archived news - up
We played our last UGS match for round one of UGS-m playoffs versus Starnova Troopers losing 18-6. Not the best way to end the season but thats what we get for going in unprepared.

We started on our server as T's losing the pistol round with the bomb down and 4 CT's dead. The last one was able to defuse about a half second before speedy found and killed him. That sort of started out the bad luck for the night. We saved the next round then bought 3rd round and again lost in a 1v2 situation with the bomb down. I'm not quite sure how the remaining rounds went but we only managed to win one of them, ending the half down 1-11.

Second half started on their server where we lost the pistol round, the second round, but won our second save round (round 3). From then on we basically traded rounds ending the half down 5-7.

Since next season we'll be having two CAL matches a week we can't really handle an extra match so we'll be dropping UGS. I'd like to thank the UGS admins for being very competent and mature both times I had to deal with them (flashbang dispute with Avalanche and being accused of hacking by Lethal Souls).

We face Packet Loss Pros tommorow on the same map at close to the same time, 8:00pm EST, for CAL-im Playoffs Round 1.

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