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Birth Day: January 1, 1973
Born in Berisch Gladbach, Germany
Measurements: 35-24-34
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heidi have sex with me plssss
omg yes of course!
* heidi_klum sexes lp|kane

Did You Know:
drinks three litres water without carbonic acid daily

<lp|41-out> see, i have a number, so i dont need to be all like kane`out
<lp|41-out> because you all know my number
<lp|41-out> so i can be all like 41-out
<lp|41-out> and you're all like HEY THATS KANE AND HE'S OUT
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lp starts Desert Combat division | - 02.25.2004
archived news - up
That's right folks, lp has decided it's time to try new games and we have decided to start a Desert Combat division. We'll still be playing cs but take it more lightly for now. DC division is made up of lp.cs members [3D]-steel and [3D]-boms. Once polman learns how to get one kill in a 30 minute map we shall start to practice for cal-dc, but for now rhino and myself will keep owning the tanks.

More Matches, More Changes, Still Awaiting Results | - 02.17.2004
archived news - up
I type you this message from a hard wooden bench, however I was promoted to official news poster!

Who knew an animal as big as a rhinoceros could crawl? Anyways, welcome him back to lp. kane, spdy, kapo, rhino, and subzero is now the well oiled machine tearing through CAL. After a close loss to CeQ on fire, (hey guess what, we lost save rounds) we picked up our first 13-11 win over the dead Nameless team.

It was then that we played rhinos former team, PLP. We lost yet another save round with some sloppy gun rounds after that to take a defeat 15-9 to Packet Loss Pros. However, we did manage to get 2 of our players on GotFrag. For GotArmor Awards.

We play s2k on de_aztec, followed by Supreme eXcellence. Roster is undecided, but there will most likely be some coverage for the match somewhere (you figure it out :) )

CAL-Premier Week 1 Review | - 02.06.2004
archived news - up
We had our first CAL-P match on de_nuke vs diG. Going in with the practice we had, we made a few mistakes which ended up costing us the match, in a close 14-10 loss. The week ended with a match scheduled vs otm on Super Bowl Sunday. Aside from busy work schedules and other plans, we had 5 ready to go at the appointed time. otm could not field 5 correctly matched steamid players, which is crucial especially when members are in the clan but not on the CAL roster. We waited an extra half an hour, but we ended up getting a forfiet win as our members had plans to attend to.

CAL-P and Roster Updates | - 02.06.2004
archived news - up
CAL-Premier 2:1 on de_cpl_fire was against the CAL-i movedown, zEx. We had some serious internet problems with zart, kane, and spdy all lagging out a few days prior to the match, so scrims were irrelevant at the time. With that we also had trouble with a stable 5th due to hectic work schedules and other things. We ended up rescheduling the match to thursday night. We started as terrorist losing the half 5-7. CT we started off 6-0 but lost a few costly save rounds to end the half 7-5 in our favor; tied. Discouraged with no momentum left, we entered directly into overtime. We lost the first half 0-3, and the following pistol round as well for a 12-16 loss to the #1 seed, zEx. It was an intense game with an excellent performance by spdy as CT.

Sunday we are matched up against CeQ on de_cpl_fire once again. There will probably be some sort of coverage, so stick around if you're interested.

In other news, welcome subzero from -jk-, esT, aoX, LgD, and most recently iLan Gamers. Our lineup as of now stands at kane, spdy, kapo, poLman, zart, and subzero.

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