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Birth Day: June 14, 1981
Born in Eindhoven, Holland
Measurements: 32-25-35
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At the head of her class, Lonneke excels in school and already speaks five different languages. Enjoys horseback riding in her spare time. Wants to one day become an airline pilot.

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CS Updates! | - 02.16.2005
cs news - up
Counter-Strike Main

4:1 - We faced "missing in action" on cpl_fire and won in a convincing 24-6 fashion. Spdy had two really nice wall shots from ct mid to t spawn, and everyone played a great game.

4:2 - We played "isolated effect" on the same map, and the result was alot different. We lost 22-8; personally I didn't play in the match but I know it was a good one.

5:1 - We played "in your eye" on de_cbble and after losing pistol round on ct, we felt distressed and couldn't gain any momentum. They won 20-10.

5:2 - We faced the #1 team in CAL-main, "precise", on cbble, and we came very close to a win. After spdy lagged out 4th round ct side, our money was screwed and we lost the half 9-6. Although this hard deficeit, we came back on t side only to lose the last 2 rounds to make it a 17-13 win for them.

6:1 - Tonight, we just recently played "providence of ascension" on dust2. After winning t side 8-7, we moved to ct side and lost a close pistol round. PoA was up 15-9 on t side, and it looked like they were going to win, but myself (seph) and spdy won a 2v5 with a deagle and famas to force the match closer to a tie. We won the remaining rounds after very clutch play from rhino securing a defuse last round. In overtime, we were ct first and rhino won another 1v1 and defused. 2nd round we also won, but we dropped 3rd round making it 2-1 us. First round t side we won, then we lost 2nd. 3rd round we took b and kane, rhino, and I won a 3v4 holding b to secure a 19-17 win.

Counter-Strike Source

6:1 - We played "silent effect" on de_contra. This was a horrible match to say the least, with kanes internet down the whole time, spdy lagging out, and bewn only playing one half. We played ct half 4v5 and t half 3v5 and lost 18-12.

7:1 - Forfeit...

Good Games to all, currently #8 in CAL-main. Wish us luck throughout the rest of the season.
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New Player! | - 02.02.2005
cs news - up
I'm glad to announce that Jason "fuser" Givens has joined elite pimps. He comes from CAL-invite teams such as a5 and Revolution Sports (select few). The current lineup now consists of kane, spdy, rhino, cai, fuser, and seph. We know this addition will help us greatly and we hope this furthers our chances of winning CAL-main.
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Updates! | - 01.31.2005
cs news - up
I'll try to do this more quickly next time so these updates won't become huge, but whatever, deal with it.

Counter-Strike Main -

2:2 - We played "just2good" on nuke for our second match of week two and just like the match before on nuke, we really stepped it up and came together as a TEAM and won 25-5.

3:1 -We played "waambulance" on train, which I'll go out on a limb and say isn't one of our best maps. After losing the first 7 ct rounds, we came back and won the next 8, which was a huge confidence booster. Going into the second half, we carried this momentum and quickly won the half 10-5, making the final score 18-12.

3:2 - We played "efeX" which is the same players that defeated us in week 1:1, "high performance". Simply put, they beat us in week 1 on a map we didn't know, then got kicked off their team, somehow got a new cal teams spot in main, and we played them again. After they won the first 7 wons, we continued our trend and won 8 straight in a row. On our t side, efeX stacked where we rushed pistol round and despite a nice effort by cai, we lost the round. After losing 8 rounds to them on our t side and only winning 1, we finally got our heads into the game, focused, and won 7 straight to force the tie and overtime. In overtime, we won all 3 ct rounds, then we switched to terrorist. We lost the first round, but in the second round overtime after some nice kills by spdy, kane, and cai we managed to get the round for the match. It was an intense game with us coming out on top, 20-16.

Currently, we our 1st in our division and 4th out of all CAL-main. We will continue to try and win all of our matches and try to win CAL-main.

Counter-Strike Source -

4:1 - Forfeit win......

5:1 - 5th match in CAL-source was against Midwest5 on de_tides (???). This was right after our long match against efeX, and although I don't want to make excuses of why we lost I think us being tired and worn out had alot to do with it. We lost the first half on tides 7-8, and then they won second half after we lost hope 14-1, making it a 22-8 loss for us. We played 2 scrims before this match and this team ONLY plays source and were good sports, so good luck to them.

I'll update more frequent, if anyone cares :) Feedback?
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Season Starts! | - 01.20.2005
cs news - up
Sorry for the late news, but its better than nothing. First I'll start off with Counter-Strike main.

Our first match was vs. high performance on strike, and due to us not knowing the map or practicing the map until the day of the match, we lost a close 17-13. 1:2 match was vs fonix and turned out to be a pretty fun match, with us winning 23-7. We talked with the guys from fonix and they seemed really cool, so good luck to them. Recently, on Janurary 19th, we faced Apathy and won 26-4 on nuke. Although it seems like we dominated them, many clutch rounds such as an amazing 3v5 and a 1v4 (http://www.elite-pimps.com/staff/speedy/nukect.rar) helped keep our momentum up through the match. After a BYE and a team dying, we are 4-1-0, 3rd in our division, and oddly enough, 3rd in all of CAL-main as of 1/22/05.

1:1 match on prodigy was a forfeit win since zeroping could not get 5 members on at match time. 2:1 was on aztec, and was a really stressful match. Server lag and fps lag on aztec made for a shitty combination, but clutch rounds like rhinos 1v3 lagged awp shots helped win the match, 17-13. Our 1:3 match on cbble was vs. cut4life, and after a 12-3 t side, we won ct pistol round to win the match, 21-9. The score could've been higher if we had taken it more seriously after the win, but thats okay.

So far, we are 4-1-0 in CAL-main and 3-0-0 in CAL-source. We're off to a good start, and hope to stay undefeated in source, win our division in CAL-main, and hopefully make deep runs into both playoff brackets.[/b]
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CS Updates | - 12.30.2004
cs news - up
Well, we've decided to start playing counter-strike:source and continue to play CAL-main for one more season. The season starts soon, wish us luck.
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Quick end to postseason | - 11.18.2004
cs news - up
Well, we played against adverse Reality on dust2 and lost, 16-7. This knocks us out of the season 12 playoffs in Main. I'd say this was a sucessful season, and I know that if we practice next season, we could see ourselves in CAL-p once again. :D
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CAL-main 8:2 results and postseason | - 11.17.2004
cs news - up
Well, the season is finally over. We played waambulance on fire for 8:2 and won with a score of 19-11. This brought the team very close to playoff postition. CAL released the seedings late, but we managed to pick up the #12 seed in CAL-main and made playoffs. This is very good considering spdys 56k (which now he finally has cable :) ) and kane bad ping. Tonight, we face adverse reality, the #5 seed, on dust2 at 10:15. Wish us luck!
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CAL-main 6:1 to 8:1 results | - 11.07.2004
cs news - up
In CAL-main 6:1, we faced former CAL-p clan Artic Thugz on nuke. After rallying back in the later rounds 2nd half we almost came back but lost it in the lost round, 14-16. This brought our record to 4-6-1. Although disheartened, we came back in 6:2 on nuke and won against reverence 17-13. In 7:1 on inferno, we played against esm and won 19-11. In 7:2, we played against deviate and won 19-11 again on the same map. In 8:1, we recently just faced isolated effect for the 3rd time this season, and once again won against them, 24-6. All of these wins have brought our record to 8-6-1, which is not too bad seeing as of all the problems we've had. Tonight, November 7th, we face waambulance on cpl_fire for our last match of the season. If we win, and certain teams lose and certain teams win, there is a good chance we will be in the playoffs. Lets hope for the best :D
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CAL-main 2:1 - 5:2 results | - 10.17.2004
cs news - up
Well, since the site was down for a while there hasn't been any updates. In 2:1, we faced Initial on cbble and after a long match it became a tie, with many clutch plays by everyone including rhino aceing in overtime, which doesn't happen alot. 2:2 we faced precise on cbble and lost 13-17. Next we played 3:1 and 3:2 on mill, and without much practice we lost to npyhte and absolut 12-18 and 10-20. In 4:1 and 4:2, we faced efeX who we lost to in a very disappointing game 14-16. We were up 12-3 at half and then blew it. Next we went on to face isolated effect, and we picked up a win over them 17-13. Alot of clutch play by everyone. In 5:1 and 5:2 we faced isolated effect (again) and won 18-12. Finally, in 5:2, we faced 1st Reign and won 16-14. Alot of these loses were due to kane not having a good internet (200 + ping, spiking) and spdy having work and having 56k. Also, we did not practice for alot of these matches and basically pugged them. Kane is still lagging but we are now practicing and looking foward more wins in the future, and hopefully in the near future kane and spdy will have internet so we can start practicing more and have a 5th who doesn't have over 200 ping. :P
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CAL-main 1:2 results | - 09.21.2004
cs news - up
Well, we faced complexity on prodigy on September 21st. The score was 27-3 in their favor, with us only getting 1 pistol and 2 gun rounds. Although disappointing, we will keep trying our best to win our next match. The roster was cai, kapo, rhino, seph, and spdy.

Initial tommorow (Wednesday) on Cbble for 2:1. Wish us luck :D
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