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Born in De Kalb, Illinois
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Real News | - 08.31.1999
archived news - up
In the latest issue of PC Gamer they had a preview of the next evolution of the Command & Conquer series, C&C Renegade. Well that's not TT news is it? Nope the part I'm getting to is that near the end of the preview they had a good ol' fashion Q&A with Brett Sperry, Co-Founder of Westwood Studios. Here's the part of the Q&A that dealt with the future of the C&C series, Tiberian Twilight.
PC Gamer: What, then can we expect from Command & Conquer 3?

Brett Sperry: People will definitely be surprised by each new C&C -- there's alwas a guarentee that we're going to come up with new tactics. That, at the heart of it, is why people are buying these games. And in the next C&C, especially, you're going to see a bit of paradigm shif which I'm really excited about. A lot of these issues, what's going to happen with the basic story and overall conflict, were thought out years ago. We're still executing to a basic script, and a basic vision, and we haven't come close to exhausting what this series wants to be. Then there's the fact that C&C takes place in a very rich, well-constructed and fascinating world. People like Kane, they like the idea of Nod versus GDI. With each new game that we bring out we add to that mythos, and we raise more questions than we answer. We leave you wondering what's gong to happen next, and the story is going to happen next, and the story is going to take a really interesting and fun turn in Command & Conquer 3. We're going to keep people on their toes.

PC Gamer: What's the series' lifespan? Will there come a time when the C&C story comes to an end and Westwood will move on to something else?

Brett Sperry: Originally it felt like the current story was naturally going to end around the third game in the series. But now that I see how much we've put into Tiberian Sun, it can easily go another three titles. Easy. The world is so rich, there's so much going on. There's no shortage of games to write, so long as we keep coming up with cool, innovative battle tactics in addition to the great story. The fact that we're not trying to crank these games out every twelve months helps a lot.

PC Gamer: So when can we expect to see Command & Conquer 3?

Brett Sperry: Let's just say it's going to take a while. A long while.

Well there you have it. The thing that troubles me is this, "Let's just say it's going to take a while. A long while." Ouch I guess we'll be here for a while.

New People | - 08.31.1999
archived news - up
To make my job easier I've hired some new people. Here's a list of the new people and what they do.
  • Apollo - He'll be a news wh0re
  • Chris - Same
  • NodNuke23 - News Updating
  • TheShadow - Content
Ok I think we have enough news dudes so if you want to do content for us drop me a line.

Wow I'm l337 | - 08.30.1999
archived news - up
Ok damn I'm good =) I just finished setting up a new updating script and I must say it kicks ass.

Victory | - 08.29.1999
archived news - up
Yes yes to further prove how l337 I really am I have won the war against the chat applet. I also have taken the 30 seconds to add the first part of some of this "content" as you all call it. So here's a list of all the open sections here at TTR.Yes you saw right, 3 sections up. Well hey they are kind of useful. Go take a good look at them and expect more to come if I can get some of my wh0res to d0 something.

Hmmm.... | - 08.29.1999
archived news - up
Yey, I'm still alive :)

Who's this Apollo guy? No-one told me about him :( But hey, if he looks at pr0n he can't be all bad. Sorry, no updates but as you know TS is out and I'm spending all my time owning everyone w/ Kane41 and getting my rank up to 53 :)

Hey | - 08.28.1999
archived news - up
Just letting you all know that I'm a new updater here at TTR. And as my first post, I have decided to bless you all with some...get this...real news. I was surfin around on the net lookin for pr0n....errrr....twilight news and I found that Westwood plans to release TT sometime in 2001. No promises though...TS was originally supposed to be released sometime in '98 and I don't know about you guys but I just got my copy this week =)

Poll | - 08.22.1999
archived news - up
With a whopping 90 votes I have decided to end the current poll, "What was your reaction to TS going gold?." Here were the results.

Kick Ass!57
About time20
Who cares?6

There you have it. The new poll asks what type of game do you think TT will be? Do I even have to tell you to vote?

I'm Baaaaaaack | - 08.22.1999
archived news - up
You missed me right? damn well better or I'll ummm...hax0r your grandma. Well it looks like my l337 whores actually did pull some tricks and hopefully kept you all entertained. Props goes to Cyclone for posting the first (drum roll please) real TT news. Some cool stuff coming up for you all.

  • My continuing war: me vs. chat applet
  • content? yes yes we're working on a tad bit o' content
  • probably the coolest new thing will be the domain name. It should be up and running within a week. No I won't tell you...not yet...until it is all registered =)
That's it for now.

Oh... | - 08.22.1999
archived news - up
Oh, thanks for your post Oliver. Now I know your weakness. And, you don't have the power to fire me! :)

AH! | - 08.21.1999
archived news - up
Cyclone... did you just post some "real" TT news?!?!... How could you do such a thing? You are fired! =) (j/k)...

TT Theory | - 08.21.1999
archived news - up
SonicStorm of the Rising Sun Network has posted a theory on a quote of Kane from the E3 video:
"I've seen the future, our Tiberian future. And as you watch this battle just beginning to unfold I've already seen the final act. It is my destiny to lead the way for all mankind."
Here's the theory itself:
Ok, here's my theory. The story of Tiberian Twilight I expect to go something like this: In the begining of the game, the aliens will appear. NOD and the aliens will ally. About halfway into the game, NOD will learn that the aliens are 'using' them and will turn on NOD once they accomplish their goals. NOD then turns on the aliens and all of humanity allies to defeat the aliens. Why else would Kane have said that? I don't know how he could have known that, but he does.
Well, if Nod does have an alliance with the scrin aliens, then death to GDI! (and to all who oppose me)

ChatRoom Problem | - 08.16.1999
archived news - up
I've been to the TTR chatroom and I noticed that the applet would not load. If you visit it too and the same problem occurs, you might want to inform Kane41 about it. Why not me? Because I don't have FTP access yet. but I will one day. Soon. Very soon. Time will tell...

69 | - 08.15.1999
archived news - up
Another day another update.

A thought - why does this page have more updates on it than tumsun when this game isnt coming out for 3 years?Things seem to have changed, we have more ppl here now... more ppl = more useless updates... it's going to be a fun three years at least :)

Of course, Cyclone thinks he is King Shit around here, but he isn't... Oliver tried to assasinate me, and has failed thus far... feel free to try though :)

I was going to attempt to make a funny counter image, but then I remembered that the last time I tried to make a funny image it was lame. Humor and me don't mix :(

With Eric gone, we don't have to update anymore... hope he doesnt read that though :)

I double posted on our message board = a lame thing to do. [link] Don't worry, we're not going to neglect tumsun, you actually think that we put more than 2 minutes into these updates? :)

I didn't get that game report done, sorry Oliver :(

First Post | - 08.15.1999
archived news - up
Well, well. Looks like this will be my first update. Er.... nothing else to say, but I just want to give Oliver a little warning... :) You may rule me for moment, but let's see who will get the last laugh. Soon, I shall execute warmaker and kane41 and we'll see who's boss. That's my evil plan.... MUAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! Stay tuned for world domination under me. :)

100 Trillion | - 08.14.1999
archived news - up
1000th? Bwuhahaha! I am from the future! Yes, yes, you are currently reading a post made by the 100 trillionth visitor to TTR. Just thought I'd let you know that I have seen the future and TTR whups up the enemy bad! =) Here's my screen:

Hehe... Yeah, guess that means we keep the same button for a while too...

Stuff | - 08.14.1999
archived news - up
Ok we've added three people today to further enhance the "tumsun feeling." I've already told you about Cyclone so here's the two new guys. First is BritishTS who works with us over at tumsun and is an FMV (full motion video) g0d. He's put under news updater but he really is a whole bunch of stuff, I just ran out of creative titles so I put him down for "news." The last addition is $creamer, he's also from tumsun under the "misc" category and he happens to be an IRC g0d so he can k-ban anyone who phucks (can i say that?) with the members of our l337 site =)

Lastly and sadly I'm leaving for a week to go on a cruise. We're chartering this kick ass 42 boat and ummm...err...driving around. Don't cry you still will be entertained by my trick pulling l337 whores =) With that I bid you goodbye.

1k | - 08.14.1999
archived news - up
Yes yes don't get to excited I was the lucky 1000th visitor to TTR. That's not to bad considering we've only been up for a little under two weeks. Anyway here is the screenshot to prove how l337 I really am.

Also just to fill you in on what the [lp] before my name stands for, we have started a new clan called the l337 p1mps. So far only three members, l337 p1mp Warmaker, l337 p1mp Oliver, and the l337est of them all, l337 p1mp Kane41.

Erhm... | - 08.14.1999
archived news - up
What's with the [lp]? Is that some hAx0r thingy that I don't get? Or did you just screw up the script, Warmaker? =) Well... if there's an [lp] in the front of my name... then you screwed it up I guess? Argh, their/there/they're to/too/two, its/it's... you guys make me sick =) (j/k)

Oh yeah, and Cyclone... I don't care if you have the same title as me, I own you... I was here first! ;)

Welcome | - 08.14.1999
archived news - up
Just wanted to let you all know we have another new vice webmaster and that's Cyclone. He's currently the webmaster at TSD but after he saw how l337 our site is he decided he wanted to be part of it. Expect an update from him within the next day or so. Oh and another thing he'll probably be doing some more of this "content" that you people keep asking about.

Stuff? | - 08.14.1999
archived news - up
If I didn't just screw over the CGI like a whore I should have a new name here now :)

Ahywho, sorry that I havn't been updating lately, but with Tumsun, Dawsons Creek, school and the fact that Nach Bridges is back (10:30 Thursday nights Channel 7 baby :) I've been too busy :)

I've been at school for weeks now, so you shouldn't be complaining that mucn, the battle report will be done one day, I was going to do it today but I went out for too long :(

Can you fire me though? If I'm a webmaster too?

Linking here from Tumsun gets two thumbs down from me :( Now all these newbies are coming, someone called cookie man or whatever has posted in our message board too :(

Talking about message boards, I'm starting to get an understanding of content. So what content is, is a place where we get people to do work for us without getting much/little credit at all?

Each paragraph is meant to be a number of sentances long, rather than only one of two short sentances. But it kinda matches the all-round lack of grammer skills I have already.

You're also not supposed to write one sentance paragraph's.

Looks like TTM havn't learnt their role yet. TTM does not own TTR. Finally, at least TTN have woken up to the fact that we own them. "There (or is it their oliver? :) site name is TT Revolution and they are a very nice."

Till next time. site.

Message Board | - 08.14.1999
archived news - up
Being the l337 p1mp that I am I decided to answer your calls for a thing called "content." Did I bring you just static content? No, I present to you the TTR (that's us) Message Board. Now this is not an ordinary board like the goons over at TTM. No this is an *drum roll* Ultra Board. Yes yes I know you're all excited. Here are three places where you can now find it.

  • Under Announcements
  • On the left sidebar under Communication
  • Or you can get to it simply by clicking here
Look forward to more of this "content" in the next few weeks!

Oh... um... | - 08.13.1999
archived news - up
...because I'm not really online constantly right now... I kind of leave the room, then come back 15 minutes later... and doing homework at the same time (and checking on websites, etc. for a little break =). So I have a bit of time to make posts like this, but not really enough to chat on ICQ =)

YUP | - 08.13.1999
archived news - up
Yeah that was kind of sly of me huh? Putting the pics on my page and hinting to go there =) Damn Oliver why don't you come on ICQ? I know you're online but just not on ICQ =)

Dang it! | - 08.13.1999
archived news - up
Ah! Kane41 linked to TTR from TumSun! Oh NO!! We're going to actually get hits!!! This will no longer be a staff board! Ah!!!... Destroy the evidence! All of it! =) Erhm... wait... hits are good, right? ;)

SCHOOL!?! | - 08.13.1999
archived news - up
Damn man you're already in school? Wow I don't start until early september.

FIRED!?! | - 08.13.1999
archived news - up
Yeah right!... remember... you just gave me FTP access... bwahahahahahaa... You know how many things I can do with FTP access? ;) Argh, school stinks =( I'm loaded with homework... maybe I took too many honors classes? =)

No matter, I can still find time to obliterate this site... =)

Where are my l337 whores? | - 08.13.1999
archived news - up
Yeah where are they? so "busy" with tumsun and "busy" with dawson's creek and so "busy" with school. That's it YOU'RE ALL FIRED I've already nuked your computers so you will never be able to boot up again. I've also hax0red your dogs ahhahaah I AM THE MOST L337 OF THEM ALL. Yeah warmaker tries to be l337 but he can't, he knows deep down inside that I am the true p1mp of @ll the wr0ld.

On the domestic side, sorry for the lack of news, simply, there isn't any. Also sorry for the lack of content, chatroom, or message board. I'm in Boston and can't FTP stuff but I should be home tonight. Upon my return I'm going to *try* to set all that good stuff up.

A hax0r!! | - 08.10.1999
archived news - up
It would have to happen... damn the FBI. They're trying to get me but they can't... they never will. Like Oliver said it's time to make a stand, it's time to dispel our oppressors... I hope they realise how easy it would be for someone as l337 as me, Kane41 or Oliver to phuck with their updating script. Keep in line or you will pay Royalty

Anyway, time to laugh at those not as good as ourselves :) The d0pe's over at TTM have got a message board (when are we getting one?) so you all know what to do. Go over there and flood it full of sh!t :) If that's not your thing feel free to contribute in the indepth discussion about life which I started over there.

Ok, I've had my fun now... time for that medication...

Re: Re: Unlike Them.... | - 08.10.1999
archived news - up
I know, wtf is up with that? W'ere nice enough to link to them and they don't even link back... time for a good old fashion smack down methinks... I do think it's time for TTR to offer some h@rdc0r3 pr0n though, although I'm going to have to start searching for some great new stuff. The pr0n page I made for Tumsun took me ages to make...

Damn, no I didn't notice that bout the counter... damn feds are still after me. Just to repay them I used Winnuke on the FBI's site, portphucked them and then sent them a mailbomb using my ISP's account which I'm sure they won't be able to trace. I'm becoming such a good hax0r lately that I can even hax0r my body.

Yeah, I never wan't to play Stormy again cause he'll own me... I suck at TA:K and games in general so when I've got a 1-0 record why stop? Don't tell Oliver but this time that I play him I'll make him host it so that he has to give me his IP. If it looks like he's about to own me I'll nuke him and say that he d/c'ed giving me the win. What a great plan huh? No-wonder i'm the p1mp :)

View source and then look at the code on the sidebar... you'll notice that there's already a lamer of the week section there... I just havn't got it really going yet :) needs more hits, I mean lately I've resorted to posting covers of books about masturbation that you wrote while you were in Boston. It would help if I/we updated there a little bit more, but that should be fixed when Oliver sets up a l337 updating script :)

H3y 0L1v@ | - 08.10.1999
archived news - up
See, I knew that you would start taling like a hax0r after a while :)

The report is coming... it's just the game was such an anti-climax, here we were going, you about to own me unless I got my economy going again and then you just commit suicide. Dunno when the game will get done... I've been so busy lately... I mean I've missed three straight episodes of Home and Away :( I couldn't get it done yesterday cause that was a work on assignments night, and then watch Buffy, then today was the all sacred Dawsons Creek and Party of Five double, plus I worked on Tumsun and tomorrow I'm going to be busy too :( If you're really luck I might do it on Thursday if I have the time, otherwise I will do it on the weekend. God I'm lazy :(

I'm up for a rematch though... this weekend looks good :)

RED ALERT! | - 08.09.1999
archived news - up

AHHH!!! Oh... EA-Central hosts us, huh?... erhm... nevermind then... ;)

Hey, I think this is foul play, Webmaster of the ENEMY is Vice-Webmaster of our mum site? On guard! We revolting and takin' over TTM! Heh... our name is TT Revolution, ain't it? =)

Hey I dont have a dopey counter! =) | - 08.09.1999
archived news - up
Hey guys heheheheheh I dont have a dopey counter at TTM. =) It works to my knowledge. And you did not think that anyone else visited your page =) And dont worry Im not a hacker im Vice Webmaster of EAC =)

H3y M1k3... =) | - 08.09.1999
archived news - up
Weren't you going to do a report on our TA:K game? I'd like to see that =) Hey, if I join, does that make it a 3 man army then?

Re: Unlike Them.... | - 08.09.1999
archived news - up
Well doesn't suck, it's just errr how do you say...not visited =) But hey it's still fun.

Yeah I don't know why our whore, TTN, hasn't posted our button. I mean it would signify that he is the most l337 of all the whores out there. What is this thing you call "content" Mike? Well we errmmm are uhhh working on it, but the damn java applet doesn't work *looks around for oliver*.

Who wants TT news when you can read our conversations and laugh at our l337 hax0r talk. Maybe, we could be the first TT site to offer pr0n, yeah then we would totally rule the world. Yeah Mike you happen to be a specialist on pr0n so I'll let you do that "content" or whatever these rebels are calling it.

Mike just to clear things up and restore faith in the mighty TTR, TTM doesn't have the 3,768 or whatever just a dummy counter. I thought, being the p33red hax0r you are you would notice that. I bet the CIA is blocking the screen off through your ie 2.5 or whatever =)

I'm noticing a trend, Mike plays someone (stormy) beats them the first time, posts pictures about it, then doesn't play them again.

Man I told you I would hax0r into westwood and get you guys TD 95 then we could play =)

Yeah sadly m1ke (you like that huh?) you do own by bones at pimping skillz, you did start the tumsun pr0n ring while I was just a dope slinging monkey managing our whores.

I think the next section over at tumsun should be a lamer of the week. We would list the lame offences, have a poll next to it so the "jury" could vote. Yeah that sounds cool let's do it man, should go nicely with the new pr0n section =)

More blabla | - 08.09.1999
archived news - up
Argh, I was about to install the script on, but that NewsPro site is down, so I can't download the script... maybe laterz =)

Heh, when TS is out, we gonna have a 2v2 staff tourney =) Americans vs. you punks (heh, so Eric's on my side =) I'm gonna use my secret strategy of marching all my harvesters up into your base and let you slaughter then while I bring in about 3 minigunner guys as distraction to the north part of your base and send in about 5000000 engineers from the south to take over your power plant and then to repair it a couple million times. Damn, I just gave it away, didn't I? ;)

Oh, Cyb's online... I'll get the script from him....

Unlike Them.... | - 08.09.1999
archived news - up
Unlike the rest of our staff, I actually plan to use this site to give you useful information. Useful information at TTR? I hear you chuckle... well the reason I'm doing this is because I can never do it at Tumsun cause either Oliver, Eric or Gamma have updated about it first over there, and well... sucks :(

So while sitting here I got in the p1mp mobile and traveled around all the TT sites to see what was happening, and sadly it's not a pretty picture. It appears that the webmaster's of other TT sites believe that they don't have to update daily to have a good TT site, instead they place emphasis on news thatís actually related to TT, and they also seem to have this thing called "content" on their site. They obviously don't know how to run a site properly...

It appears that the first site on my hit lisÖ erÖ that I visited was TTN. They have a poll asking if you like their layout? Of course you don't *does jedi hand wave* And you know why you don't? No, it has nothing to do with the fact that it doesn't look nice, all it's got to do with is the fact that they donít have one link to this site, showing obvious disrespect to the fact that their site is one of our whores.

The l337 hax0r zer0 has recently updated his site TTC. He too doesn't link to us, so simply donít visit them. Talking about l337 hax0rs, TTM havenít updated since practically forever, however at least they show some respect and link to us. They have enough hits already so there's no need to visit them either.

Time to watch Buffy now...

Re: Re:Re:blablabla... | - 08.09.1999
archived news - up
Okey dokey then (always wanted to say that :) for the info is;
Login: Mikeisl337
Password: wmownsurbones

As an added incentive when you first login go to the pr0n directory before the public_html directory. Feel free to upload Win2k there too :)

I don't want a rematch cause you'll own me. You we're owning me last game, which means you'll own me even more this time :( I've only played as Aramon as they're the good and honorable guys, allot like myself I hasten to add :)

Eric... you'll own me at TD too. I suck at games, thatís why Iím a Webmaster, not a player :) I've also only got the Dos version of TD so it looks like there's no chance that we can play. What a shame :) You'll own me in TS, you'll own me in Renegade (I'll be a low ping basterd by then too :) and you'll own me in TT. I'll still own you when it comes to p1mping skillz though, and thatís where it really counts.

Re:Re:blablabla... | - 08.08.1999
archived news - up
Heh, yeah sure, I'll set up a script for how about we try out that new one we were talking about? Kane41, I'll toast you in TS =) Erhm... ok, maybe not, but I'll try ;) Hey, do I have FTP access to TTR? I forget... ;)

Dang it, I want a rematch =) Hey, you know what? I've never played as Aramon... Veruna sux bad... unless if more than half of the map is water.. hehe...

We should rename this site: "TumSun Staff - Crap Board"...

My friend has my TD CD... actually, now that I think about it, I think I traded it to him for TA or something.. hehe... (I have DOS TD though! hahah...) erhm... I'll play a RA game with someone, but I lost my AM CD... hehe...

Re:Re: Re:Re:Re:Re:Hmmmm | - 08.08.1999
archived news - up
You know what would suck? if TT was actually an addon and not an entirely new game. Yeah that would definitely suck.

Yeah I think we should have an updating script. Then people would ph33r us =)

I think both you guys should get TD and I'll own both your asses =) I'll try hax0ring into the westwood site with aol 1.5 and show my l337ness by steeling a few copies of TD for you guys.

Re: Re:Re:Re:Re:Hmmmm | - 08.08.1999
archived news - up
I was wondering why our hits had gone up from about 30 a day to around 40, now I know, you two are reloading the frontpage too. Fun for the entire familly... or so it seems...

TumSun is back up (kinda) so you shouldn't even be here, you should be looking at the news-updating script and updating stuff, unless your name is Oliver that is... then you should be setting up CGI :)

M1 Hax0r l@Ng_@gE 0\/\/n$ j00 0L1v@

Wanna have a go at setting up a news updating script at That would be sweet, if you do just say and I'll post all the FTP info here... we are afterall the only people who visit this page. Actually, what i'll do is make a zip file, which has a text file in it with all my passwords for ICQ, Email and CNCboard for you to have. I'll then place it in a directory with no index file :) (if you didn't get that, then chances are you wern't meant to :)

Bout the TA:K game, you should have owned me bad :( I was owning you at the start and then my economy was phucked for middle game so all your dragon thingy's raped my base :( Of course the WM Gods we're smiling upon me yesterday, and they must have hax0red into your keyboard and made you hit the wrong key, like they hax0red into my hand when I was trying to vote in the poll.


GUYS | - 08.07.1999
archived news - up
HEY GUYS. Umm, TumSun is apparently down, so...Hi.

Re:Re:Re:Re:Hmmmm | - 08.07.1999
archived news - up
Heh, I'm extremely bored and with TumSun down right now, I just thought I'd add a bit to TTR =).

Heh, looks like you may need some help at, seeing that you are going to start putting up some scripts, eh Warmaker? =)

Heh, I'll kill ya next time in TA:K... dang it, can't believe I accidently sent in #1 (my monarch) instead of #2 (my annoying army of dragon flies =)! doh! heh... and your hAx0r language is freaking annoying me =P

Re: Re: Re: Hmmmm | - 08.06.1999
archived news - up
Exactly, who wouldn't be excited when they're talking to us?

You're right, no loving for has come from me cause I don't have an updating script there yet... there will be "soon" though. Of course, it was coming "soon" before you went on holidays. I'll update it tonight I think.

You know my mouse skillz are l337 man. I've got a neat0 elit0 mousing combination, a 3M Precise Mouseing Surface with a Logitech Mouseman + so just looking at that you know that I'm l337. What really happened was that I was trying to hack into the FBI site with Internet Explorer 3 and Winnuke 95 but somehow the Fed's got past my Nuke Nabber and controlled my mouse, so thatís why it happened. I'll try hax0ring them tonight to get some revenge.

Re: Re: Hmmmm | - 08.05.1999
archived news - up
Yeah we get so excited talking to each other we just reload reload reload yeah you get the idea.

Here's a thought, Warmaker has updated almost daily here but hasn't updated at for like a week or more. Hmmm my guess is he's to damn lazy to manually update it, here at TTR being the p1mps we are have installed a l337 updating script. That's why you are so often blessed with The Warmaker Writing Styleô (TWWS).

Yeah definitely, THEY are our whores =)

Another thing Warmaker your mouse skillz must be pretty l337 to miss About time and click who cares, I mean damn that's bad man, they're like a half inch have a seisure or something? your mom walk in on you? you get hAx0red?

Re: Hmmm... | - 08.05.1999
archived news - up
heh, lets not worry about the fact that our counter goes up by 20-30 hits a day, thats just you and I continually re-loading the page while we talk to one another :)

I definately prefer your slogan thingy for the site. Furthermore, if we're the p1mps of the TT world, does that not make the rest of the community our whores? This is getting better day by day.

For those who actually come here for Twilight news, sorry, come back in a year or so :( Till then sit back and relax, you can be assured that we'll have more updates than... the enemy :)

Hmmm... | - 08.04.1999
archived news - up
Why do I have the feeling that this is going to turn into a message board? Why not? Mike and I are the only ones who visit this site. Only until we commence our evil plan to take over the world *evil, very evil laugh*

Yeah that does have a good ring but I was thinking more along the lines of, "TTR the site that p1mps the Tiberian Twilight world" yeah that's definitely it.

As to the poll it screwed up so I put a new one in, basically "Earth" kicked @$$ (or arse whichever you prefer =)

Number of Things | - 08.04.1999
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Like Kane41 said, being the p1mps that we are, we're whoring our page with adds, so click on them.

As you're no doubt aware, Tiberian Sun has gone Gold at long last, making us the most popular site for Westwood's next RTS game based on the C&C Universe. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Finally, we have a new poll up, I don't know which was the most popular response to our last one, but I'm sure Kane41 can let you know if you need to know. This month's asks "What was your reaction to TS going gold?" Kick ass (the word is arse :) is winning with an entire 2 votes with Awesome on one vote. Due to my l337 mouse skillz Who Cares also has a vote, when I meant to choose About Time. The Poll is to your right.

Have a nice day!

Progress | - 08.01.1999
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Just an update to tell you what's going on around here. I'm in the process of setting up the Tiberian Twilight chat room right here at TTR. Also, we're all working on content and we'll let you know as the sections are completed. In the meantime make some money with the click of a mouse by clicking on the "Alladvantage" banner at the top of the page or the "GoTo World" button at the bottom of the right sidebar.

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