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Birth Day: July 1, 1982
Born in Avon Lake, Ohio
Measurements: 34-24-33
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Shameless Self Promotion | - 05.31.2002
archived news - up
I made this like a month ago but completely forgot about it when we launched, and as this is my first post in a month or so, might as well make it worth your while.

Click for Kim, or the next best thing


Propoganda | - 05.29.2002
archived news - up
Alright So I find out today that the Marine Corp took the crucible out. Yeah good to go. Okay then I read about the Armys new propoganda schpeel I guess they had to do something to make up for the berets.

In other news, 2 weeks and im out of here finally. Fuckers wont let me train and so Im gonna go Airforce. (Im to gung ho marine corp to go army)

It's still just another Half-Life mod......


I'm too lazy to fill this in. | - 05.27.2002
archived news - up
Fun Shit

ull see pictures of sexy people on there... like me!

then again, its not exactly either

grrr | - 05.27.2002
archived news - up
After some minor computer issues and an exciting almost two full days of computer repairing fun i'm now back with a very fresh install of windows xp.

So very tired and so very over computers... i'll setup my email and shit tomorrow so i can catch up 'n stuff

Damn the audio, burn the wine | - 05.26.2002
archived news - up
How come everyone is slowly losing their online names on newspro?

Good question Hamish ;)

Indeed, indeed | - 05.26.2002
archived news - up
Hey. Long time, no see.

As always, having heaps of fun. Nothing of particular note that I can think of, just good, wholesome fun. That being said, I did find out recently that my best army mate was in the town square a couple of years ago, when I did my famous streak, and remembers it. Small world eh?

Having heaps of field time. Good for the wallet, but not so easy on the body or my precious computer. Im hoping to re-acquaint myself to the geekside over the next couple of weeks - first stops, CCU and WWU. Good to see some quality C&C sites to accompany on my favorites list.

Humm... | - 05.24.2002
archived news - up
For those who know who I'm talking about: Isn't this Janine (Don't look at me like that! I've been 16 too you know)? Had a bad year, has she? Forced to work as a booth babe? Dirty old man alert, 11 o'clock!

Not to sound uninformed, but who is Janine?

Glad I'm not the only one.

oohrah | - 05.23.2002
archived news - up
Friggin A... I threw my back out yesterday and ive been having severe back spasms... shit hurts.Anyway Ive been upgraded. Now im being kicked out on fraudulent enlistment charges... dirty bastard ass recruiters. Dont trust the fuckers.

What? they try to let you in early? or are they just trying to fuck with you so you don't try the real army?

no, i fell out of a 3 mile boots n utes run cause i couldnt breath, nevertheless i finnished it, but they tested me for asthma and it came back positive. And real army... haha

Short update | - 05.23.2002
archived news - up
Oh fuck yeah baby!!!

Chat! | - 05.23.2002
archived news - up
For some reason or another i've decided to re-enter the world of instant messaging. I'm sure i'll be over it within a week, but for the next seven or so days join me in an orgy of two-way conversation. My uin is 3526169 while I’m wmownsu on msn messenger. I don't have any of my old lists, so if i'm still on an icq list somewhere out there (why?) make a special effort to say hi, so i can re-add you.

As everyone knows irc > im and i'm always looking out for channels to idle in, so please - don't be shy. I'm so very bored.

Look Everyone | - 05.22.2002
archived news - up
It's me in three years time.

In other news, Tim your hijinks rival Hamishs and therefore never cease to amuse me. I've basically been too lazy/tired/uninspired to post anything. No doubt that will change when it comes to me avoiding studying for my exams.

Once upon a time .. | - 05.22.2002
archived news - up
Here's something I had to think about on my way home.

A year or two ago I was at a friend's place on a saturday evening when another friend calls saying he fixed us some free tickets to a rave that evening. So we're all excited untill my friend realises that none of us has any ecstacy, which -obviously- is a bad thing when you're going to a rave.

I call up my contact, but it turns out he's out of stock. Still, no despair! He gives me the number of a 'driving pharmacy', so to say. So I call this guy and we agree on a time and a meetingplace.

Now, you have to understand that I had never before seen the guy I was supposed to meet. So there I am, at the agreed place when it's almost the agreed time and a car pulls up to the phoneboot.

So I'm thinking, that must be him.

I walk up to the car, open the door, sit down in the passanger seat and close the door. I look at the guy, say hi and tell him that he'd "might want to drive around the block, 'cause I'd seen some cops driving around".

And the guy looks at me as if he's seeing water burn.

So I ask him: "You are here for me, right?"
He: "..."
Me: "I did speak to you on the phone, right?"
He: "..."
Me: "Are you making this deal or what?"
And he says: "I'm just here to use the public phone"
Me: "..."

I humbly apologized and got out of his car.

The Empire Strikes Back | - 05.20.2002
archived news - up
Some of you have probably seen this, but for those that haven't, Sony is making a strike back to all who illegally burn CD's and such. This is a snippet of the article.

Sony Music has planted a "poisoned pellet" of software in Celine Dion's latest CD, A New Day Has Come, that is capable of crashing, and in cases permanently freezing, the optical drives of personal computers into which the discs are inserted.
Go read the rest which isn't very much anyways. Not that I have issue with them trying it on a Celine dion CD (Who listens to her anyways?) but imagine if they try to put it in all music CD's? I don't see it really working without getting a lawsuit. All it will take is someone copying it to their computer for use on their laptop or something and it to fuck up their system for a successful lawsuit. Expecially if they have no file sharing programs or a CD Burner. How is Sony going to fight that? Time will tell, and of course someone will find a way around this, maybe they already have, but for them to even try is shit... Oh and about the StarWars reference, yea I know I'm a little late, but I hadn't seen any until last week, now I've seen all but PHantom Menace and the new one..give me time :P

I'm back........ | - 05.20.2002
archived news - up
Damn I never thought I'd be posting here again. How time changes all I suppose. For those who haven't made the connection Todd=Toad :P. Anyways not to much to say, in my absense I found the outside world, left didn't use my computer for a long time. Started playing video games a lot more so I naturally came back to the computer, but spending a lot less time, as in not running anymore websites, why waste the time? (I mean game sites not random e/n sites like this) Seeing as I have nothing else to say on me comming back I'll end this post

Cold | - 05.20.2002
archived news - up
Ever since the above storm came through last Thursday (things aren’t done in halves in the wild country that is australia) things have been unbearingly cold (heh, which is 15 degrees celsius.) Running around in shorts for rugby on saturday was unbearable...I'm rambling... just thought the photo was nice!

In other news: The town of Bergen in Norway, home of the infamous pimp Eskil, saw it's first day above 15 degrees three days ago. Eskil had this to say: "Stop complaining, biatch! :P"

15 is cold...? Come over here and play rugby in our winters =P

That's an awesome picture. I felt bad when I heard 15 degrees until I realized it was celsius. Snowed here two mornings ago.

100,000 Hits | - 05.19.2002
archived news - up
Go team lp?

wtf :( | - 05.17.2002
archived news - up
someone delete my post?

wm - yeah, wtf? it was there before and after i made my post last night...

Episode II | - 05.16.2002
archived news - up
Yoda owns your bones.

It was great to become re-acquainted with Natalie Portman’s nipples too.


CD copy protection | - 05.13.2002
archived news - up
This is how hard it is to make the thing playable.
Draw this line on the CD and you're set.

Yeah, I tried it out, worked well ;)

Gatecrasher! | - 05.12.2002
archived news - up
What an awesome night!

Just scored myself a lift home from the event too no 2 x 30min train rides and a 20 min walk home for me...

Scott bond played an awesome progressive trance set that you could really just chill too... mauro piu was great too, not as hard as i expected, more of a tech / trance sound instead... crowd went wild when he dropped this trancey breaks track near the end of his set.

Edging towards 8... time for bed soldier.

StarWars Hype | - 05.10.2002
archived news - up
Apparently, some new Star Wars movie is comming out on the 16th... Of course, I already have my tickets for it, so I found this especially amusing...According to the LA Times, copies of AotC are already available for download. Here's the link. I'm sorry, but this is just priceless to me :-) Knowing my room mate, Unga, he'll have a copy before the stroke of midnight tonight, so long as he finds his way home and not into another slut's pants after work... Sorry, no love for you tonight, TheShadow!

Your roommate's name is Unga?

The UNGA Fairy to be more accurate

Um... Forget I asked

w00t | - 05.10.2002
archived news - up
If i was clever I'd do this in the form of a fake press release..but alas..i'm not. We are now the proud owner of a 14 person cs server running off a quadruple oc192 connection courtesy of I LAN Game. If any of you guys are interested its at I just added stats to the package which should be available at within the next 48 hours.

In other news..another forfeit brings us up to #241 on OGL. Already made the challenge for spot #201..hopefully we'll actually get to fight for it this time.

Forgot about this.. | - 05.08.2002
archived news - up
lol..before you make fun of me i was bored about two weeks back and my eyes fell upon the old ra manual. for those who dont know there is morse code at the bottom of each page that tell the story of the..*drum roll*..giant ants. enjoy the product of my free time.






Yep 2 | - 05.08.2002
archived news - up
More phat0r likage.

Good Times

Once upon a time, these community chats used to be the best fun. Being trapped in a part of the world where real time communication with those in north america and europe isn't all that appropriate these excuses to wake up at 4 or 5am and catch up with the entire community were brilliant. For a while there, we got into the rythem of the chats on WOL and started things like PM rings where we'd all select the same people on our PM list as each other and joke/laugh at all those who weren't in whatever faction tumsun was in at the time - which were far often more enjoyable than the chats themselves...

Yep | - 05.08.2002
archived news - up
If it wasn't for the many external hassles that complicate my otherwise peaceful existance, I could honestly just sit in front of my computer, hitting f5 at this webpage all day.

It's that IRC quote database that i'm sure some of you have seen around - and has some of the funniest stuff I have ever read. In fact i've checked it so many times, that each time I go there these days, I've already seen about 1/2 of the ~3000 quotes.

(yeah i know, replace 'peaceful' with 'sad')

<EFX> does the cum in an australian girls throat go down counter clockwise?



Soldier of Fortune 2 Multiplayer Test | - 05.07.2002
archived news - up
If anyone feels like playing SoF2MPT (and the full version once it's out) under the [lp]-flag, let me know.

Moooooo | - 05.07.2002
archived news - up
Damnit shadow take it easy on the poor cow.

Crasher! | - 05.07.2002
archived news - up
Just scored my ticket to the digital experiance tour, this saturday - wh00p! Maurio Piu, Scott Bond plus all the au regulars that seem to keep us all quite entertained during the times between the large tours like this, normally the only time we get access to the top internationals... The set times are pretty good, only one major clash between nervous (my favourite au dj) and nik fish (best known (best?) au dj) sure it'll be sorted out.

Commuters face random sniffer dog searches

The new regulations will allow police with sniffer dogs to carry out random drug searches on suspects using trains or buses on selected public transport routes.

Where suspect = anyone (literally, they patrol the main clubbing areas of sydney like every second week.) Innocent until proven guilty? k thx... Those fukn dogs are everywhere at events like this too...

Priceless.... | - 05.05.2002
archived news - up
I'm a fucking fish....

pwned | - 05.05.2002
archived news - up
Just thought you guys would like to know that our first ogl match as a fully dedicated team was a resounding success. We were challenged less than a day after rejoining after a year of forfeit losses due to lack of interest (hence the 1/2 score). The opposing clan..tB.. selected cs_italy as the map and the time was set for 4:00pm today.

Whitey and I spent the first part of the week drawing up strats; mainly for ct as our plan for t was strictly defense. Starting around wensday we began to practice off of my server just the timing and implentation of the various strats. Early afternoon friday we had another practice and added a few new strats to our inventory. Starting around 1pm est today mark and steve took our 5 man team on for a practice session :) It was of much help as it was the first live test of our strats and we found a few holes which were patched up in time for the match which would be in 3 hours.

Four rolled around and we found a server and the match went live 15 minutes later with [-lp-] starting off as t's. We knew we'd do good as t's have an advantage by the nature of the map. We proceeded to kick ass in a very professional manner winning the 17 rounds 16-1. Although we had spent the majority of our time practicing as ct's we did not expect to do nearly as well as we did. We held our breaths as we entered the very crucial first pistol round. I called the strat and we headed our separate ways..split up into our two man teams. We dominated the round not losing a single member. That gave us the advantage of having rifles while the other team was forced to rock pistols and weaker guns for a few rounds. We followed the pistol round with a swift central rush again 0wning them. We continued with varying strats ending the 17 rounds winning 14-3..a superb show indeed.

Already made a challenge for the next match which should hopefully take place next weekend or sooner. If anyone wants to spectate your welcome to ..its actually quite fun to watch :)

Meh | - 05.04.2002
archived news - up
Five hours cricket scoring..... *faints*

Great music Lyrics | - 05.04.2002
archived news - up
DOES whatever a spider can.
.....(big hole)
Hey there! There goes the Spider-Man!!!!!

Renegade Lovin | - 05.03.2002
archived news - up
More precisely, Renegade Board Lovin'. Thanks to the 6-7 of you who came here and no doubt promptly left.

Milk Dud Anyone? | - 05.03.2002
archived news - up
MMM Chocolate. 2000$ investment into a bakery strait down the drain. And why you ask??

It melts in your mouth, not in your hand

Theres no wrong way to eat a Reese's

I feel like comitting mass homicide right now....

On Chulak | - 05.02.2002
archived news - up
The day of one's birth is like any other.

Happy Birthday to Eric, many happy returns man.

Boo | - 05.02.2002
archived news - up
Dear Penis

Moo...... | - 05.02.2002
archived news - up

What? I felt the necessity to post something.......

Ohhh... | - 05.02.2002
archived news - up
Me want! But I need a bit more training first, I think. Is there any chance the job opening will stay there for another year, I wonder? Nah, thought so...

Wow! I qualify! and I live closer than you do.......Maybe I should apply......

If you get this job because I tipped you off about it, i demand that you keep me up to date with Blizzard's secrets ;)

I'd have to fly to Norway to do it.....

Cricket Scoring | - 05.01.2002
archived news - up
For those of you that know (and possibly understand) the English game known as 'Cricket' you will know that there is more to it than 'playing a few balls old chap' and 'you off to luncheon old boy?'. In 'school' team cricket there is a position on the team known as 'scorer'.

Now this is an experience upon itself. The person who is 'Scorer' doesn't actually play but instead sits in front of the scoreboard, at a table, with a book. Now this is no ordinary book, no, this is a 'book of cricket scoring'. Now this book is filled with litte boxes and all sorts of things that only an experienced player (or umpire (the equivilent of the match official or 'referee')) would understand.

Now when you are put in this position thats one thing, but when the cricket coach thinks you are an experienced scorer who has done it many times before, that is another 'experience' altogether.

As you may have guessed I was put in this position today and when the coach found out I knew as much about cricket as I do about Bulgarian ballroom dancing he was, let's just say, 'rather concerned'

Coach: Why haven't you brought a pencil and the writing equipment needed?

Rich: I've never done this before sir

Coach: You'


*insert 5 minute silence*

Coach:........err...Nick get over here and tell Rich how to score.

I then proceeded to learn the rules of cricket and how to score in 5 minutes. The match lasted 4.5 hours and the scorer has to concentrate for every last second. I only have about another 10 matches......and I still don't know all the rules....

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