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Birth Day: June 14, 1981
Born in Eindhoven, Holland
Measurements: 32-25-35
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Did You Know:
At the head of her class, Lonneke excels in school and already speaks five different languages. Enjoys horseback riding in her spare time. Wants to one day become an airline pilot.

<lp|kane> i have to make a subscription system for esea tonight what are you up to kap?
<lp|kapo`> staring at janet's boobies
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OpponentStarnova Troopers
Opponent Tagsnt.
DateMar 4, 2003
CompetitionUnited Gaming Syndicate Main Season 2
First Half1 - 11
Second Half5 - 7
Overtime0 - 0
Match Rosterkane, white, speedy, kap, max
CommentUGS-m Playoffs Round 1

Good game, bit sloppy on our part though.
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