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Birth Day: 1978
Born in San Francisco, California
Measurements: 34-23-34
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As you can tell Josie is quite open about herself. You can find a few more interesting pics here.
Did You Know:
I love talking about sex, but doing it is better. Im good at psychology, and Im good at lovin. My dream is to have sex twice a day. Every time I get into bed, I want it. Guys are, like, Whoa, slow down! For most guys its time to sleep. Im, like, No, its not! They cant keep up with me. And I dont believe in marriage."

<lp|maX> i am 20 you are 18
<lp|maX> when i was 2
<lp|maX> you were born
<lp|maX> i could have punched you
<lp|maX> but i didn't
<lp|maX> be happy
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New cal-m season begins wednesday! | - 08.31.2004
archived news - up
The new cal-m season begins on wednesday, with a preseason match against Epiphany of Pain and then coL on sunday, both matches on de_nuke. The regular season will probably start next week.

Also I would like to welcome back rhino and Sephiroth into lp. With their return this brings lp's starting roster to the same rosters from our season in cal-p were we went inactive. (kane kapo cai spdy rhino Sephiroth)

Look for hltv and scorebots info, for the regular season matches in #elite-pimps.

cpl is over! Fresh start | - 08.08.2004
archived news - up
Well CPL has come and gone, since we went inactive a few months ago we ended up getting a very high seed at CPL and ended up playing TAU in single elim after getting a first round bye. We lost 13-7 on de_train (TAU went on to beat NoA 13-11) but we got to see a lot of good matches live from CPL and we still enjoyed our stay at the gaylord hotel.

Here are a few team pics posted on

(kapo,spdy,cai,kane,wd) + moto

I also have some videos which i will upload when i get broadband again :(

Additionally after spending a week together playing cs on lan, we have decided to go back to competitive cs and rejoin CAL. Also cai and kapo have made a doom 3 2v2 team which will compete in CAL this upcoming season.

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