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Birth Day: July 1, 1982
Born in Avon Lake, Ohio
Measurements: 34-24-33
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Playboy Playmate of the Month - April 2003

<[-xEs-]Ashnak> i am so confused...i have no other directions to follow
<[-xEs-]Ashnak> so what should i do?
<lp|white> uninstall the sound program
<lp|white> rebind your keys
<lp|white> and punch yourself in the face for wasting 2 hours
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Update | - 05.23.2003
archived news - up
This just in: we suck at cs

CAL-m Week 4 | - 05.08.2003
archived news - up
Week 4 has come and gone with us dropping one match and winning the other. This week's map was the custom, CAL-only map, de_clan1_mill, an excellent match map providing some great close and extreme range firefights.

We went into sunday's match vs OverDose uncharacteristically unprepared. We picked a roster 20 minutes before the match and didn't even get a chance to scrim. We did suprisingly well, taking first half 7-5 as CT then managing to get 4 rounds T side, ending the match 13-11 in oD's favor. We don't plan on doing this very often but the general morale of the team was down and no one (me) really felt like organizing scrims and prepping for the match.

We regrouped for wednesdays match, picked out a roster of myself, white, kap, shupa, sky and got a few days worth of scrims in. The difference it made was very clear as we took the match 21-3. CT half went very well ending up 10-2 in our favor. T side went even better, where after a strong pistol round we took the 9 out of the remaining 10 rounds ending the half 11-1.

This match marks the end of the first half of the season and I guess now is a good time to clear a few things up. Obviously we do not feel our results from the first half of the season reflect our skill and our dedication. We're entering the second half of the season with both a renewed interest, and more importantly, renewed confidence. Anyone who has known us, followed us, or played against us, knows that we are capable of a lot more, and we're setting out to prove it.

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