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CAL Review

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 06, 2003 12:00 pm    Post subject: CAL Review Reply with quote

Before last week I was a bit remiss about posting an update as we had just come off of back to back losses after some mid season roster problems. That being said, I'm making a post now so something good must have happened! To be specific, we won a major upset vs Darkside on de_cpl_fire, then last night won decisively over Commando elite du Quebec on one of our favorite maps, de_inferno.

First up, the Darkside match on de_cpl_fire. We came into this match feeling confident, but basically only wanting to get more then 5 rounds (as we were predicted to lose 19-5). The roster was kane, spdy, kap (welcome back!), max, and rhino. We started off CT side and took pistol as well as the following 2 rounds after a close win 2nd round with spdy clutching a 1v2. We took the next 2 rounds, putting us up 5-0 then started to trade rounds in Darksides favor, ending the half tied at 6-6. We started T side, ran our pistol strat, and were countered perfectly (as they had 4 waiting for us where we rushed). We saved the second round, then went for third round buy and won decisively. After that, we ran up the scoreboard, winning 10 straight rounds, ending the half at 10-2 (and the match 16-8 ) with rhino having a huge half, going 22-4.

Last night's match was versus CeQ on de_inferno with a lineup of kane, wd, spdy, kap, rhino. We started off as CT on a basically T sided map, hoping to get at least 5 rounds. The match started off with a bang as I managed to kill all 5 with headshots in about 10 seconds (check it out, thanks to spdy). The rest of the half went well and we ended up 10-2. We won T pistol round pretty decisively, and won the second round (giving us the tie), but lost the third round. We came back, won the fourth round and then traded rounds for the remainder of the half, ending up 8-4 giving us the win at 18-6.

We're currently in Week 5, with over two weeks left of regular season. We still have a shot at playoffs but we basically can't lose another match. Come cheer us on and welcome kap back in #elite-pimps!
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