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Birth Day: April 15 1976
Born in Monroe, Louisiana
Measurements: 34-24-36
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Did You Know:
When she was a teenager, she shocked her ultra-religious mother by telling her she didn't need to take warm PJs on a ski trip as she planned to spend the entire time either "skiing or having sex."

<lp|speedy> setup an hltv proxy from the mothership
<lp|kane> ok
<lp|speedy> just for record
<lp|kap> what the hell
<lp|kap> are u aliens
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Opponent Tag8Ball
DateJan 21, 2003
CompetitionUnited Gaming Syndicate Main Season 2
First Half7 - 5
Second Half4 - 8
Overtime0 - 0
Match Rosterkane, kap, speedy, happy, beast
Commentgg, last minute substitution :(

update from CAL website:

CAL-Intermediate Team: 8 Ball
Real Name: Chris Henwood
Handle: evil.empire
WONid: 224276
Ban Information: 1 year Ban 04/04/03 - 04/04/04
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