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Birth Day: February 20, 1966
Born in De Kalb, Illinois
Measurements: 34-26-35
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is frequently rumored to be bisexual

<lp|bd> at least our record wouldnt be 1-4-2
<lp|bd> 2-4-2 sounds better
<lp|kane> yeah 2-4-2 is leet
<lp|kane> its like
<lp|kane> a pyramid
<lp|kane> of suckage
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CAL Season 9 Week 2 | - 08.28.2003
archived news - up
Yesterday we played Project Revolution on train for our week 2 matchup. First half started out rough losing pistol round but we came back with a strong eco and then won 11-1 heading into the 2nd half in our favor. 2nd half went by smooth taking it 10-2 making the final score 21-3. Very good game to them.

Come support us in #elite-pimps when we play PLP Sunday on mill.

CAL Season 9 Week 1 | - 08.24.2003
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Tonight we played UnReal Skillz on train for our week 1 match. I must say it was a very interesting match. First half we won 7-5 as ct then tieing the 2nd half 7-5 going into overtime. We then took both pistol and gun rounds to take the victory 16-12. Great game to them.

Tuesday we played [se] on train for UGS. Come support us in #elite-pimps and cheer us on.

cal-m season set to go! | - 08.22.2003
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After a month and some odd weeks, cal-m regular season is about to start, divisions are set, and the first week schedule is out. We shall be playing UnReal Skills for our first match on de_train following that we'll be playing Project Revolution on the same map. Wish us luck and drop by #elite-pimps to cheer us on.

cal-m pre-season over | - 08.21.2003
archived news - up
After a hard 4 matches we have finally finished our pre-season matches.

Our first match didn't go too well against [se] because of some internet complications with cox and 3 of the members in that match. We pray every night to our gods so that the RI area gets a new cable provider. Final result was 10-14 in favor of [se] on the map de_chateau.

Our Second match went a little bit smoother, but still had the same old connection problem which left us playing a 4 v 5 for about 5-6 rounds against tmo. Thank god kane didn't lag out so we had our strat caller, and we pulled through with the rounds needed to win the match. Final result was 11-13 in favor of lp on the map of de_chateau.

Our third match went alot better since no one lagged out, and we were able to communicate much better. We played an esm a few times back in the day, and they were quite close. With that in mind we prepared non-stop so we would get everything down, and we did. Final result was 20-4 in favor of lp on the map of de_comrade.

Our fourth and final match was probably our toughest match between the 3 other pre-season matches. Starting off we didn't have a solid grip of the game do to some of us not being in the game :o *cough arsen cough* :o . we lost CT side of the map 10-2, but all was not lost because maX was still in the game. We went over to T side, and we got alot of rounds. From what I remember towards the end of the second half the score was 9-2 us, and it all came down to me. 1 v 5 - maX vs mk. I jumped out with 5 deagle bullets left surrounded by 5 mk members from all sides. I jumped up and HSed 3 in the air, and when I got down the other 2 mk members were in shock so I took advantage and HSed them too, and we tied the match...riiight ok, everyone really played well, and really came together the last round which REALLY was the reason we tied the game. Final result 12-12 in favor of team maX (tie).

That's about it for now. Wish us luck in the regular season.

Father over and out.

New cal-m season approching! | - 08.12.2003
archived news - up
Well it's been a long offseason and summer. Finally summer is coming to an end, this means it's time to start those matches again. Right now we are just getting through preseason playing new maps trying things out.

As of now our main lineup is: kane(L) spdy max arseniic rhino with happy and bd as our 6th man depending on their school situation, we have also bewner. slick and wd are inactive pretty much online, but wd will still play for our lan team, we are actually attending a cs tournament this weekend lanlegends2 our roster are all the RI based players pretty much: kane wd happy bd and I (maybe mojo for moral support EL OH EL jk)

As for me i hope i can start playing more often like i used to, and not a repeat of cal-m where i was not able to play very often. With our new starting lineup set, we should be able to be more consistent than last season, where we kept rotating players.

kane does Dallas - Day 3 | - 08.01.2003
archived news - up
Yesterday ended around 1:00am after spending the rest of the night just hanging out in the BYOC playing POD bots and a bit of pubbing. After some pizza I finally fell asleep. Torbull woke up around 8:00am apparently but I slept in. Probably around 11:00am I started waking up, but the room was dark, there was someone in Torbull's bed (who I thought was Torbull) and I couldn't quite see the clock. I continued dozing off till I finally looked at the clock and saw that it was 1:00pm. I called to who I thought was Torbull in the bed next to me until I realized it was Rambo I was waking up.

3:45 - Right now I'm just hanging out, watching 3D scrim a bit and drinking some bawls, and catching a bit of the HLTV matches. I'm a bit frustrated because the computer I'm borrowing from the CPL is actually slower and has the same videocard (GeForce 2) that I have at home. This basically means that in pubs during fights I drop down to a basically unplayable 40fps. Under different circumstances I'd be fine because afterall it is borrowed equiptment. What's different is that I was supposed to get a GeForce FX 5600 from NVIDIA at CPL (they sponsor 3D). When I went to their booth and asked for the card they informed me that they had given it away already and that they'd mail it to me.. cool. I'm thinking of just going out and buying something (DEFINITELY AN ATI) so I can actually play some cs while I'm here. In other news, I rape POD bots.

Overall Bawls Count: 14

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