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I feel all warm inside. | - 04.30.2002
archived news - up
Against all odds, I finally did it. Put the goddamned Internet on in my goddamned barrack room. w00tness.

Been rather busy lately. Highlights:

- Hunting down the SAS with an array of extremely fun equipment at disposal.
- Getting drunk every night from Tuesday to Sunday.
- Firing volleys for ANZAC Day.
- Getting Internet on in room. Finally.
- Digging large holes to put 105mm guns in.
- Knocking down 10 Cheeseburgers in one sitting.

Oh, life can be wonderful.

hmm | - 04.30.2002
archived news - up
might be time i clean out the address book...


random thought | - 04.30.2002
archived news - up
As much as i'm still enjoying the show, they really should have stopped Buffy when they left high school. That was one of the best season's of TV ever (where to start, the build-up of the mayor over the season, angel's decision to leave, slayer vs slayer...) and ever since then the show has just missed its brilliance of old (which, yes, we are occasionally reminded of - the musical episode, or the episode where Buffy all of a sudden had a sister leaving the audience thinking wtf?)

I'll stop procastinating now...

Team [-lp-] | - 04.29.2002
archived news - up
So, the bastards at blizzard had to release a new patch so I couldn't play SC anymore (I used to have a legit version, but so much for that cd, I think it was in the bowels of my old car...). Anyways, I decided to pick CS up for a measly 20 bucks at Super Walmart. So, of course, mark and I have been playing under the [-lp-] tag. We both suck royally compared to Eric and his friends, who also use the tag, I'm sure they like us dragging their name through the mud.

Anyways, in true lp style, mark and I totally suck at this game, as you can tell by the stats. Though, I have managed to secure the aug award and the pump shottie award, and mark is on the verge of the autoshottie award. We at lp believe, after all, that having fun and heckling the too-serious players is more important anyways.

So if you want to join us, use Eric's wonderful CSBuddy or go to that stats site and join the ronin server. Should be a lot of fun.

grrr | - 04.29.2002
archived news - up
Is it too much to ask that my lecturer doesn't put emoticon's the entire way through the specification for my major assignment?

also, dont see the scorpion king(*) - it's shit.
(*) - Unless you're drunk and / or seeing it to laugh at the rock try to act.

"laugh at the rock try to act."

Is there any other reason to see it?

You forgot laughing at the CGI. The ants in particular looked so incredible bad I almost cried, or killed myself laughing. I can't remember, the whole movie is a repressed memory.

Napalm...sticks to kids | - 04.28.2002
archived news - up
Last night I went out in town... I came to the realization that Chicks dig Marines.I saw this girl whom I havent seen since I left for bootcamp 6 Months ago and she couldnt get over how much my physical appearance and attitude had changed. Before bootcamp I didnt have a chance in hell with her, but get this she asked me for my phone number so we could go do something. I gave it to her and told her it would be a cheap date since im low on cash. 'Oh thats Okay, Ill pay for it.' I couldnt believe it.You Aussies keep your mouth shut, I know you all are use to chicks paying for your dates.

You know... | - 04.28.2002
archived news - up
Anyone who is new to the site could be forgiven for thinking we're just a bunch of sleep deprived drunks who post inane pictures and links.

Could be worse I guess.

You mean we're not? Damn, I suddenly feel so out of place...

Word to my Homies | - 04.28.2002
archived news - up
Yo what's up. It's like three thirty in the fucking morning, I'm locked and cocked, that's a five by five, good buddy. Hmmm amazingly, despite that I'm drunk, I still have better grammar than most of you do. Oh boy, too much goldschlager. I hit on every girl at that party, one girl said "you're trying too hard", I said no, you're not worth it. Hah, stupid sage girls. They can't trump me, even when I'm gone.

Runnin thru the jungle w/ my M16 | - 04.25.2002
archived news - up
Yeah theyre throwing me out of the corp cause of my seasonal asthma. Im pissed. Oh well...

I got some pretty swell pictures that I sent to Mark. Hopefully he'll
post them for me *wink wink*

Anyway im off.


I like this guy.. | - 04.25.2002
archived news - up
Hey I like this guy. 5 bucks says it was a P4 Running Win XXXP :).

Perfect pet... | - 04.23.2002
archived news - up

I'll take the one in the middle, sir.


Generals Ingame Video | - 04.23.2002
archived news - up
Check it out, about 8 minutes long 20MB, no sound though.

Wow! It may actually redeem the C&C brand....... and there is actually sound......

Yeah, it's looking good. Some stuff wasn't up to par with the rest though, in my opinion, like the building explosions, but looking good nonetheless. But I still fail to understand what this game has to do with C&C...?

Hehe, sorry my speakers were turned off. :)
Its got nothing to do with the C&C story as far as I know, they're just using the the name brand for better recognition.


moo | - 04.23.2002
archived news - up
No Talk, just go.

I should clarify shouldn't I? It was like 6AM local when I posted, and was barely awake and not in a talking mood, thought it was neat that the Web Cartoons had banded together to make a comic collection of their material, anyway, so, ummm..... yeah......

RPG Goodness | - 04.23.2002
archived news - up
There's a heap of exciting stuff coming up for this genre - here's my take on whats on the horizon.

Project Ego - For a long time one of my main bitches about role playing games are about how little role playing there is. For example, if I'm a high level Paladin with a reputation of 18 (or higher) it doesn't seem correct that a noble would laugh at me - treating me the same way as say, an evil low level mage. I wan't the world to react around me - i dont want to say that im a lawful character at the start of the game, but i want the game to decide that im a lawful character through my actions.

If it lives up to its hype, Project Ego will be the game that meets this demand. And not only that, but it seems to feature awesome graphics and an epic storyline (a must for any single player RPG) that doesn't span a few weeks of the characters life, but a number of years.

Of course, we've all heard of games that are going to radically exceed the norm of the genre, and its easy to create this sort of hype, but its totally another thing to actually deliver. Im keeping my fingers crossed (and lets hope its not xbox only)

Neverwinter Nights - Bioware + 3d + the inclusion of a dungeon master make this look like a title with great potential. You can sign up for the beta too.

You can also check out Gamespy's RPG week feature. More of a history of the rpg, but interesting nonetheless.

News of the Day | - 04.21.2002
archived news - up
Mark you live near Brighton don't you? :) Eh, 250miles or so away. Damned southerners. Damned Northerners :P

Mmmmm 35,600 gigaflops. "The NEC Earth Simulator is as large as four tennis courts and creates a "virtual planet Earth" to predict climate patterns."

re: Dungeon Siege | - 04.19.2002
archived news - up
Well, that was quick. The demo was over in a matter of three hours, and it's supposedly 10% of the game... A bit worrying, but I guess you could say that Act 1 is 20% of Diablo II as well, although, of course, the real challenges lie ahead. Doesn't matter anyway though, this is one game I'm definately getting. For those who can spare the bandwidth (yes Mark, I recommend you try as well :), definately download the 160 MB demo and give it a go. Without a doubt the best game I've seen so far this year, judging from the demo.
Estimated download time: 13 minutes... we shall see my friends. I'll give it a review once I've played through.

Played it through myself, the graphics were okay-ish, gameplay was simple(Go point and click! Yay!) if that's ten percent, I'd finish the game too fast, and the fact that it'd probably do better as a persistant-state mmo. Wouldn't buy the game personally, but the demo was decent, makes me want to know the rest of the story.

'Chicken Butt' Not Slanderous | - 04.19.2002
archived news - up
This ruling will save many young kids from going to court. :)

Wohoo! | - 04.19.2002
archived news - up
Finally it was my turn in line at the Fileplanet queue. The Dungeon Siege demo is soon mine! I hope it's as good as they say it is... I'm growing tired of Diablo II, and World Of Warcraft is still far away. I need my fix of RPG light, damnit!

Yeah, me too....... although I may end up playing DnD with my friends sometime soon........

Three hours down gone in a flash; I'll say it passed the test :) It's breathtakingly beautiful and smooth, and it's incredibly easy to pick up and play... Damn, I think I have a new favourite

PC problems | - 04.19.2002
archived news - up
Here's something for all of you to ponder over. I've had this problem for a while, but it's just now starting to bother me.

For some reason, Windows doesn't detect my C-drive. Actually, it does, because Windows is installed on the C-drive and everything works smooth, but when I open "My Computer", it only shows my D-drive; C: is nowhere to be found.

However, when I type "C:\" in the location bar, it does find my C-drive and all the sudden (Pwoop!) it pops up in the folder listing as well.

Does anyone have a clue how to fix this? Re-formatting, much like surrender, is not an option ..

Assuming you have Win2000 (might also work with XP, I don't know), download X-Setup, and see if the C-drive is marked as "hidden".

Actually, grab TweakUI for whatever version of winblows you have... You can force it to reappear there under the "My Computer" tab... If you need a copy, e-mail me your windows version and I'll see if I have a copy that'll work for ya... But I still suggest you switch to Linux or BSD :-)

Yeah well, who asked you anyway ;)

Fixed it with TweakUI. Thanks!

What next... | - 04.18.2002
archived news - up
Just cuz I haven't posted anything here in a while, I thought I should... Anybody running FreeBSD's NFS daemon, you're a better man than I.... Oh, yea... IBM is quitting the HD making market... And, Mac bitches just got DirectX support... who can think of a worse idea? Heh! Losers...

Tam deis est meum! | - 04.17.2002
archived news - up
Latin is fun, or maybe I take childish delight in knowing something none of you do. I am merely posting for the sake of it, when I think of something constructive worth saying and posting i'm sure I'll think about it.

The new budget was released here, and I'm too tired to go into a cynical tyraid[sp] of bad syntax and grammar, but the general message was "If you want a free health service you're going to have to pay for it". On a side note, I had 4hour of cricket practises today, man am I going to feel that tomorrow morning.

Kickass | - 04.16.2002
archived news - up
Star Wars: Episode II
World premiere: May 16
Norwegian premiere: May 15

Haha, suck it! says may 22nd, now who's going to be more accurate........ says May 15, but noone here reads Norwegian. It's just one showing, and it's for a charity organisation. But I reserve the right to gloat anyway :)

Outkast - Stankonia | - 04.16.2002
archived news - up
This is a great album. I've had it since this time last year (?) just because of Ms Jackson, a track that was really popular in all those sleazy top 40 clubs (ritzy clubbing in the term in the UK?) I used to be a regular at. I'd never really given it a proper listen until I read a quick review in mixmag of it - and just like they said its some of the newest and fresh hip hop around. If you want to get a taste of what the rest of the album is like (apart from the ones on the radio) go get Humble Mumble - its a great track. I'm even starting to like The Whole World (which isnt on stankonia) - it was played heaps while i was over in europe, and i didnt think much of it but now that its getting some airplay over here its growing on me. Outkast = good.

Talking about Dre (not really, but i think he produces outkast) if your after another decent album go and get the soundtrack for The Watch. Nothing special, but it's a nice mix of rap and rnb on one cd. I think i'll change the title in honour of the album (heh, remember when the title here were always lyrics?)


You would ;)

Fan Club? | - 04.16.2002
archived news - up
Feel the love:
"...not sure if Kane41 is still around, I think maybe he left, he was revered in the community, he even had his own fan club, seriously! (i wasnt in it)..."

Word to that, we even had pins and a secret "handshake" in the style of our master.

Ah that is so cool, old times, thanks for that :)

Copy Protection | - 04.14.2002
archived news - up
Because I am on dial-up I can't afford to download 1 mp3 every 2 hours so I tend to buy the CD if I like the music enough. Today I was in a hurry and so I bought one without paying much attention and due to this I missed the 'will not play on PC/MAC' label in the bottom right corner. When I got home I saw the label and tried anyway with the result being WinAmp crashing and little success. It worked fine in a normal CD player.

It turns out that the CD I bought is infact using 'Key2Audio Copy Protection' which works on the principle of confusing CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives with useless information hence causing crashes and in extreme cases damaging the firmware. On a normal CD player this is not caused due to the use of 'Error Correction'.

Now according to various sites (and common sense) this is to stop the 'ripping' of music and to 'protect' the artist. However for most people (including myself) the idea or want to rip music is non-existant. All we want to do is listen to the damn thing on our PC.

There are already some ways around this protection which include taping the 'outer ring' on the CD which stops the CD confusing the drive or a 'non permanent' marker pen can be used. Either way its a pain in the arse and it could destroy the CD. Apparently the CD will work in some drives anyway but this is mainly on older drives that don't use another thing called 'multisession'.

Is this method of copy protection fair? I don't think so and by the looks of it Philips (the 'creators' of the Compact Disc) don't like it either as they have said they will refuse 'heavily copy protected' CD's the right to have the Compact Disc logo and seal of approval on.

What are your thoughts?

Well, I hate to say it, but, legally, it is fair... Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with it any more than you do, but, there is no constitutional right (in any country so far that I've seen) that guarantees "fair use". You're purchasing a product that contains somebody else's copyrighted material, and therefore, you must use it how they specifically allow. The only argument that I can see that you might have, is that it damages other equipment as a side effect... But, since that's not their primary intention, nothing will probably ever come from it... Sucks, don't it... I do know that a lot of stores will accept those CDs returned even if opened... If I had the money/way to get to and from, I'd consider buying a few of those bastiages every day, and returning them the next... causing a major headache for the manufacturer as they have to be returned to them... can't just be restocked.... but, one person won't make a difference... a few thousand might...

Anyone with an optical output on their CD (or DVD) player and a corresponding input on their soundcard would be able to make perfect copies anyway... So the music will be distributed, as I'm sure the record companies will find out

It's illegal in Canada for removeable media to cause damage to the devices that read them.

"You're purchasing a product that contains somebody else's copyrighted material, and therefore, you must use it how they specifically allow." Yup, but remember that copyrighted material is being distributed on a patented technology not held by the coypright holder of the aforementioned material, and the thing will be that Philips are getting mighty annoyed this copy-protection is degrading the good name of Philips, the CD and it's patent, or something along those lines and creatign bad quality music by using their patented technology, and they're not willing - it would seem - to let people carry on with it. Atleast that's my understand of it.

Yes, but sadly, all Philips can do is deny them the right to use the CD name. They can still call it Flat-Disc-With-Music-On or something and distribute it wherever they damn well feel like it.

I was of the udnerstanding Philips owned the CD patent and could prevent them from using the compact disc technology or to stop using names the technology of using a laser to make indentations of a small round piece aluminium covered by a protective layer of plastic, regardless of what they call it. Obviously I don't profess to be a patent/copyright lawyer.

Woooooo!!!!!!! | - 04.13.2002
archived news - up
Got drunk last night I did. Had quite a few laughs, boy it was fun(for me anyway.......), still haven't gotten to sleep but I haven't been drunk since about 2am. Oh well, not my fault my friend ran out of the good stuff(Bicardi Limon, if anyone's asking), okay so most of it was my fault. Captain Moragan's White Rum tastes like paint, don't ever get it....... or play games for shots with it............

Anyway, I bequeath you to your regular dull lives...... ooops...... I'm still a little tipsy..........

I am boreth... | - 04.13.2002
archived news - up
...therefore I post anagrams:
  • Dormitory -> Dirty Room
  • Desperation -> A Rope Ends It
  • Mother-in-law ->Woman Hitler
  • Eleven plus two -> Twelve plus one
  • President Clinton of the USA -> To copulate he finds interns


Britney | - 04.12.2002
archived news - up
For the one or two people who still haven't seen it, click. Nothing too exciting, but I figured there must be some reason her pics are the most requested on the web...

Thus spoke the ancient one | - 04.12.2002
archived news - up
All programming geeks will recognize this. It all sounds all to familiar, and I'm still only in training.

Also received this little gem, the evolution of code:
Yes stupid, it's clickable!
Props to my buddy Rolf for both these links. Programmers unite!

In training? Where at?

Well, directly translated: Norwegian Information Technology College here in Bergen, Norway

PB's Sign | - 04.12.2002
archived news - up
Well Phaseburn, I don't know why you wanted this sign (I guess he wanted to advertise himself)
PB's Sign

wm: This sign actually exists - i've seen it myself... Yass is a small country town about four hours inland of sydney....

yer | - 04.12.2002
archived news - up
For quite a while now, i'd been bitching about how there was nothing new on the net that was exciting - or interesting. There seemed to be a period for three or four year (96 - 2000) where there always seemed to be something new and exciting around the corner, something there still to experiance, or learn. And thats what has always attracted me to computers, not constant zero's and ones or discussions about the advantages of SCSI over IDE but the way that IT can be used in interesting and new ways in not only my everyday life - but in society as a whole. Having this cable connection is the first time i've been genuinly interested in learning more, like the first time i stumbled onto email, or when i first discovered the amazing concept of playing multiplayer games.

It's not the fact that i can now play UT with a far lower ping than before that i've enjoyed the most, but more the having an always on connection. Obviously with a modem, everytime i wanted to something online id have to go through the hassle of dialing in, and then sitting idly(sp?) for a few minutes to complete a task. Now if I want to read up about something for uni, or use the (online) phone book its just there. The ability to recieve emails at any time of the day or just sit here and write a long pointless update whenever i have a spair five minutes makes you feel like you're an aspect of the internet, not just a random visitor who checks in every now and then. And yes - i know this is old news for most of you, who have had boradband for a couple of years now but its all new for me.

Of course nothings perfect, and I only got this connection because i eventually realised that there was no way i was going to get optus@home (or just optus as it is now?) For those who dont rememberber, I've been trying to get an o@h connection for more than two years now with no success (its a long story, thats been told many times before) just because they provide a far superior service to australia's main telco, telstra who i'm with now. My connection's capped (512kbps down / 256kpbs up) and im limited to only 3 gigs per month transfer. Still begars cant be choosers...

huh... my 1.5mbit down/512 up is limited to 5 gigs down, 1 up.......

Stop using paragraph tags, argh! You're fux0ring the font face

Nobody uses paragraph tags anymore anyway.

What's for dinner? | - 04.11.2002
archived news - up
Welp, the backasswards US military says "Pork" and "Chicken". They also just developed a sandwich that has a shelflife of 3 years... Not so sure I'd want to eat something that old that's called a field ration... See the whole disturbing story here.

archived news - up
How very disturbing, and at the same time strangely amusing...

When snail mail catches you while you're dozing..... | - 04.11.2002
archived news - up
Or how I remebered I entered a contest. Went to check my mail today and in it a letter addressed to me from, of all corporations, The Discovery Channel. Immediately curious, I walked calmly to the nearest letter opener, opened the letter and to my surprise I find a pass for two to an advance screening of "The Scorpion King", next week over in Vancouver. I was absolutely shocked and then remembered a contest they'd had over a month ago. I don't know whether I should go or even wether I can go. Anyway, we'll see what happens next week.

Yay for Education | - 04.10.2002
archived news - up
Tomorrow I return to school, damn them and their nefarious plans. Before I descend into spiteful insanity for another 7weeks, I leave you with this piece of nonchalant humour scraped from the Way Back Archives.

TheShadow: I think I'm going to go watch Romero Must Die tonight
Shinano: LOL
TheShadow: What?
Shinano: You said Romero must die, sounds like something lowtax would say.


Wowzers... | - 04.10.2002
archived news - up
Welp... I finally upgraded... this new interface totally kicks ass... Dunno how I managed to wait this long, I'm like, so completly in love...

And, no, I'm not talking about that shitstain that is windows xp, it sucks more than anything that has ever sucked before. I'm talking about the new KDE 3.0 and Konqueror, my browser of choice. It's sleek, sexy new look and feel, and, much improved stability are more than enough to make my cream myself... I don't think I've ever been this much in love :-)

/me floats away on a cloud...

Damn campers... | - 04.10.2002
archived news - up
Looks like everybody's least favorite group, the RIAA, came into some new funding. I hate them so much... But so help me if they ever come to my house. $1 million for so few mp3s.... I can only imagine how much they'd want for my network... all 250 gigs of it... That could sting for a few months!

omg | - 04.10.2002
archived news - up
i got cable yesterday. i've downloaded more than a gig since. im in love.

Tell me about it... I went from a 14400 modem to cable, then added a DSL line, moved to Cali, and got a T1... my HD is officially full

Congrats, only took you two years to get it.

De-Tox | - 04.10.2002
archived news - up
After being very bored, I've just been through our "About" section and de-randified the About us page. The links page is now sans my horrendous typographical errors. And, um, yes that's about it.

This waste of space was brough to you by,
Dream Theater - Just Let me Breath[Live]

Don't Steal! | - 04.10.2002
archived news - up
If this isn't a good enough reason not to steal I don't know what is.

Blade II | - 04.09.2002
archived news - up
Time for a Mike review. Very thin plot, but then that's not why you went to see it anyway. It's fighting pretty much straight from the go after a cliffnotes session in Blade History, your subjected to 15minutes of pure vamp-killing action. And then you're hooked. The rest of the film is pretty much about action with some thin underlays of morals like "Judge them by who they are not what they are", "The mroe things change, the more they stay the same" and "You are what you eat". After an oblitagory plot twist or two that almost seemed cliched, but you don't mind.

Was it better than the orginal? nah, only in action sequences. Can I wait for Blade 3? Hell no.

Okay, so the plot was thin, but who can blame Guilermo del Torro, he did create the reapers, and damn, that shit is scary.

Web Wanderings 4? | - 04.09.2002
archived news - up
Nope, not web wanderings #4 today, but I'm just getting tired of the crap that's going on in Isreal, I'm tired of the propaganda war being played by both sides, the Arabs crying bloody murder while they themselves are doing worse things. Up untill last week the Isrealis limited them selves to attacking the only thing that could be defined as military targets: the Palestinian authority, not the best choice because it limits what they could do to control suicide bombers, but the Palestinians increased thier Suicide bombings because of these strikes and they were targetting too many civilians for the Isreali government to ignore it, which actually almost justifies what they did all last week. But there is still no escuse for the whole thing. I'm glad the Isrealis started to back down, but now Saddam Husein is trying to affect the US the only way he can.... Will this crap between the Arab nations and the west ever end?

It's called the Domino Effect, that'd end it all.

Web Wanderings 3 | - 04.09.2002
archived news - up
It's me I'm back again from my wanderings and I've found something that'll have you litterally roflyao, without further ado go here

Web Wanderings 2 | - 04.09.2002
archived news - up
Found more fun stuff:

General Robotic Infiltration Machine

General Robotic Individual Manufactured for Vigilant Exploration and Logical Destruction

Click the image to find out what kind of cyborg you are.

Electronic Synthetic Killing and Infiltration Lifeform

Technician Hardwired for Efficient Killing and Infiltration/Lifeform Limited to Exploration and Repair

Person Hardwired for Assassination and Scientific Exploration/Biomechanical Unit Responsible for Nullification

Web Wanderings | - 04.09.2002
archived news - up
I was meandering my way through the web once again and I came across this lovely little tidbit. Set your res as small as you can because this little video just may make your day.

Just... another... eight... months... Must... hold... on...

Shameless Plugging | - 04.09.2002
archived news - up
Even if he did send the coding fix to the wrong guy, I'm in a generous mood this morning, go check this guy's site out.


Help! | - 04.08.2002
archived news - up
I need some coding help. I'm looking for a script (javascript or VBscript, I don't care) that I can use in links and that will allow me to open links in a new window with a predetermined width and height, and without any toolbars or menu bars. I've tried making sense of the one we use here, but the code is so incredibly messy, I just gave up. Anyway, if anyone has anything lying around, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and in ASP, does anyone know how I can avoid having all the ASP-generated HTML code on a single line? I want tidy code! Can I use "response.write [something]" to generate a line change?

Beh, if I can figure them out I'm sure you can.

Go to and view the source. Do a search for "". Everything in that HREF is what you need.

What would we do without Google?

Knew I could count on you guys! Anything on the ASP-generated line changes? Mike, I'm looking in your direction.

Did you try \n?


Gay pr0n | - 04.08.2002
archived news - up
Hey girls! I've been watching this site for a while, it is nice to finally be able to comment on this wonderful C&C community with you guys. I've been waiting for something to say in my first post and this "dir="ltr" has giving me the opportunity. I heard that PhaseBurn tried this on PB, if you ever touch my site again I will tell everybody about your secret movie career. And now back to the Renegade beta.....

Who told you? Do you trust them? And if Cyberman0 sent you the link I think he did, well, his arse is gonna be more sore than usual for a while...

Nope, not Jim :-D.

Sdrawkcab | - 04.08.2002
archived news - up
......nac uoy elihw ti yojne ,kraM

Hehe, was my idea... Don't give him all the props :-)

OK, this is getting silly. Fix this shit, it hurts my eyes!


Friendly reminder | - 04.08.2002
archived news - up
X-Boxes generally need a power cord to be plugged in to work... Just for those of you who have forgotten...

Yes and gravity pulls down, apparently 4X as stronger in a 3 ft radius around PB...I am going to put a butter knife on your desk, be sure to cut yourself with it.

Bleh! | - 04.08.2002
archived news - up
Over 4,000 lines of C++ code, and the fucker crashes on a variable I declared twice. Only took me three hours to find it too. And I still manage to think programming is interesting and, yes, fun. I must be crazy. Or masochistic. Take your pick, I'm frightened of what the answer may be...

PCZone Generals Preview | - 04.07.2002
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At great expense, I've just picked up the latest issue of PCZone UK and had a look through the Generlas preview. As you may of guessed, this is just another rehash of the information we've seen in the G-Spot Article, but it is still quite funny and a good read [espcially making reference to bald headed paedophile-looking bad guys]. You'll find no new information or screenshots there, but then you shouldn't of been expecting to.

How... disturbing... | - 04.07.2002
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I used to often wonder... If BSD and Linux were ever to meet, what would the end result be? A more stable server than what linux has? Most robustness than BSD? I just got the answer that I wish I wasn't looking for... Gah!


The state of the onion... | - 04.07.2002
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It's peeled.

French onion soup is realllly good when you're cold... Found a loverly recipe at Mimi's Cafe. Anyway, just establishing my worth here. In for a penny, in for the gravy I guess... Since nobody really cares, I welcome myself to the site. Oh, yea... One more thing. I reciently added something to my wish list, and am accepting donations for this. TIA.

You can blame Steve for your colour ;)

Shameless self promotion.... | - 04.05.2002
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I just reopened one of my gaming sites again... Feel free to stop by and pay a visit to us! I am also looking for some staff to help me get the news rolling real good. I need people who have a good grasp of html.

Authorize me on ICQ, damn you!

Civilization II | - 04.05.2002
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I hadn't played this game in quite a while, but I downloaded it from an abandonware site a few days ago and I've been hooked all over ever since. Speaking of a quality gaming experience.

The graphics, sound, controls and, hell, actually even the gameplay are all crappy, but still this game graps you like 120 kg. lonely girl and doesn't let you go. Oh, sweet tender lovin'.

I screwed up my Social Psychology and Organisational Psychology exams because of it, but did become an expert in diplomacy .. Sire, our power is Supreme and our reputation is Spotless.

Let's nuke the bastards!

Can I get a hell yeah?! Try Civ3 bro, you'll never recover.

Idea | - 04.05.2002
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Sober now, and well rested. It occured to me, whilst Renegadin', that the main two annoyances of Renegade could be cured by the community. Why doesn't someone make a goddamned blood mod for Renegade? And while they are at it, make a normal bloody scope for the Sniper Rifle...

There's blood in Renegade.....

Little red puffs of fluff do not count as blood I'm afraid (I know no game has really got this quite right, lways seeming a little too cartoony to give that real effect of realism, but the thing is when you shoot people blood doesn't spurt out like ketchup), another quible on the fun factor front is the physics. When I blow someone away with my rocket launcher of justice I really do want to blow them away not just fall on the floor in a pathetic heap and then "warp" out like the Protoss construcuted them somewhere. Even Goldeneye had this sort fo thing, and that was a console game, that's 4years old[!]

I never said it was good blood. Rogue Spear had blood and bodies didn't disappear either, and it's probably the most realistic game out there.....(or at least the Rainbow Six series)

GTA3 Woes | - 04.04.2002
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Got this mail today - amougst my 5, I felt so popular and all - from our beloved Amazon.
Dear customer,

Regarding your order for 'Grand Theft Auto 3', I wanted to give you an update on the status of this game.

We have contacted the manufacturer, and they have informed us that the release date of this game has been delayed. They now expect it to be released on 24th May 2002, however please know this may be subject to further delays.(...)


I wish I were anb Oscar Meyer Wienbeer | - 04.04.2002
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Oh so drunk.Been awake for nigh on 36 hours now. Been to all the clubs/pubs in hometown. Feeling a little under waether. Must stay away from sleep. God almigty funny for fuckedness.

Err...Stuff | - 04.04.2002
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Its been awhile since I posted here, I'm surprised Mark didn't moan at me or something. I see we have two of my oldest online friends, Cyberman0 and Gobalopper posting here now, greets guys. I can still recall meeting up with Cyberman0 back in old days...we're talking Red Alert here!
Probably the only reason I haven't been posting here at all lately is because I couldn't remember my password to the news script. Kinda lame I know but who gives a shit!

BTW...anyone actually looked at the GPH banners lately?, they have big breasted babes on them now, sort of fits in with [lp] I think :)
Anyway that should do me for another few weeks I guess.

You have an excuse to slack ;)

3G Networks | - 04.04.2002
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I thought I'd share this article which I found really interesting over at Ars Technica. The author got to be part of a 3G-esque data only trial and discusses his experiances. Much like the author, I find stuff like this really amazing - imagine playing a game of q3 or ut with a ping of ~100ms from a beach, on a train or even just in a park. Of course, stuff like this will be expensive, but within a couple of years watching a stream of a sports game or the latest cnn news from anywhere you like will be part of everyday life.

Talking about expensive, I was looking into getting one of those blue tooth head sets for my T39 until I came to a dead end - that they're about au$500 (200 pounds.) While having one of these would be really cool - I think i'll hold out and just have to deal with going without like everyone else.

the HBH-10 is an innovative product and, although it's far from flawless, it does a reasonable job. At 50, it might be worth considering, but until then we'll just have to tolerate a wired world.

Look Who's Back... | - 04.04.2002
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BG:WW... Can't they come up with a *new* layout for once?!

And just when you thought the Battleground name was dead forever...

Painful Irony | - 04.03.2002
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I've just received a piece of spam abou sending spam, and my first targetted mail is free! This was definately the most disturbing part espcially the reference to "harvester", an eerie reminder that it is the correct term to use as I suppose they are one of the new resources int his day and age.
Fresh Email Addresses
The key to a good return on your
email campaign is NEW addresses.
Our automated servers harvest new
addresses around the clock. We offer
lists as a direct purchase or as a
monthly service.

250,000 e-mails - $100.00
500,000 e-mails - $125.00
1,000,000 e-mails - $200.00
5,000,000 e-mails - $400.00

I closed your tag for you

Love is... | - 04.03.2002
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...sitting in a Lazy Boy in front of my beloved computer, with pizza and a good, cold ale.

Updates | - 04.03.2002
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Gobalopper's Staff Page art finished. Fear my copy and paste skills.

Kate Groombridge's Bio is finished about 3 months after the rest of them.

heh | - 04.03.2002
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So true.

Watch out | - 04.02.2002
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...because Kazaa is using up your bandwidth, CPU power and hard drive space. Of course, it's all hidden and tucked away in the one document that noone ever reads: The license agreement:
You hereby grant (Brilliant) the right to access and use the unused computing power and storage space on your computer/s and/or Internet access or bandwidth for the aggregation of content and use in distributed computing. [...] The user acknowledges and authorizes this use without the right of compensation
How nice...

I don't mean to be a scare monger, but look at it this way, they may have honourable intentions for the thriving community of geeks, slackers, nerds and crackers, but just think about those who do not, what an amazing back end into over 10million computers? Talk about a large potential security hole.

Apparantly Gibson and his one man army are working on some kind of app to coutner this according to Eskil, but if that's my opinion up there, he must think this has the potential to be the divine reckoning and 7th mass extinction.

I hereby grant Kazaa, Brilliant Digital Networks, their wholly owned subsidiaries, etc. the right to kiss my ass. Unless they start paying me fair bandwidth rates and cpu rates, I think I'll stick with grokster.

AFD Fallout | - 04.02.2002
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Test your AFD cynism. I got 8, more through luck than judgement though - alot like my tenns game then.

Haha | - 04.02.2002
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Whoever this guy was, you got me :)

Since I really am very bored, scroll down. (Eskil's idea but hey.)

Malleable body clock | - 04.02.2002
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Yesterday I hadn't gone to bed by the time the sun rose, today I was up before it. The irony, or the plain disturbingness of the hours I keep during holidays.

In other news, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute near Troy, NY has been closed today by order of a11ah due to divine fury damaging some of the chemistry labs and the inability of anyone not going there to spell the name of the damned place.

Get some sleep, man. Your spelling is (was) atrocious. And even those of us who go there have difficulty with its spelling.

OS tracking | - 04.01.2002
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I find this highly amusing:
While not accurate of course (out of 65,000 uniques, I'm sure we had at least 10 who made it past the ad code without Windows ME crashing on them... Another "feature" of ME, I guess, right Bill?), it still says something about the... erm... so-called operating system that is Windows Millenium Edition.

Other fun bits in the Extreme Tracker logs:
  • More or less all our traffic the last 12 hours has been from CNCNZ. Thanks guys, we appreciate the hits, you know.
  • Some users still use 256 colors... And strangely enough, about the same number of moro... erm... people are viewing the site in 640*480. Can you even see anything in that resolution?
  • Netscape is dead, it seems. Less than 9% of our total hits are from Crapscrape users. Granted, our layout isn't quite compatible with Netscape, but still. Good, no more testing several browsers
  • 6 hits (out of over 60,000) are from people using Win3.1... Masochists, I guess... But even worse, 2,258 visitors (that's almost 4% of our hits) are using Win95 (plug and pray hard at work). Well, let's hope they've come to their senses since then.
Well, enough ramblings, I'll get back to doing nothing now

From: Tristian Rayner
Subject: Windows ME User

And guess who that windows ME user is.... *cry*

Tristan Rayner
Media and Games Online Network

I am wondering who the brain surgeon is who typed "wwwwarmakercom" into a search engine...

April Fool's | - 04.01.2002
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Let's see what other stunts people get up to this year in the vain attempt they will actually be funny or believeable, something these things never are on the Web

Like Tycho said, who's fucking brainwave was it to have a day that promotes human's inate desire to do stupid fucking things in the vain hope that they'll get some sick rise out of it anyway? A day that prompts ridculous and not even remotely humourous hijinks that are "ok" because it's AFD. Give me a break.

I must say about the upstanding guys at CnC Series, you're quite the bunch of fools aren't you? Very professional guys, truly now no one will believe anything else you do, nice job. There's publicity stunts and then there's publicity stunts. But who cares about hits, you're in for the love of the game right?

Wohoo | - 04.01.2002
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Heh, a Tiberian Twilight preview. Very nicely done too, I might add, good job *grin*

I really do hope no one else read my comment [now removed], I so stayed up too long last night.

Mikes Movie Reviews | - 04.01.2002
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Lets face it, they're the only reason you'd visit the site. Here's this months installment;

Black Hawk Down: Really good american war flick. Action+. Similiar to saving private ryan (visually great, with gritty battle scenes and a shallow attempt to show the characters as real people rather than cannon fodder.)

Rollerball (new one): Shit. I've wasted enough of my life on this film already.

From Hell: Okay. It's a movie about hookers and jack the ripper so plenty of potential for a reasonable way to spend 2 hours.

Not Another Teen Movie: Funny. You'll love it if your into teen movie's like me. Counted references to 12 different movies, i'm sure some of you could do better.

Queen of the Damned: Great. I actually went to a movie marathon at a local cinema last night to catch this (it's not officially released here for another week.) I really enjoyed it.

Oceans Eleven: Average. Don't take it seriously.

Show Time: A good comedy. Although if you want to laugh at jokes delivered by eddie murphy, renting delerious would be a far better way to spend your time.

Can this be??? | - 04.01.2002
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Mark and I actually managed to scrape together something resembling a site change. You can go here to view a map with all the current lp members. Click the pins and magically you get to their staff pages (which SOME of you still need to submit). If there's no staff page you'll get a 404. Now this might not seem like much, but for slackers like Mark and I, it was quite the accomplishment. Ermm, that's all for now, resume your apathy.

23 Hour Days Suck | - 04.01.2002
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One of the few times my slacking demenour bites me in the ass is when the hour changes. In our southern colonies they gained an hour and therefore had a 25 hour day, or an extra hour in bed. But here we lost an hour, which ment an exceedingly gay one hour less in bed, but even more importantly this was on a Sunday. The holy day of rest, in whatever church you belong to, the Church of the Eternal Slacker or the Divine Will of a11ah, was shortened by a whole hour.

But the grevious injustices did not stop here, oh no. Not only did I miss Andromeda - a series I have recently taken a liking to after never watching it on Sky I'm watching re-runs on terrestial - but more importantely 24.

A travesty wouldn't you agree? That'll teach you to read my self-indulged late night rantings.

That's okay, mass boredom seems to run rampant these days... and We my show that we liked Sir Sanford Flemming, but we never liked what he's done with time.....

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