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Birth Day: July 1, 1982
Born in Avon Lake, Ohio
Measurements: 34-24-33
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kane does Dallas - Day 1 | - 07.31.2003
archived news - up
I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday as they shutdown the outside connection at around 10:00pm last night but here's how day one went.

I ended up not going to bed as the flight left at 6:00am and because of all the extra security I had to be there at 5:00. My dad picked me up around 4:45, got to the airport around 5:15, got on the plane, fell asleep, and arrived in Philadelphia 7:05am. After having a suprisingly bad (well it was at 7:00) steak and cheese I got on the plane for dallas, fell asleep, and arrived 3 hours later. I hopped an airport shuttle to the train station for the 30 minute ride from the airport to Dallas. While waiting for the train I met up with Drax and we spent the next hour or so chatting it up, I also informed him I'd be stealing his Shuttle.

I met up with Torbull and checked into the actual event around 1:30pm. The rest of the day was just spent getting everyone setup and organized for the event. I've met tons of people, all the SK guys, 3D, few TEC, zEx, all have been really cool. As I type this MurK is sitting behind me, scrimming, yelling in Icelandic (<3 skyline). I didn't stay up too late the first night; steel, Torbull, and I headed back to the room at around 11:30 and I again passed right out.

I'll end this post here and start today's. I'll try and update it every other hour or so throughout the day.

Overall Bawl's Count: 7

kane does Dallas - Day 2 | - 07.31.2003
archived news - up
10:30 - Woke up, had a bawls, headed down to the tournament area to get online before the network got too clogged up. The 96 team single elimination tournament starts in about a half hour for all the people who didn't get autoberthed. The seeds were announced a few days ago with 3D receiving the top spot after winning the last event.

11:00 - As I type this, a TV crew from ABC Nightly News (with Peter Jennings) is setting up to film 3D as they progress through the tournament. I'm not sure when the special will be aired but I'll post as soon as I find out. What they're doing is pretty similar to what MTV did with fatal1ty last CPL. There's a boom mic sitting over my head and its starting to freak me out, maybe the sound guy will read this and stop.

5:30 - Went to lunch where the ABC crew filmed us some more. After lunch ABC interviewed Bullseye, moto, steel, Torbull, Rambo for the special. Came back down to the event, played a bunch of CS. Right now im just hanging out watching some scrims and pubbing a bit. I'm going to go test out those Zboards in a bit because I want a new keyboard.

Overall Bawls Count: 10

Movin' on up | - 07.28.2003
archived news - up
Just thought I'd share the, now official, good news.

This Email is to inform you that your clan has been promoted to UGS-Advanced
and to congratulate you on a well played season. If you have any questions
about the promotion, pls contact me on IRC.

Once again, Congratulations.

Lonnie Martin
Head CS League Admin

As far as upcoming events go, I'll be heading to Summer CPL wednesday till next monday and I'll be posting updates and pictures on the site throughout the event. CAL-m preseason starts August 10th and we've got a great lineup that we're working on for this season. We're taking a more serious approach this season with 5 starters as opposed to a rotating lineup. Hopefully this will give us much more consistant results. After that we're attending a local LAN August 16th where we'll hopefully take home some sweet cash.

Update | - 07.18.2003
archived news - up
Well UGS finals came and went; we lost to f2 in OT, some mistakes were made, but we are still happy we made it that far. In more important news cal-m season will start august the 10th, just after CPL. I would also like to comment that our very own lp|kane will be at cpl with Team 3D (im guessing sexing torbull) :) he will keep us up-to-date on the latest matches and pics. In the mean time drop by #elite-pimps to chat and what not.

UGS-m Semi Finals | - 07.03.2003
archived news - up
After only a quick two days of prep we headed off to play our match versus TombStone on de_nuke. We started off as CT's on a basically CT biased map. We took pistol round and the following nine rounds. We dropped 11th round to a nicely executed inside rush. We countered and won the final round putting us up 11-1 going into the second half. Props to arsen for playing outside perfectly and owning it up.

We started T side off and managed to take pistol round after an intense 2v2 with speedy and arsen coming through big time. For the last round we rushed hard inside with MP5's and they managed to cut a few of us down but we fought back taking the round as well as the match 13-1.

This is the third time we've played TombStone and I'd just like to say that of all the clans we've matched/scrimmed these are definitely the nicest guys out there and are great sports. Good luck to them and we'll see you next season in UGS-a.

We play the final match tuesday on de_inferno and as the other two teams haven't played yet we're not sure who our opponent will be. Either way we intend to give it our best shot and try to take home the UGS-m East title. Stop by and wish us luck, you know the channel.

UGS-m Quarter Finals | - 07.02.2003
archived news - up
We played our match versus Legion of Fallen Souls last night on de_aztec for UGS-m quarter finals winning the match in overtime 18-13. First half as CT we lost pistol round in dramatic fashion not even killing one T as they rushed bridge then dropped down into water. Second round we saved and attempted to catch them off guard by double doors but we failed after killing one or two. Third round we also saved and stacked the CT spawn bombsite. They walked straight into our trap and it worked beautifully as we managed to win the round and pickup their AK's. We won the next seven rounds, lost one, then won the last to end the half at 9-3.

Second half went pretty poor and our lack of preparation showed. We dropped pistol round and over the next 10 rounds managed to only pickup 2. This put us in a situation where we needed to win the last round in order to tie. We rushed hard doors and made our shots sending the match into overtime.

We stayed T and started the 5 (not 3 as in CAL) overtime half. We took pistol round as well as the resulting save round. LFS tried to catch us off guard third round by buying but we ran our strat, picked them off and won the round. We took fourth round as they saved for the final round where they would swiftly cut us off as we rushed hard doors hoping for the same success as in the half before.

We started second OT half as CT's and quickly traded kills with max taking one out then dieing in water. Arsen took one out doors then 3 rushed bridge. I took 2 out and happy took the remaining one out to basically secure the win. The last round was pretty anticlimactic with LFS rushing hard doors with assorted pistols and us taking them out to win the match.

Big thanks to bd for stepping up and playing without any warmup and without scrimming with us at all as slick left us hanging, leaving at the last minute. Also, thanks to #GBL radio for interviewing both max and myself after the match! It was a new experience for both of us and it was definitely cool, thanks for the coverage. Our next match is tommorow (thursday) on de_nuke versus TombStone for the semi finals. Stop by #elite-pimps and wish us luck!

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