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Birth Day: 1978
Born in San Francisco, California
Measurements: 34-23-34
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As you can tell Josie is quite open about herself. You can find a few more interesting pics here.
Did You Know:
I love talking about sex, but doing it is better. Im good at psychology, and Im good at lovin. My dream is to have sex twice a day. Every time I get into bed, I want it. Guys are, like, Whoa, slow down! For most guys its time to sleep. Im, like, No, its not! They cant keep up with me. And I dont believe in marriage."

<lp|spdy> im signing us up for online quali
<lp|spdy> "Member names should be unique. You are discouraged from including your team's tag when registering your name, because you may change teams/join another team. Maximum of 30 characters."
<lp|spdy> not when lp.kane is your leader, and lives within drivable range
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Tiberium Twilight Revolution... | - 07.31.1999
archived news - up
... is what this place should be called. Oliver made a valid point, even though his feeble assassination attempts have thus far proved fruitless :)

In other news, I was this sites 100th visitor. What an exciting event...


Hello, hi, blabla... | - 07.30.1999
archived news - up
Wow, this site is looking more like TumSun everyday ;) Hmm... looks like this time, Kane41's ranked higher than me, well... I'll just have to shove him around a bit at TumSun to show him who's boss =) Mmm... so what's the expected release date of TT? Summer 2002? =) Hey, I'm sick of being Vice-Webmaster for every stinkin' site... ok, I think I'll kill Warmaker and take over his spot... (j/k ;)

Our First Poll | - 07.29.1999
archived news - up
It looks like Kane41 got the Poll CGI script setup, so now we have our first ever poll. The poll asks "Where do you think Tiberian Twilight will take place?" and your choices can be seen to the right. With my vote, "Earth" is now winning.

Welcome! | - 07.28.1999
archived news - up
Welcome to Tiberian Twilight Revolution, your source for all the latest and greatest info on Tiberian Twilight, the next in the Command & Conquer Series. As you'll probably notice there isn't much here yet but we're working hard to get as many sections as we can up even though the only info that we have on TT is that it's a game =) Here's a list of the sections that we plan to have up shortly.
  • History of Westwood
  • Story So Far
  • Sides Info
  • Tiberium
  • Staff Section
  • Contact
  • TT Chat
We'll keep you posted on the progress of these sections. We would also appreciate any comments or suggestions which you can send here. Make sure to bookmark us and check back frequently.

Hi, and Stuff | - 07.28.1999
archived news - up
First, while Kane41 might rock my socks, it doesnt change the fact that I own his bones. Now that I've got that important point clear, hi I'm Warmaker and you can email me using my l337 address, While TS isn't even out yet, I'm already working on a TT site, and as it won't be coming out for a long time we've got some waiting ahead of us :)

Hola | - 07.27.1999
archived news - up
Hello everyone, Gamma here, yes the same one from If you need to contact me, I'm still using my TumSun address, because I still work there =) I look forward to giving you all the best news, just like I do at TumSun.

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