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Birth Day: July 1, 1982
Born in Avon Lake, Ohio
Measurements: 34-24-33
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Playboy Playmate of the Month - April 2003

<lp|bd> wo kqn3y gqygy 2ho eie you to out 3ith to ngithaq/
<lp|bd> so kaney baby who did you go out with tonight?
<lp|bd> my hand was on the home row on the left
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Source Code Released | - 03.26.2004
archived news - up
I was feeling nice today so I basically released all the source code to any client I've written for the SteamID Database. Check out the forums for the related sticky threads and you'll find the source code posted near the end of the thread. Included is the server side ingame amx plugin (.sma), the mIRC script (.mrc), and finally the eggdrop script (.tcl).

Season Update | - 03.11.2004
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I figured it's due time for our perspective of this season's progression. We came off with a nice win last night over pernicious Vengeance. This only puts us at 4-9, however I think we knocked pV out of a playoff run, and there's no one better to do that to than your ex-clan.

There has been a total of 7 matches that came down to the wire, and ultimately we lost every match by 1 or 2 rounds. We have taken both zEx; the CAL-i moveup (who also beat u5 in UGS) to overtime, as well as 2d; the clan that was too good to accept a CAL-p spot and is now retired. Needless to say we should have won every single match that was that close, but lack of preperation and unstable lineups made the difference of those 2 rounds, and us being 11-3 or 4-9. (Literally)

As most would think this season has been a let-down, myself included as we seem to have a few members contemplating whether or not to retire from competitive CS. Despite the inactiveness, lack of dedication, and the desire to enjoy CS just never really being there, we've had a competitive season that would be a 1st place run right now had we been the slightest bit more prepared.

Hopefully everyone will decide to stick with CS for just a little bit longer, and we will be contender next season. That's all for now, I'll update you all again after our last few matches to reevaluate our position as a team and individuals.

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