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Birth Day: 1978
Born in San Francisco, California
Measurements: 34-23-34
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I love talking about sex, but doing it is better. Im good at psychology, and Im good at lovin. My dream is to have sex twice a day. Every time I get into bed, I want it. Guys are, like, Whoa, slow down! For most guys its time to sleep. Im, like, No, its not! They cant keep up with me. And I dont believe in marriage."

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cal-m / clan updates | - 06.27.2003
archived news - up
About time to update the site since it s been around 2 months since the last one!

I ll get started where we left off. The last 4 weeks of cal-m were filled with some good and bad matches, mostly caused by clan/roster problems.

After week 5 we lost 4 of our players (kap, shupa, yoo, sky) to some problems between a few players. At that point three of them were pretty much starters along with kane and myself. Sadly, I was going through some inactivity at the time, which left us with our original roster that got us started back in OGL-open a year ago (kane whitey happy bd spdy). At this point, some of us were pretty busy with school/work and life matters that kept us from playing much, so the few matches we played we had no preparation and just kinda winged it.

We decided to start the recruiting process again and with CAL roster lock coming into effect soon we didn't have much time to waste. First, slick from #teamronin joined as he was a friend of the clan and a very clutch player with solid aim. We then decided to let b3wn (former SCo, dz) join up as he had been in our private channel for a while and is suprisingly good. After that, former member max joined back up, after his current clan GameWave died. We've known max for a while since he played for us in our CAL-im season. He's a very good player who we sadly had to let go of the first time to accommodate some newly added members. More recently, icf|arsenic joined after playing in some scrims with us. He's a very good player and comes through strong in the deciding rounds.

So we finished our cal-m season with a rather disappointing record of 6-8-2 after a bit of a rally at the end. We are ready to start the new CAL-m season again and this time we are ready to give our all in every match. Right now some members are taking a break for the CAL offseason, but we are still working our way through the UGS playoffs.

On that note, we are now in the quarter-finals for the UGS-m playoffs after beating f5 (hand of god) last night on dust2 13-6 with a roster of kane max slick arsen spdy. It turned out to be a very good match which we prepared hard for. Next week we play LFS (legion of fallen souls), a fellow CAL-m clan for a chance to advance to the semis and maybe the finals.

In other news we might also be attending the Boston MA CPL Qualifier next weekend after pre-qualifying for it some three months ago. Not quite sure if we're going to be able to go as kane's sister is having her wedding on the same day as the tournament.

We now also have our very own WONID lookup tool created by our very own lp|kane (MASTA CODER) you can find it at

My Take | - 06.27.2003
archived news - up
The last few months have probably been the most turbulent in the clan's (long?) history. It basically started after we tied roe on nuke for CAL-m week 3. This, as a match in general, was probably the must frustrating match for me as a leader. At the time, the two most skilled players on our team couldn't hold the ramp room CT side of de_nuke. While I kept my calm during most of the match I definitely lost it afterwards and said some stuff I probably shouldn't have. Either way from that point forward things weren't looking too good.

Things started to look better after we took a deciding win over endless on de_clan1_mill 21-3. After that I got into a pretty big argument with shupa over things from the roe match a week before. The argument resulted in me retiring for a period of 24 hours or so. In that brief stint I basically decided that I wasn't about to give up a clan I had put so much time into regardless of what I had to do.

I came out of my semi-retirement, cut both shupa and yoo, and kap and sky decided to leave with them. The rest of the clan, after much discussion (barely) decided to stick it out and try to rebuild. Thanks especially to whitey for taking the many hours out to talk to me so we could sort of square things up and start fresh.

Looking back, the thing I regret most out of everything is the fact that kap decided to leave. I guess I took that personally as I considered him a friend and one of the original guys as he had joined back when we first joined CAL some 10 months ago. That being said, it was definitely more my fault then everyone elses but I stand by the decision I made and I think we've turned out very well.

After a few stumbles we're back on our feet and in my opinion looking better then ever. We've got a very skilled and experienced roster and the more time we get to gel the better we'll get. More importantly, as a whole we're having a lot more fun playing (not when joey has a.d.d. or when slick DOESN'T LISTEN though) and with max's hostile iraqi sense of humor, slick the drama queen, and speedy with his 'jokes' its pretty hard to stop laughing and actually kill people.

As far as upcoming events go we have UGS-m quarter finals next tuesday, CPL Qualifier next saturday, and CAL-m season 9 preseason should start within the next few weeks. Stop by #elite-pimps and wish us luck.

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